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Exploring Pleasure – Session 13 – Caught my Sister on Red Hand

Tues. May 23

“Today was very close call. I was masturbating in the den when my brother came home early. I just had time to pull my skirt down when he opened the door. I know he saw my red face but I told him I had fallen asleep. I am sure he believed me. It’s a good think that I stopped wearing panties a few years ago or they would have been on the floor. It’s really funny remembering when me and Amanda made the dare to go one month without panties.

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I never dreamed how much I loved it. Two years later and I still only wear them when I have to. Amanda feels the same way, I know the only time she wears them is when she is wearing her cheerleader outfit. The freedom feels so good and it does feel just a little naughty.”

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