A Free Slate – Session 14 – One More Time

I went on to explain to her that Jim had been bragging to three other psychiatrists from out of state who had gone to medical school with him about how he was able to turn a conservative married housewife into as sex crazed woman using hypnosis. I assured her that Jim said nothing that in any way shape or form could identify who he was talking about.

At any rate, his three colleagues are very skeptical if such a thing were even possible and to cut to the chase, Jim said that he and the three friends would each pony up $2,500 for a total of $10,000 if you and I would agree to allow Jim to demonstrate what could happen under hypnosis.

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Yummy Meat – Session 01 – A Thirst Over Big Cocks

Well, I finally got the nerve to write about something that happened to me. I have always had a bit of a dark side. I guess if you saw me you would think I am just a typical wife and mom. This is not your typical story about how I just rushed out and fucked everyone I saw. This is about a kink that I have never been able to get away from.

Yummy Meat – Session 02 – Flow of Hot Lubes on Pussy

Yummy Meat – Session 03 – Lots of Dick with juice

This all happened quite a few years ago. I have a wonderful husband and we have always had a fantastic sex life. My husband Jim always knew I had a bit of a kink for oral sex. What can say, I love it! Nothing gets me as hot as sucking cock. Everything about it gets me going. The way a nice hard cock feels in my hand and the way it throbs in my mouth. (Just writing this gets me wet.)

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 05 – An Interesting Incest Stories

I have to admit I was light-headed as well, but mostly because all the blood had gone to my cock. I don’t think there was anything left for my brain. I grabbed the camera and went to the bathroom. I looked over the pictures of my sister hanging upside down and zoomed in on her labia rings hanging out and covered with her pussy juice.

Exploring Pleasure – Session 04 – A root to Incest Story

Exploring Pleasure – Session 06 – Revealing Secret of Sister

I dropped my pants in a flash and started pumping my cock. It seemed to take only seconds until I shot my load all over the bathroom floor. I was still pumping and shaking when I heard a moan coming from my sister’s bedroom. There was a small buzzing noise and I knew she was at it again.

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Surprise Gift – Session 03 – Adult Sex Stories

David finally removes his hand, stares at Lenora, and licks his fingers. Lenora is shaken by what just happened and her pussy is still dripping,

Surprise Gift – Session 02 – Adult Stories

Suprise Gift – Session 04 End – A Cuckold American Stories

and she has a confused look on her face. She is quite drunk at this point. I am still in the shadows watching this all, kind of frozen with anger, fear, and excitement!

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High on Weed – Part 03 Ended – A cheat wife story

Luis put Nora’s legs on his shoulders and continued to pound her shaven pussy. Both guys were nearly a foot taller than her. Her juices were squirting all over the bed. She was muttering incoherently now.

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Brutally Banged Bride – Part 08 – white girl with Black Man

“No. I started to sit and my husband said not to, so I just laid myself on this bed since there seemed to be so much cum coming out of me.”

“Yes. It looks like you have a lot left inside, and it’s running down your butt crack as well. Tell me, did either of them have or attempt anal sex with you?”

“No, thank goodness. I could never have handled that. Not even my husband has been there.”

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Brutally Banged Bride – Part 05 – white girl with Black Man

Fucking her to the best of his ability the boss did everything but eat his employee’s wife since he did not want to have his mouth go where that chocolate piece of meat had been.

Better to leave that for her pitiful husband.

Fucking joyfully, she orgasmed, yes, and quite easily on that seven inch white cock, but no squirts, which seemed to please her husband. But she told her husband that she probably was no longer squirting because the juice was all used up, though the orgasms were almost as good with his boss as with the black man.

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Brutally Banged Bride – Part 04 – white girl with Black Man

Then she saw the camera in her husband’s employers hand. “You want photos,” she asked, looking accusingly at her husband?

“Yes baby. Later, when we’re alone and remembering, we can look at the photos and maybe getting it on.”

Reluctantly, it looked like, she shook her head in the positive.

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ஸ்ரேயாவின் கூதி – பாகம் 01 – நடிகை காமக்கதைகள்

சரியான படவாயப்பு இல்லாமல் திருமணம் செய்து கொண்ட ஸ்ரயா சரண். வெளிநாட்டில் அவள் வெள்ளைக்கார கணவனிடம் நன்கு ஓல் வாங்கி கொண்டிருந்தாள். ஸ்ரயாவின் கணவன் கக்கோல்ட் செக்ஸ் மீது அடிமையாகியிருந்தான். அவனது நாட்டு கலாச்சார படி அவனுக்கு அது பெரிதாக தெரியவில்லை. ஸ்ரயாவை நன்கு ஓத்து அனுபவித்த அனுபவத்தை தனது நண்பர்களிடம் சேர் செய்தான்.

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Brutally Banged Bride – Part 03 – An inspiration from Newspaper

Her husband’s boss took it further. “I’ve heard that when an innocent wife has a strange and big cock for the first time, she has really intense orgasms, and if it’s with a black dude, it’s even more exciting for her.”

Now it was out, a big cock for a first time wife. The boss and the employee exchanged smiles, unseen to her.

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