Yummy Meat – Session 04 – Oh My Wet Pussy

I had to stretch my mouth to swallow that monster cock and loved every minute of it. Never in my life have I had a cock that thick in my mouth. The sensation was unbelievable. He was short enough that I knew deep throating him would not be necessary. I was a little glad because I was not sure my throat could stretch that far.

Yummy Meat – Session 05 – Hard Rock Twice

Yummy Meat – Session 03 – Lots of Dick with juice

So I did something special for him. I kept my head straight and let him face fuck me. He started off slow and I could tell he enjoyed the sensation of my mouth engulfing his thick cock. When I didn’t resist, he started thrusting that monster faster and faster in my wet hot mouth.

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Yummy Meat – Session 03 – Lots of Dick with juice

The next day we both started working on how to solve the problems I had brought up. Jim came up with a good solution to the woman problem.

“I want to run an idea by you, and you tell me what you think,” Jim said.

Yummy Meat – Session 04 – Oh My Wet Pussy

Yummy Meat – Session 02 – Flow of Hot Lubes on Pussy

“I’ve already told most of the guys I’m working on some entertainment for the bachelor party. I hinted that it’s one of the secretaries from the first floor, and I’d discovered that she loved to give oral sex. But she doesn’t want the guys to know who she is since she works at the same place as most of us.

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Yummy Meat – Session 01 – A Thirst Over Big Cocks

Well, I finally got the nerve to write about something that happened to me. I have always had a bit of a dark side. I guess if you saw me you would think I am just a typical wife and mom. This is not your typical story about how I just rushed out and fucked everyone I saw. This is about a kink that I have never been able to get away from.

Yummy Meat – Session 02 – Flow of Hot Lubes on Pussy

Yummy Meat – Session 03 – Lots of Dick with juice

This all happened quite a few years ago. I have a wonderful husband and we have always had a fantastic sex life. My husband Jim always knew I had a bit of a kink for oral sex. What can say, I love it! Nothing gets me as hot as sucking cock. Everything about it gets me going. The way a nice hard cock feels in my hand and the way it throbs in my mouth. (Just writing this gets me wet.)

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 13 – Caught my Sister on Red Hand

Tues. May 23

“Today was very close call. I was masturbating in the den when my brother came home early. I just had time to pull my skirt down when he opened the door. I know he saw my red face but I told him I had fallen asleep. I am sure he believed me. It’s a good think that I stopped wearing panties a few years ago or they would have been on the floor. It’s really funny remembering when me and Amanda made the dare to go one month without panties.

Exploring pleasure – Session 12 – Awesomeness of Sis

Exploring Pleasure – Session 14 – Pierce on Pussy clit

I never dreamed how much I loved it. Two years later and I still only wear them when I have to. Amanda feels the same way, I know the only time she wears them is when she is wearing her cheerleader outfit. The freedom feels so good and it does feel just a little naughty.”

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