Jerking Off – Session 16 – Hot Erotic Stories

Adam cursed silently as he left his English class. Miss Shelly had been absent all week, and an ugly old man was substituting for her. He wanted to make sure his teacher was alright, but didn’t know how to get a hold of her.

Thinking of going home only depressed him further. He hadn’t seen his mother since they had screwed each other’s brains out three times that morning. He still got hard when he thought about it, but she had been avoiding him. There was no other way to look at it. She was gone before he woke up, and came home after he went to bed.

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Jerking Off – Session 07 – Hot Erotic Stories

Carol shook herself as her son rushed out the door. She had never seen him act like that around her, but then she had to admit to herself, she really never did pay much attention to her kids. As long as they never got into trouble, or as long as she didn’t catch them doing something wrong, what did it matter?

But for some reason she found herself paying special attention to her eighteen year old son tonight. She hadn’t realized he had grown into a man. A fully grown and well developed man. Unbidden, the image of her son, his hand wrapped tightly around his large cock, sprang to mind.

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Proposal for Pussy – Session 22

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Samantha could feel an orgasm building. Both the physical stimulation and the idea of dominating a young man played their parts in her swelling elation. She yelled out with her head tossed back, her voice almost gurgling as she rode Pete’s face at a frantic pace.

Proposal for Pussy – Session 21

When it became too much she lurched forward and bent over with her head by her captive’s stomach. Slowly, she looked back to see a reddened face looking back at her, drenched in her ejaculate, and a grin that read, “I win!”

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Proposal for Pussy – Session 18 – First Real dick sucking

“Oh God I want this so fuckin’ bad, you and Katrina have gone the distance, right?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Pete answered.

Pete’s lust for his step-sister overtook any wavering thoughts he held. Her thighs were muscular and powerful. Her ass was heart shaped perfect.

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 14 – Pierce on Pussy clit

Fri. July 3.

“Well me and Amanda took the big plunge. We have been talking about it for a long time but we decided to do it. We are both going to get our clit hood pierced tomorrow.”

I jumped ahead to her Saturday entry.

Exploring Pleasure – Session 15 – Ready To be Sisters sex Mastering

Exploring Pleasure – Session 13 – Caught my Sister on Red Hand

Sat. July 4

“I can hardly believe we did it. We went to Wizards Tattoos and piercings. Amanda went first and I watched as she lifted up her skirt and gathered it around her waist. The guy took a little while moving her clit back and forth looking for where to insert the needle. I could see this was turning her on but true to form she didn’t let it show. She did scream when he put the needle in and quickly inserted the ring.

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Exploring Pleasure – Session 04 – A root to Incest Story

I tied a leather strap around each of her wrists and her ankles. Again I pulled them tight as I strapped them down. Each time she gave a little shutter. I was a little confused with her reaction, but I just thought that maybe she was nervous. I kept getting distracted as her nipples rose and fell with her rapid breathing.

Exploring Pleasure – Session 03 – Plot for sister to laid

Exploring Pleasure – Session 05 – An Interesting Incest Stories

It was keeping me from focusing on the illusion. I got two locks and locked her left wrist to the belt at her side. Then I did the same for the right side. She now had her arms pinned and could not lift them. Next I took a wooden board that was about 3 feet long and locked each of her ankles to each side of the board.

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High on Weed – Part 01 – A Cuckold Story

It was late August 2004 when my wife’s brother Art got engaged. Art, who I’ve known since he was thirteen, is a great guy. Their engagement party was an afternoon affair starting at 5:00 pm and held at a local Holiday Inn.

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Brutally Banged Bride – Part 07 – white girl with Black Man

Yes, they were gone. I then came back into the bedroom, wiped my cummy hand on the sheet and undid my husband’s hands, leaving his feet for him to do while pretending that I could not see the cum that had now ran down his thigh.

Without a word being said between us, I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower to let the water warm up while I sat on the loo.

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Brutally Banged Bride – Part 02 – An inspiration from Real Incident

The hand holding the cock is her husband’s, and his boss is the man who took the photo. As a matter of fact, though the wife did not know it, her husband was paying the black man to fuck his lovely and innocent wife.

Because her husband was going out of town and into the countryside to find a black man who would never be running into his wife around town, the black man he chose probably would not speak English.

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