A Free Slate – Session 20 – Anything Erotic

eHolly and I had a wonderful two days at The Lakeside Resort. On Saturday morning after a leisurely brunch we took a walk half way around the lake and then returned to the pool for a couple of hours before Holly’s appointment at the spa. While at the pool, she wore her new two-piece swimsuit for the first time. Even though it wasn’t anything close to a micro-bikini, it was by far sexier and more revealing than anything I had ever seen her wear in public before.

At the spa, my bride received a complete facial and a ninety minute Swedish massage. Rather than using the spa myself, I waited for her in the room and enjoyed an afternoon nap while she was busy being rightfully pampered. This break also allowed me to neatly pack up all the cameras and microphones into their boxes and load them into the trunk of my car.

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