A Free Slate – Session 28 – End of Story

I thought it was strange that I hadn’t remembered her saying that the first time I watched this part of the video. At the same time, I was thinking, how could she talk with her mouth full? Then I felt a slap on the back of my head and realized that Holly had come into my office. I hadn’t heard her because of the ear phones. I turned and looked at my wife with anger in my eyes and she said; “Oh Rob, how can you just sit there and watch me cheat on you like this?”

I considered her tear stained face and calmly said; “Holly, I think we need to talk.”

She fell to her knees and pleaded; “Baby, please forgive me, this was all my fault and I am so sorry you had to find out about it this way. I really was going to tell you all about it and beg for your forgiveness but now you’ve seen it with your own eyes. I’m so sorry sweetie, can you ever forgive me?”

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A Free Slate – Session 27 – We tried

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, nothing special so everything got deleted. There were a few good shots of Holly getting dressed or coming into the bedroom after a shower and dropping her towel. Certainly, they were fun to watch, but all in all, there was nothing I decided to keep on file.

Then came Saturday and I could see Holly and Jenny pass through the living room a couple of times and then I watched as Liz and Susie came into the living room around 10:00am. Jenny and Susie ran down to the game room to play some air hockey while Holly and Liz chatted about every day stuff. Then I saw Holly wave to the three girls as they headed off to their excursion at the lake.

I continued watching as Holly went through the kitchen door. Fortunately, the upper left corner of the screen records the time of day so I could see that it was

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A Free Slate – Session 26 – it’s Just Sex

Then to my astonishment he asked; “So Rob; do you want me to drop out of the poker group?”

“Oh Rich, that’s such a gracious offer for you to make but no, not at all. I just want you and Holly to be especially careful because we don’t want to mess with anybody’s marriage, yours or ours. I’ve already talked with her about it and she feels the same way. You and Brenda have a wonderful relationship and we don’t want to do anything that would get in the way of that, do you understand?”

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A Free Slate – Session 25 – Way to Palace

Quite honestly, I didn’t know that to think. Could I accept what she had done? But then on the other hand, who am I to throw in objections when I was the one that set this whole thing up with the help from my best friend Chuck? Will we ever be able to be a normal couple again? Do I want us to be a “normal” couple? Who is this woman who is now sobbing in front of me? Do I still love her? Can I ever respect her again? Will it be possible for her to ever respect me again now fully knowing what I set her up to do?

My attention again focused on the woman sobbing at my feet with her arms wrapped around both of my legs. Do I still love her? Of course I do! No questions about it. I’m just not sure right at the moment if we can ever allow something like what happened tonight to ever take place again. But for now, she is confused and hurting and I knew it was my job to comfort her.

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A Free Slate – Session 24 – opposite poles of magnet

And do I ever mean sensual! In all the times I have seen her with other guys I had never seen a kiss like this one. Oh, to be sure there were kisses with nearly all of her previous lovers. There was even a lot of tongue action with some of the others. But there was something about this kiss that set it apart from all the rest.

To be honest, this is the first time I ever felt a bit of jealousy creep into my heart. She was kissing Rich like a wife would kiss her husband when they were alone in the privacy of their bedroom after a month-long separation. Then, in the midst of their kiss, we could see Rich lift his hips allowing his rock hard, long and straight cock to search for her opening.

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A Free Slate – Session 23 – Dirty Sex on Sofa

“Yes, I know and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind ever since our conversation.”

“So, does that mean you are excited about it? Or are you nervous about it? Or are you thinking of calling it off?”

Holly paused for a while and I began to think she wasn’t going to respond at all when she quietly said; “Well, I’m not ready to call it off but at the same time I wouldn’t be honest if I were to tell you that I wasn’t a bit nervous about the whole thing. After all, I didn’t know the doctors, they were strangers to me. But I know these guys and I know their wives! I just don’t want to do anything that would put other marriages in jeopardy.”

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A Free Slate – Session 22- Final Assault

As we were nearing the end of the video I suddenly became aware that I hadn’t told her that she had asked Miles to take her in her virgin ass. You can be sure it was with a great deal of trepidation that I watched the scenes unfold toward that major climax. As far as she knew, even up to the time we were watching the video she had never had anal sex.

Remember that it was Holly that initiated this final assault and if she hadn’t requested it the evening would have been over. Of course, I had edited out the place where Jim had turned to me for my approval so as far as Holly could tell, this was all on her and I wasn’t even involved in the choice. For that reason, once again I paused the video after she told Miles that she wanted him to take her in the ass.

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A Free Slate – Session 21 – DVD for Everyone

Then he let me know that he would notify his bookkeeper that he had purchased an additional malpractice insurance policy. I asked, “Just out of curiosity Jim, how much do you pay for your regular malpractice insurance policy each month?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but my monthly premium for malpractice insurance is $4,400.”

“There now. This isn’t so out of line after all, is it? Especially seeing that this policy really does allow you to continue your practice without interruption.”

Changing the subject a little bit, Jim asked, “How do I know that you won’t ask for more than $500 in the future?”

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A Free Slate – Session 20 – Anything Erotic

eHolly and I had a wonderful two days at The Lakeside Resort. On Saturday morning after a leisurely brunch we took a walk half way around the lake and then returned to the pool for a couple of hours before Holly’s appointment at the spa. While at the pool, she wore her new two-piece swimsuit for the first time. Even though it wasn’t anything close to a micro-bikini, it was by far sexier and more revealing than anything I had ever seen her wear in public before.

At the spa, my bride received a complete facial and a ninety minute Swedish massage. Rather than using the spa myself, I waited for her in the room and enjoyed an afternoon nap while she was busy being rightfully pampered. This break also allowed me to neatly pack up all the cameras and microphones into their boxes and load them into the trunk of my car.

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A Free Slate – Session 19 – Moans into Tigeress

As I was spewing my load in my pants Holly’s moans turned into tigress-like growls as her whole body was wracked in one of her biggest orgasms yet and here she was just having her foot worked over. I was shocked to see her wracked with such ecstasy when no one was even touching her tits or pussy. This was definitely an area of lovemaking we were going to start including in our repertories in the months and years to come.

As she was working her body through her eighth orgasm of the night, my eyes began to move from Jim and Holly to take in the other three guys standing around the bed. I was humored to see each of them with their cocks in hand as they unconsciously stroked their meat with looks of lust on their faces. I wouldn’t have been surprised to even see drool slipping down their chins.

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