Jerking Off – Session 18

She got dressed as fast and silently as she could. Opening her window, she slipped outside, and ran for her car. Embarrassed and ashamed to be sneaking out of her own house, and away from her loving son, whose only crime was loving her too much, Carol cried as she drove back to her lab. She had to find an antidote to her son’s hold over her. Even as she thought that, a question entered unbidden into her mind. Would it really be so bad?


Harold was frustrated. Why hadn’t it worked on Carol? It had worked on every other woman he’d used it with, but not her. He watched her storm out of her office, probably to go fuck her son again, the slut. Maybe it had worked, just not as he’d thought.

He hated to admit it, but the thought of incest had always turned him on. Maybe it was the fact that he was an only child or that his mother had died early, but he couldn’t deny the appeal of that forbidden fruit.

Not for the first time, Harold looked around the lab and wished that more women worked here. He was horny from fantasizing about what he had planned to do to Carol, and now that that fell through, he was left with a boner, and nowhere to put it.

Well, maybe not nowhere. Opening the safe in his office, Harold pulled out his personal bottle of the substance, and left in his van. He debated on seeing one of his rich women tonight, but decided he wanted something new. By the time he had showered, shaved, and redressed, it was still a little early for the bars, but that didn’t matter. With the substance tucked safely in his pocket, he could wait for the right woman, and then have himself a good night.

As he entered his favorite night spot, the bartender greeted him warmly. “Hey, Harold! On the prowl again tonight? Man I gotta tell ya, I’ve seen you leaving her with more tail than ever lately. What’s your secret?”

Harold laughed. “I just have what women want,” he said grabbing his crotch. Jerry, the bartender, scowled for a second at the crude gesture, but he was too much of a business man to keep the look for long.

Harold ordered his usual, and chose a table by the dance floor to wait. After an hour had passed, with him scoping every hottie that walked in, and ignoring some that he had banged already, he finally spotted one that might be worth his while.

She had long light brown hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. He could have easily cupped both hands around her skinny waist, and the way she moved was like liquid on the dance floor.

He pulled out his vial, and spayed two quick squirts on his neck and chest. One is all it really took, but he wanted her begging for him. He wanted to wash away the rejection Carol had shown him.

He had to be careful not to get too close to other women, lest they become ensnared in his net as well. As he came up behind her, he noticed just how short she was, barely coming up to mid chest on him.

He stepped behind her as she swayed her hips, and reaching around, placed one hand on her abdomen. She immediately spun around to face him, and he noted two things. One: she was nearly half his age, him being in his mid forties, and two: She was breathing heavy from her dancing. He watched with a smile as her glare slowly changed, the substance taking its effect on her, and she finally smiled at him. She introduced herself with a coy smile, but Harold couldn’t hear her over the loud music.

He followed her back to her table, where he was a bit disgruntled to meet two of her friends; one blonde, the other with dark brown hair. He couldn’t hear their names either, and personally didn’t care. He could see the substance start to take effect on them as well, and wondered if he had inadvertently caused more problems than this brunette was worth. The last thing he needed was for these women to start fighting over who was going to have the privilege of screwing her brains out atop him.

He needn’t have feared though, as they all invited him back to their place.

He followed them to their house, and he noticed that it was in one of the better parts of town. They had a few more drinks, until the blonde– Amanda maybe? — suggested the hot tub.

“But I obviously don’t have a swimsuit,” Harold protested. He didn’t know if the substance would work through the chlorine.

“You don’t need one,” his original target stated, and immediately started stripping off her clothes. Harold decided not to argue as he was soon facing three sets of tits and cunts.

He removed his clothes as quick as he could, and followed the three nymphs out back. The dark haired chick had the biggest breasts, but Amanda had the lightest nipples. He still preferred his original target’s small slim frame. Her A-cup breasts stood proudly on her chest, but he couldn’t help but admire all three young women.

He stepped into the hot tub to the sounds of giggles at his erect penis. He was proud of his six inches, and had never heard any complaints from any of the women he had boned.

He flirted with all three women shamelessly as he sweated in the tub with them. He started to notice them losing interest, and even giving each other questioning looks. Apparently the substance didn’t work through the chlorine.

He suggested they all get out and dry off. He needed to reapply the substance to regain their interest. It galled him that he needed the stuff, but then he looked to their tits bobbing in the bubbles, and no longer cared.

To his chagrin, they wanted to stay in, and after a few uncomfortable minutes, even suggested that he should get out, and leave.

Angry, frustrated, and horny, Harold grabbed his clothes, and left.


When they finally heard the old man’s van leave, Amanda turned to her two friends, and started laughing.

“Can you believe that man? I must have been really drunk at the bar to have brought him back here!” Shanna said; her light brown hair plastered to her head.

“He’s old enough to be our father!” Said Jackie right after, her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Yeah… The only problem is, I’m still horny, and now our only cock has left us!” Amanda complained.

“I’m sure if you hurry, you can still catch him. I don’t think he’ll tell you ‘no’.”

“Eww. No thanks! I guess that means it’s just us tonight, then.” They smiled at each other conspiratorially as they stepped out of the tub, and started to dry off.


Shelly had been parked out front all afternoon, trying to decide what she was going to do. Should she go in and confront him, or just drive away as she had so many times already?

She watched as an older lady came around the outside of the house, still trying to get her clothes on, shortly after Adam had walked in. She could see the familial resemblance, and knew this must be his mother.

Suddenly getting up more gumption than she had felt in quite awhile, she got out of her car and tried to get his mother’s attention. She didn’t seem to notice Shelly waving at her, though, as she screeched out of her driveway, and down the street.

Shelly realized that she had actually made it out of her car, the furthest she had gotten yet, and steeled herself to step closer to the house. She raised her hand to knock on the door, still uncertain what she was going to say or do.

Was she here to berate the young man for what they had done? The only problem with that thought was that SHE had come on to HIM. Sure, he had kissed her, but hadn’t she gotten so close to him, daring him to make that move? Hadn’t it been her that had practically ripped off her clothes first?

So, then was she here to try and attain that level of pleasure she had never felt before, and until that afternoon, didn’t even know existed? What then of her boyfriend, whom she still hadn’t confessed to, and didn’t deserve the way she had been treating him? What of her career as a teacher if anyone found out?

That was why she was here, she decided. To make sure he didn’t tell anyone. She could keep her career and her boyfriend. Everything could go back to the way things were. Adam should graduate shortly, and she would never have to see him again.

She noticed that her hand was still raised, poised to knock, and brought it down, intending to hit the door. She would have hit her target, too, if it hadn’t opened instead.

She found herself facing a wild eyed Adam, and everything she had been thinking went out the window.

She could see the distress painted across his face, and instead of intimidating him, she pulled him into a comforting hug. She placed her head on his chest, breathing in his scent, relishing the feeling of his arms as they surrounded her.

“Miss Shelly?” His voice sounded above her, and she felt her knees weaken at the sound. “What are you doing here?”

She couldn’t find her voice, and didn’t know what she would say if she could have. Instead she pulled her head back and looked up at him. Her hand snaked up his back, to the rear of his head, and pulled him down till their lips met. Words were overrated anyway, she thought.

He broke the kiss, and stepped back from her, retreating into his home. She followed him, not wanting him to get away.

“Miss Shelly, I don’t understand. I thought you hated me. I thought you were avoiding me. What happened?” She found his innocence cute, and very alluring.

“Please, Adam. Call me Shelly.” She knew that most teachers went with their last names, but she never liked the name Bumkiss, and so had her students refer to her by her first name.

“Uh, Shelly?” The name on his lips, so intimate sounding coming from her pupil, started to make her flow between the legs. “What–” But she had closed the distance again, and wrapping her arms around him, she looked up, demanding to be kissed. She thought she heard him count to 3 before saying ‘fuck it’, then leaned down and touched his glorious lips to hers.

She moaned into his mouth as their tongues began to wage a small war in each other’s mouths. She felt his hands slide down the back of her dress, taking the zipper with them. Releasing him long enough to shrug off the dress, she plastered her body back to his, completely nude. Now she understood why she had refrained from putting on any undergarments before she’d left. She had wanted to feel every inch of him as much as was possible.

Speaking of every inch, she thought, and began fussing with his pants, practically yanking them down as soon as his fly was open. Bent over, she found herself facing the object that had haunted and thrilled her dreams for the past week.

She started to lick up his shaft till she reached the massive head, and then popped it into her mouth. His hands went to the back of her head, and she smiled, knowing that she was pleasing her lover. He moaned above her, as she licked and sucked on his massive knob.

“Oh, Miss Shelly, that feels wonderful!”

She pulled his cock out, and glared up at him. “I told you to call me Shelly.” She beat the side of his cock against her cheek in punishment for calling her the wrong name, but it only made her groan that she wasn’t tasting his wonderful precum out of it. She moved her lips back over his head, and sucked for all she was worth. She started to move her hand up and down his shaft, trying to milk more of his delicious essence out of him.

She did notice a slight difference in his overall taste this time, a bit saltier around the shaft, but didn’t mind it as it didn’t interfere with her pleasure. She had always thought cock sucking was a depraved and dirty thing to do, but she derived so much pleasure from this one, she thought she could do it all day if he let her.

“Mi– Er… Shelly, I’m about to cum.”

She started to suck harder, milking him with her hand faster. She wanted to taste the full thing. Not just the pre-cum, but the fully loaded stuff. She wanted to taste his soul.

With a groan he started to shoot into the back of her throat. Despite his warning, she hadn’t been prepared and choked for a second, but was determined to taste it all. She aimed him so that the next volleys hit her tongue instead, and she let out her own groans, as she started to cum with him. The taste of his semen made her feel light headed, and woozy, and at the same time she could see so clearly now. Adam was the man she was supposed to be with. It was Adam she loved, not whatever her boyfriend’s name was. She wanted to have his kids, and take care of him, and cherish him for all she was worth.

She realized he was laying her down on the carpet, and kissing his way down her body. She knew what he was going for, and was determined to stop him. It was one thing for her to debase herself in honor of him. It was another for him to do it to her. What he was about to do was even more disgusting than what she USED to think of blowjobs.


“No, Adam. You can’t! That’s– OH!” Adam ignored his teacher as his mouth came into contact with her juicy lips. He felt her hands on the back of his head, trying to pull him away, but he sucked in her labia, and ran his tongue between them. He enjoyed her taste, as her juices really began to flow from within her. He started to attack her clit with a stiffened tongue, and now he noticed that her hands were pressing him in, rather than trying to pull him away.

She was still trying to tell him ‘no’, but her moans and her hands were telling him ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ He continued to taste her snatch, bringing her through multiple orgasms, till he was hard again.

He kissed his way back up her body, paying special attention to her large breasts, as he began to rub his cock head against her dripping slit. Shelly moaned, and grabbed his ears, hauling him up for a kiss.

He wondered if she connected the taste of her own juices, with the taste of April’s and Minnie’s cum still on his cock from earlier, when her eyes grew wide during the kiss. If she did, she didn’t say anything, and only kissed him more passionately as he started to sink his length into her. Her legs wrapped around behind his buttocks, and forced him in deeper.

He set his elbows on the carpet, and twisted his arms enough to take a breast in each hand. In this way he was able to support himself atop her, and still fiddle with her nipples.

“Awe Gawd, I have needed this! Give it to me, Adam. I need to feel all of you in me again!” Shelly screamed, breaking the kiss. He felt himself hit bottom, and knew that some of him was still outside of her. Her legs kept pulling him in, though, and like last time, he felt something tight slip around his head, and Shelly screamed in rapture.

Adam tried to pull out a little, but her legs slammed him back into her, and he could now feel himself fully sheathed within her tight cunt.

He dropped his head to her neck, and started to nibble on it, as her legs set the rhythm. He remembered how she had passed out for a few seconds last time, and rolled them over so that she was on top.

Her eyes glazed over for a moment as he went even deeper in this position, and he leaned up to suckle on one of her breasts. This set her off, and the feeling of that extra tight ring inside her, convulsing and gripping him, was enough to start his own.

Remembering that he already had two women pregnant, he tried to lift her off of him, but her legs, and grasping pussy refused to let go, as he emptied his third load that day into his high school English teacher.

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