Jerking Off – Session 17 – Hot Erotic Stories

Looking around, April realized that this room wasn’t ideal, and led them all back to her room. She had a queen sized bed, and it was much better suited to this type of fun.

She helped Minnie onto the bed, as she was still shaky from riding on top of Adam. She knew that feeling personally, and looked forward to feeling the weakness in herself shortly. April crawled up after, and started to kissing her way up Minnie’s legs,

and even leaving a slight hickey on her inner thigh. By the time she reached the brunettes labia, they were already dripping down her crack. She began to lap them up, knowing that some of her brother’s precum would be mixed in.

The bed moved as Adam got behind her, and she wiggled her ass at him impatiently. Gawd, did she need to feel him in her. The itch was always strongest just before he entered her. She could recall a time when she had been under better control of her libido, but the past while with her brother had thrown that all out the window. Whenever he wasn’t in her she felt empty, and whenever he wasn’t around, she felt alone. The only thing that helped get her through the days was knowing that Minnie was going through the same thing.

As soon as she felt him touch her pussy, she shoved back hard, momentarily loosing contact with Minnie, but she didn’t mind, as she felt her brother’s wonderful rod give her a sense of fullness that no other man had ever been able to supply.

He grabbed her hips, and since she had been loosened up by his fist moments before, he was able to sink fully into her in one thrust. This knocked her back up to Minnie’s waiting cunt, and she sucked hard on her labia, making the woman moan and writhe on the bed. Adam picked up a steady rhythm, and April knew she was going to cum soon.

“I’m coming close, sis,” he told her, and she reached between her legs, and started fiddling with her own clit to help her own climax along. She needn’t have bothered, though, for as soon as she felt his seed drive into her womb, her orgasm started. Without realizing it, she started to suck harder on Minnie’s pussy, and was surprised by the amount of fluid that flooded her mouth a second later.

They all collapsed onto the bed, sweat dripping from them, and panting heavily.

“Wow, you two are amazing,” Minnie said next to her, “I was devastated earlier when we took those tests and they came up positive, but you two sure know how to turn my mood around.”

April didn’t want to admit that she had felt the same as Minnie upon finding out she was pregnant. She didn’t understand how they could be; both of them were on the pill.

“Heh, yeah. After you told me you were pregnant, I didn’t know what to say or do,” Adam said, and April thought he needed to shut up before he said something wrong, and ruin the moment. “But I swear I will take care of all of us. I love you both so much, and can’t stand the thought of losing either one of you.” And there he goes, proving her wrong and saying exactly the right thing.

She leaned over Minnie to give her wonderful brother a kiss, and felt her friend’s lips on her nipple. Here we go again, she thought, as the kiss went from loving to passionate.

The thought of what they were going to tell their mother occurred to her, but fled as Minnie’s fingers found her cum drenched pussy.


Carol sat at her desk, with her head in her hands. Her life was falling to pieces around her, and she felt powerless to stop it. Not only had she committed a grievous crime against her son and nature, by sleeping with him (she had to admit to doing it three times before she had finally been satisfied, and was glad she had taken the morning after pill the next day), but that bastard Harold had found her research on what she had been doing,

and had turned it in as his own. He had somehow guessed at where she had gone to in such a hurry, and told her that if she tried to claim the work as hers, he would turn her in. He had been promoted for his excellent work, and to make matters even worse, he was now her boss.

She struggled every time she had to go home. She would stay till way past dark, until she knew Adam had gone to bed, before leaving this vile lab. The temptation to sleep with her son again was almost too strong for her. Numerous times she had caught herself outside his door at night, wanting, no needing, to wake him up, and have him give her the perverse pleasure he had shown her before.

She had felt completely empty inside, after enjoying the fullness that he had given her. What made it worse was that she knew he would happily do it for her. Only her own iron will was stopping her. She could blame the substance for what had happened before, but if she did it again, while he was sleeping and NOT producing his own pheromones, she would only have herself to blame.

A knock on her door pulled her from her misery, only to see that it was Harold, grinning at her. “Still remembering how your son drilled you to kingdom cum?” He asked mockingly, reminding her why she put up with this farce.

“What do you need, Harold?” She tried to keep her voice even, but knew there was an edge to it.

He just laughed at her misery before answering. “I wanted to know if you had those test results back yet? We are making history here, and every precious second you waste in self pity only delays the inevitable.”

The bastard sat on the edge of her desk, and grabbing one of her manila folders, started wafting himself. It wasn’t hot in her office, and she knew immediately what he was trying to do. He must have applied some of the substance (She hated that unscientific name, but Harold wouldn’t let it be called anything else) to himself,

and was trying to get her to go crazy in lust for him. She internally examined herself, to see if it was working. Her nipples were hard, and her panties were soaked, but that was normal ever since that fateful morning. But did she find any sexual attraction to Harold?

She looked at his steel gray eyes, and decided she was only repulsed by him. For whatever reason, she was immune to whatever batch he was using.

“I sent you an email with the results an hour ago,” she told him, and this time she didn’t try to keep the edge from her voice.

“Oh, right. Well, I will go double check your work then… Unless there was something you needed from me?”

The audacity of the man sickened her. She wanted to throw something at him. She wanted to get up and beet her fists against him. She wanted to kill this horrible man.

She sat silently, glaring at him.

“Hmm, no? Alright then. Keep up the great work, Carol.” Her only satisfaction was in the look of dissatisfaction on his miserable face as he left her office.

She had to get out of here. If she didn’t, she knew she was going to go mad, or worse…

She drove around the city for a bit, not paying attention to where she was going, until she found herself in her own driveway. The sun was still up, and she knew that Adam hadn’t gone to bed yet. It might be possible that he was with his girlfriend, she thought with a pang of suppressed jealousy. She turned off her car, and opened the side door to the garage. It was empty.

She dashed inside, thankful for the respite. The only other times she got to enjoy this peace was when she came home while he was still in school. It was the only time she ever got any real sleep.

Deciding to take advantage of her aloneness, she ran to her room, and locked the door. Stripping off her clothes, she grabbed the vibrator from its spot on her nightstand, and slid it into her sopping pussy. Not for the first time did she wonder why she left it out, where Adam could see it, and know what she did with it. She wondered if he ever picked it up, and smelled it; smelled her juices on it. She imagined him licking the thing, and tasting her again. She was so close to an orgasm, she could almost taste it.

She was plunging it in and out of her, moaning and writhing in her sheets. She was rubbing her clit while the device plunged into her, somehow missing all the vital places that her son’s cock had filled that auspicious morning.

She turned onto her stomach, remembering how she had made Adam take her like this before he came that last time. Remembering how he had filled her up to bursting as she screamed for him to fuck her harder. She screamed it again now, “Yes, that’s it, fuck your mom hard, baby. Shove your cock deep inside me! OH! You know just what your mom needs!”

And still she couldn’t cum.

This is how it had been ever since she had succumbed to her own handy work. She could get close, oh so deliciously close, but she couldn’t bring herself over the edge. She feared what it might take to get her there. She also feared what she might do if she didn’t cum soon. Most of her life she had been a creature of science; devoting herself to her studies. She had never understood why in college all the girls were sleeping around. She had been a virgin by choice. She had had plenty of offers from the men her age and older, but sex just wasn’t important.

Till she had met David. She had met him by accident, when she bumped into him at school. An hour later she had given him her virginity. She had been able to graduate before April was born, and hadn’t seen David again since that afternoon in the broom closet, until she was going for her master’s degree. She had run into him in the grocery store, and demanded he take responsibility for their daughter. An hour later he was between her legs again, this time in the back seat of his car, and nine months later, Adam had been born.

Now she understood how she had wound up where she was. David must have been just like her son, with pheromones that overrode a person’s willpower. She had never been with another man since, and never felt the loss of it, until that depraved morning.

The vibrator was still going away inside her, and she screamed in frustration at her inability to reach the peak of climax.

“Mom? Are you okay in there?” At the sound of her son’s voice, wave after wave of sexual pleasure washed over her. All the frustration, all the pent up sexual feelings, crashed down on her for one glorious moment as she finally came. She swam in an ocean of bliss, all her worries, fears, and concerns burned away in the fires of her ecstasy.

By the time she finally came back down to Earth, Adam was pounding on the door, demanding to be let in. She could hear the worry in his voice, and she wanted to run to the door, and let him know she was alright. She wanted to hold him in her arms, and comfort him. She wanted to– NO! She cut the rest of that thought short. If she opened that door, it wouldn’t be five minutes before she was also opening her legs to him.

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