Jerking Off – Session 15 – Hot Erotic Stories

Adam knew he was going to be late. He had had to sleep on new sheets last night, and couldn’t figure out why his mom had torn off his other ones without replacing them. He had tossed and turned, worrying over Miss Shelly’s reaction yesterday after they had screwed and hardly slept at all, until he finally did sleep right through his alarm.

Forgetting that he had parked in the garage last night, he reached for the front door, only to have it opened for him.

His mother stood frozen before him, still in her work smock. Her eyes were large, and she had that deer in the headlights look.

“I know I’m late, mom. I’m trying to get to school.” He tried to squeeze past her, but her arm shot out and blocked him.

He looked at her, and watched as her face slowly turned to face him. Her outstretched arm pulled back, and grabbed the front of his shirt at the same time.

“Mom?” was all he had time to say before her lips were mashed to his. He could feel himself getting dragged into the house as his normally aloof mother kissed him passionately.

Whether it was from the lack of sleep, his lack of time to rub one out this morning, or the fact that he really did have an attractive mom, Adam found himself returning the kiss with ardor.

“I’m sorry son, but I really need this right now. Just this once and we’ll never need to talk about this again.” Her hands were fumbling with his pants, and tugging them down as he removed his shirt. He just nodded his head to her, unsure what had gotten into his mother, but afraid to say anything and break the spell.

He helped her out of her work clothes, and then followed her back to her bedroom. The memory of him covering her up a couple nights before flashed through his head, and he looked at her pussy to see how wet she was. Despite only having laid down a few seconds before, he could already see her juices leaking out of her. The light brown patch of hair was still there, and there was no mistaking the smell of a woman in heat coming off of her.

Seeing her leaking pussy he decided he wanted to taste her. He didn’t feel the rush she did, and decided to take his time. He kissed her inner thigh, and loved the way she moaned. “Oh, Adam, please hurry. I need you inside me.” He ignored her request, as he reached her labia with is tongue, and sucked them in. He was rewarded with a flood of juices from her, as she grabbed his head and tried to shove his whole face into her.

Adam swallowed all that he could, before she grabbed him by his ears and hauled him up to her. “I said I need you IN me! Now fuck your mother, before I tie you down, and do it myself!” She mashed her lips back to his, and he knew she could taste herself on his tongue.

He lined himself up with her heavenly hole, and started to press in; only to slide up, bumping her clit in the process. She was tight. Tighter than any of the women he had been with lately, and too tight to just slide right in. He realized that she probably hadn’t been with a man in many years, her small vibrator her only companion.

“This might hurt, mom. Are you sure?” He lined his cock back up to her, looking into her eyes, and waited for her answer.

She threw her legs around him, and pulled him to her. The change in the position of her pelvis plus the grip he had on himself must have done the trick, as he felt his head break past her labia.

She screamed, and Adam wasn’t sure if it was in ecstasy or pain. He figured by the way she kept frantically thrusting her hips against him, it was the former rather than the latter.

He pressed harder into, and felt her tight grip slowly let him slip in. If she hadn’t been so wet, he never would have made it this far, this fast. She felt like fire around his rod. All the other women, April, Minnie, and even Miss Shelly had felt hot, but his mom felt like she was either going to burn him up, or squeeze him off.

“That’s it, baby. Get it in there deeper. Oh, Gawd that thing is huge. No don’t stop! I want it all. I NEED it all!” His mom was like a woman possessed, and he couldn’t deny that it was turning him on even more.

He hunched his back, and lifted one of her smaller breasts to his mouth. It felt like his mom was having one non-stop orgasm after another, as he continued to thrust into her, until he finally felt their hips meet.

The feeling was too much for Adam, and he began to blow his load deep into his mother.

“Sorry mom, I couldn’t pull out.”

“Oh, I’m doomed!” She wailed beneath him, and he was afraid she was going to have another reaction like Miss Shelly had had.

“Mom, I really am sorry!” He tried to tell her.

“Wait, you’re still hard.” He tightened his muscles down there, and realized that he was still pretty stiff. The movement made his mom moan. “Just keep fucking me till I tell you to stop, son. I still need it.”

Adam had a feeling he was in for a long Tuesday.


Harold watched bemused as Carol practically ran from the lab. Even in her lab coat, he thought she looked sexy. He had lusted after her for years, but she had never returned his advances for some reason. He thought he was a decent enough looking man, and he was ambitious enough. He rarely ever had a problem picking up women at the bars.

He shrugged Carol’s behavior off, as she had been acting odd lately anyway, and turned to look at what she had been doing. Carol was a genius when it came to chemicals, and he wasn’t above stealing from co-workers. He noticed a piece of the vial she had missed cleaning up, and stuck it in a little baggy. He started to shuffle through her notes still left on the table, and became really excited.

If what he was reading was accurate, and from the way Carol had fled from here, it just might be, Harold was going to become a very rich man. All he had to do was synthesize some more of these elements…

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