Jerking Off – Session 13 – தமிழ் காமக்கதைகள்

Adam was confused by her behavior. He had never seen her act like this before, didn’t know how to respond. He could only nod affirmatively to her question.

Miss Shelly froze for a second, as her eyes focused on his. Her breathing was getting heavier, and he could smell the half eaten apple from her desk, on her breath. Her face was only inches from his. He didn’t know what made him do it, but suddenly he closed the gap between them, and pressed his lips to hers. If he had thought she was frozen before, she became even stiffer now, and Adam wondered if he had made a terrible mistake.

Finally she moaned, and parted her lips, and he felt her tongue seek entry into his mouth. The kiss only lasted a couple seconds, before she pulled away, and ran to the door.

This is it, thought Adam. This is where she screams for help, and I get an even worse reputation.

But instead she closed the door, and the blinds, then for good measure turned off half the lights. Anyone looking in from outside would think the room was empty.

“I’m terribly sorry about this, Adam, but I don’t know what has come over me,” she told him as she started to walk back and unbuttoned her blouse. “I’ve never done this with a student before, and I hope you won’t tell.”

Adam had to blink to make sure this was the same woman he had been taking English from for the past year. She pulled the two pens that were holding her hair in a bun free, and let it fall to her shoulders. She stopped, and stuck one of the pens in the corner of her mouth regarding him.

“I’m really sorry. Did I misinterpret that kiss?”

Adam realized he hadn’t moved since the door had closed, and quickly stood to start undressing. Miss Shelly’s face split into a huge grin, and Adam realized that she really was attractive, when she let herself be.

She slipped off her top, revealing a black bra with red straps holding in a considerable bosom. He grinned as he dropped his pants, finally freeing is aching penis, and saw her jaw drop.

“What have I gotten myself into?” He heard her whisper, as she pulled down her pants, revealing matching panties.

He stepped up to her, and pulled her into his arms, to continue their kiss.

Shelly couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was being kissed by one of her students, and she wanted more. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as the kiss wore on, until finally she couldn’t stand it anymore. She pulled Adam back to her desk, and easily cleared a spot by the expedient method of knocking everything off. She pushed him onto the edge, and then dropped down to her knees to see if she could fit this beast of a cock into her mouth. She rarely ever did this for her boyfriend, considering it to be disgusting, but for some reason she just had to get a taste of this young man’s penis.

Odd, she thought, I don’t even care that I am cheating on my boyfriend. And just like that he shoved to the back of her mind as she kissed the tip of her student’s cock. Her soft lips had to stretch to make it around the head, and she knew there was no way for her to get this thing down her throat; her mouth already felt too full.

She swirled her tongue around the head, and reveled in the sound of his moan. She started to taste a bit of his precum, and wondered why she didn’t do this more often. She had never tasted anything this divine. It was like nothing she had ever had before, and it made her want to feel him inside her even more.

She stood up, releasing his cock from her mouth with a ‘pop’, and told him to lie down. She couldn’t help but feel giddy at how easily he obeyed her. She debated for a second on taking off her bra and panties, but decided to leave them on. She had worn the sexy things for her boyfriend, but it was Adam that she was thinking of now.

Shelly climbed onto the desk, and positioned herself over his rod. With one hand she pulled the soaked crotch of her panties to the side, and with the other she grabbed his prick, and aimed it for her hole. She gradually pressed down, and moaned as she felt him stretch her nether lips.

She felt his hands grasp her hips, and begin to move them in a circular motion. This helped speed up the process, but she wasn’t sure she could take the whole thing at once. It was much bigger than any she’d had before.

When she thought she could take no more of him, he lifted his head, and grabbed the cup holding her right breast and pulled it down, only to cover it back up with his mouth a second later. This shocked her enough that she accidently applied all her weight down, and felt a pop, and a deep burning sensation. She held perfectly still, trying to become accustomed to the new feeling. It wasn’t entirely bad, and the longer she sat, the more she found she enjoyed it.

Her student, no, her lover she decided, started to move his hips beneath her, and she suddenly found that he was fully inside her. He was touching places she didn’t know existed, and the pleasure from it was driving her to new heights of passion.

She began to move like a woman possessed, and came nearly as soon as she did. Shelly grabbed her lover’s head, and mashed it into her breast, excited by the feel of his tongue on her nipple, the sensation of being so stuffed down there, and the dirty naughtiness she felt for knowing that she was doing this to her student, and in her class no less.

“I’m coming close,” he warned, then pulled the other cup down, and latched onto that nipple. Whatever he had just told her flew from her mind as she came again, squeezing his phallus with her internal muscles.

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