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Carol swore softly under her breath. How could she forget her shopping list? She had set it right next to her keys so she couldn’t forget, but her head had been so frazzled by thoughts of lust all day, that she had grabbed her keys and walked straight out. She hadn’t realized she had forgotten it, till she reached the store.

Opening the door to her house, she caught a scent she had been noticing a lot lately, but couldn’t pinpoint. Her knees grew weak, and her crotch began to itch inside. She tried to push her body’s desires aside as she went for the list.

She heard a low moan down the hallway that was unmistakable in its sexuality, and Carol hoped that she was wrong about what might be happening.

As she walked down the hallway, the scent grew stronger, and the sounds of sex were really starting to get to her. She couldn’t stop her hand from squeezing her breast as she walked. The sounds were coming from Adam’s room, and she noticed the door had been left cracked slightly open.

She nearly came in her pants at the sight that greeted her through the parted opening. Her daughter was riding on top of the thickest cock Carol had ever seen. Her son’s arm was across April’s back, holding her down, while he thrust up into her violently. His mouth was locked onto one of her large breasts, and his other hand was pulling her hair back, making her arch her back and push her chest into his eager mouth as she moaned in wanton delight.

Her children were committing incest! It was one thing for her to think about it, but another thing to actually witness the depraved act. She should go in there and put a stop to this. She should tell them how wrong what they were doing was. She should… She should… She should pull her fingers out of her pussy, and stop masturbating to the scene before her.

Carol couldn’t believe her own reactions to what she saw. She tried to take her hand out of her pants, but as her fingers slid past her clit, she came hard, and barely stifled a gasp as the orgasm overcame her. Her fingers dove back into her box, as she came on them again and again.

She knew she needed to put a stop to what was going on in there. Looking in again, her eyes zeroed in to where their two bodies joined. Adam’s balls kept slapping April’s ass as he slammed his hips upwards.

April’s fluids were leaking copiously around the massive penis that was causing her daughter so much pleasure. Carol wondered what it would be like to have that stiff piece of meat pounding her, and knew then that she couldn’t enter that room. She would never be able to stop what they were doing. She knew that her worst fears would be realized as she would want to join.

Even now she had to fight back the nearly overwhelming desire to strip off her clothes and join in the fun her children were experiencing. She could never allow herself to cross that line, even if these two had. She had to remain the responsible adult; the adult that right then had three fingers buried as deep into her coochie as they would go, and was bringing herself off to another powerful orgasm.

As soon as she could trust her legs under her, Carol stood and left; the sounds of Adam losing his load into his sister following her out.


Adam tip-toed through the house to his bedroom. His mom was fast asleep, for which he was grateful. He had spent longer than he had planned at April’s apartment, screwing both her and Minnie. Neither one would let him leave till they had each had a load from him. He was just thankful for his quick recovery time, and their sexiness.

He peaked into his mom’s room, and felt himself get hard. She was lying naked on her bed, a vibrator lying next to her. Stealing himself, he entered slowly, so as not to wake her. He wasn’t trying to get a better look at his mom; he was more concerned with covering her up.

He couldn’t deny that even at almost forty, his mom had a great body. Her breasts more resembled Minnie’s than Aprils, and she had a light tuft of brown hair at her crotch. Adam could see the slight glistening of juices around her labia, and the unmistakable smell of a woman aroused. He noted that it too was closer to the smell of Minnie, vs. April, and wondered at that. Maybe April and him truly were test-tube babies.

He had to readjust himself before he could begin to pull the covers up over her sleeping form. She moaned in her sleep, and Adam wondered what she was dreaming about as he noticed fresh liquid seep from her crotch. He debated on moving the vibrator, but didn’t know where it went, and didn’t want her to know he had been in here.

As quietly as he entered, he slipped out, and went to his room. He was unable to fall asleep right away, and realized he needed to rub one off, if he wanted any slumber. His mom had got him going again.

* * *

School the next day was pretty boring. In his last period of the day, he let his mind wonder. Adam couldn’t wait to graduate in a month, and get out of here. He had already decided he was going to go to the same college as April and Minnie.

He had been surprised when Minnie had asked him last night to be her real boyfriend. Apparently she hadn’t been able to look at any other men in any real way since that weekend when April had caught them screwing, and then joined in. April had agreed it was a great idea, and would give him more excuses to come over to their place. Well, who was he to argue with two such beautiful women?

Thinking again of last night, Adam realized that he was developing a bulge in his pants. He closed his eyes to turn the image to that of a blank wall, to keep himself under control.

“I’m sorry, Adam. Am I boring you?” The teacher’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “Would you like me to set up a nice bed in the back of the room for you to take a nice nap in?” Miss Shelly was one of his least favorite teachers. She taught English, and while she was attractive, she had a poor attitude, and she dressed as unflattering as possible. Today she had her nearly black hair tied back into a bun so tight that he had to wonder if she suffered from headaches. She wore a loose black blouse, and baggy khakis that completely hid her frame. She shoved her glasses back up on her face, as she leaned over his desk, wrinkling her nose at him. She looked into his eyes for a moment, before pronouncing, “Stay after in my class today, Adam. And if I catch you falling asleep again, it will be tomorrow too.”

The class ‘ooh’ed at her harshness, but Adam didn’t care. He had long ago put his other classmates out of his head. He had the reputation as a pervert, brought about by his inability to control his erections; an inability that his sister had cured a little over a month ago. The problem he now faced is that he didn’t want to get stuck with another afternoon detention, but he couldn’t get his boner to subside unless he closed his eyes and concentrated.

As class wore on, he could feel himself getting harder, and harder, and in turn even hornier, until even Miss Shelly was starting to look good. Adam shook himself to get rid of that thought. She noticed his movement, and gave him an odd, considering look.

The bell rang, but Adam remained in his seat. Maybe in the confusion of everybody leaving I can take care of it, he thought, and dropped his head to his arms, and began to convert the images of Minnie and April into a blank wall.

“I thought I told you not to fall asleep,” Adam lifted his head and groaned. It hadn’t been long enough, and his cock was nearly raging behind his zipper.

Miss Shelly stood over him for awhile, obviously waiting. “I’m sorry Miss Shelly. For some reason I couldn’t sleep last night.” He knew why he couldn’t sleep, and images of April, Minnie, and his mom flashed through his head.

Miss Shelly seemed to grow confused for a moment, before saying, “Sleep is good for a growing man. Seven to ten hours is the recommended for boys your age.” She continued to stand over him, breathing deeply, as she talked. “You are one of my best students, Adam. I’m sorry if I seem a little harsh. I can see your potential, and would hate to see you squander it.” She paused to lick her lips. “You don’t seem to have many friends. Do you have any girlfriends?” She doesn’t even wait for him to answer, as she leaned closer to him, and looked him in the eyes. “I believe you are eighteen, is that right?”

Adam was confused by her behavior. He had never seen her act like this before, didn’t know how to respond. He could only nod affirmatively to her question.

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