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Her lips finally snapped over the rim of her roommate’s brother’s dick, and they both moaned. Her bra covered tits were right in front of his face, and he pulled her brazier down to taste her nipples. They were large and pink on her smallish breasts, and she couldn’t stop an involuntary buck of her hips as his lips touched her sensitive areola.

“Oh, my Gawd. I have never had something so huge inside me!” She reached down between them, and felt how much was still outside. “No way! There has to be more than that inside me!” She grabbed the back of Adam’s head, and pulled him into her tit,

as she moved her hips against him, gradually taking him in deeper, and deeper. She had never felt so full, so stretched, before in her life. She didn’t get around as much as April did, but these were her college years, and she did have some fun.

Minnie felt the younger man start to move his hips in time with her movements, and then she felt his teeth on her nipple. “Yeah, bite that teet. Keep it up, and you’re gonna make me cum all over that tree trunk you call a dick!” She loved to talk dirty, as it turned her on more, and delighted as she felt her pussy begin to convulse around his throbbing prick.

His hands grabbed her ass, and she could feel him thrusting now, inching deeper into her, helped by her recent orgasm. She felt like she was about to be split in two, but it made her feel so deliciously full that she wanted more.

“That’s it! Shove that pecker up my cunt. Make me cum again, you awesome stud. Yeah, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Never before had she come twice so close together. While her pussy soaked his cock, she finally felt their pelvises touch. He was finally, fully, inside her. He felt like he was in her stomach, he was so large. Is this what April had experienced, she wondered? Is this what she was afraid of? If so, she was more than happy to take her place.

Adam stood up suddenly, and with his hands supporting her ass, started to drive into her. Minnie screamed in ecstasy.

April cursed as she pulled into her parking stall. She had gone to a party to try and have some fun. She had had a few drinks, but no matter where she looked, or what she did, all she could think about was what Adam and she had done a couple weeks ago. In all that time she didn’t dare masturbate, for fear that she would think of him while doing it, and she couldn’t even find herself attracted to any of the men at the parties she went to, constantly finding shortcomings in them. Reasons on how they didn’t compare to Adam.

In her frustration, she didn’t even notice the truck she walked past on the way to her apartment.

A piercing scream greeted her as she opened the door, and April knew that her roommate, Minnie, was getting laid. At least one of us is, she thought glumly to herself.

As she walked in, she caught the scent of something familiar, but couldn’t quite place it. Listening to the sounds of sex, April could feel her pussy lips getting wetter. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been horny over the last two weeks. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Every step she took she was aware of her labia rubbing together. She had even had to get into the practice of taking three pairs of panties with her everywhere she went, and had to change her soaking undies numerous times each day. No, she was always horny alright, but she needed to get the image of her cumming on top of her brother out of her head first.

The thought that Minnie might let her join in, crossed her mind, and she immediately dismissed it. Not yet, she told herself. It sounded like they were in the TV room. She would try to sneak by, and maybe get in a shower before going to bed.

“Oh, that’s it. Fuck me with that cock of yours. Make me cream all over it again.”

The familiar smell was even stronger as she walked in, and spotted the oblivious couple in the middle of the room. Minnie’s head was thrown back, and April knew that she was cumming on the lucky man’s prick. He was standing, with her legs wrapped around her torso, his strong arms and back rippled as he held Minnie up, and she had to admire how his buttocks flexed as he thrust against her.

April felt her pussy convulse as she had a small orgasm just from watching. Was she really so horny that just watching got her off? Then she recognized that back, and groaned. Suddenly the familiar smell made sense. It was her brother, plowing into her roommate’s tight vagina. It was her bother bringing Minnie to orgasm after orgasm.

It should be April he was doing that too, not Minnie. She caught the thought as it entered her head, and realized she needed to get out of the room, and fast.

She ordered her legs to move, to get her out of here, but they only half obeyed. They started to take her towards the screwing couple.

She fought herself every step of the way, only giving in when her hands touched his broad back, and circled around to his chest. She breathed in his scent deeply, and succumbed to her deeper needs completely.

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