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Carol shook herself as her son rushed out the door. She had never seen him act like that around her, but then she had to admit to herself, she really never did pay much attention to her kids. As long as they never got into trouble, or as long as she didn’t catch them doing something wrong, what did it matter?

But for some reason she found herself paying special attention to her eighteen year old son tonight. She hadn’t realized he had grown into a man. A fully grown and well developed man. Unbidden, the image of her son, his hand wrapped tightly around his large cock, sprang to mind.

What was wrong with her? All evening she had been having hot flashes. She was too young to be going through menopause, and it wasn’t that time of the month. She didn’t think of herself as a sexual creature, though she did know that a few of her coworkers had crushes on her. Sex just wasn’t important. Science, now that was something that got her excited! For eighteen years she had been married to her job, and always felt fulfilled with it.

Until tonight. There was no denying the physical reactions her body was having. Increased heart rate, clammy skin, she could feel her bare nipples rubbing against her shirt, and her vagina was definitely wet.

She sauntered to her room, and locked her door. She didn’t view masturbation as a bad thing (again the image of her son, grasping his throbbing hard on flashed before her), but rather as something necessary from time to time. She just couldn’t understand why Adam had to jack off so often. Why he couldn’t show more restraint.

More thoughts of her son, only made her vagina ache, and she efficiently stripped off her shirt and pants. She examined her image in the mirror, and had to smile. At almost forty, her body still looked as young as if she were twenty. Her B-cup breasts didn’t sag at all, she still had her slim waist, and if her hips were just a little wider, well, why not? She looked good, and even she couldn’t deny it. She took only a second to pull her brown hair back, and tie it with an elastic band, before she let her hands begin to roam over her slim frame.

Her fingertips teased goose bumps from her skin, and her nipples began to ache as they pointed straight out from her chest. She knew Adam would be gone for awhile, so she decided she was going to enjoy this. She watched the woman in the mirror with her sultry eyes as her hand began to dip lower and lower, across her abdomen, to the outside of her thighs, around the front, and then up. Already she could see her inner labia poking through and the tiny bundle of nerves at the top. Her fingers grazed the outer labia, sending shivers through her body at the anticipated pleasure to come.

Her right hand came up to her left breast, and began to circle her nipple, while she allowed her left hand to return to her wet crotch. She allowed one finger to slip through the middle of her lips, picking up some of her juices, and then ran it over her clit. As her finger finally touched that most sensitive of spots, a gasp and moan escaped her body.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this turned on. Was it something her son had said or done lately? No, he hadn’t done anything to illicit this behavior from her, and yet she couldn’t get the image of him naked out of her mind.

Just like when someone tells you not to think of something, the image becomes stronger in your head, so too did the images get stronger in Carol’s mind. Despite her best efforts, she watched the woman in the mirror start to shake and shudder, moaning out Adam’s name as she came.

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