Jerking Off – Session 05 – Hot Erotic story

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April’s hand was jerked away from her body, and her eyes opened wide, only to be greeted by the sight of her brother right in front of her. He had a grip on her arm, stopping her

Jerking Off – Session 04 – Hot Erotic Stories

hand from bringing her over the edge. Without thought, without any form of conscious control, her other hand shot out, grabbed him by the back of the head,

and pulled him in for a kiss. This had the secondary effect of making his considerable cock bump her slick pussy lips. Despite the fact that he wasn’t returning the kiss, April started to cum. Pure bliss wracked her body. An orgasm like none she had known before ripped through her. Nothing in her life had ever prepared her for the overwhelming ecstasy that was now taking up residence in her body.

As with all good things, however, she had to come down eventually. She realized that she was still kissing Adam, and he was now returning the kiss, their tongues in an illicit dance that promised, and begged for more. His cock was poised at the entrance to her tunnel, and what an easy movement it would be to pull him to her. Pull him INTO her. Her fellow Tube-y.

She shoved him back violently, and he fell into her desk chair with an umpf. He was her brother! Not one of the many guys she had slept with over the years. It was wrong on so many levels. It was taboo. It was incest.

And despite what her head said, her body demanded more.

She could still feel her juices leaving trails down her legs. She looked down at Adam, down at his crotch, and saw that he had deflated a little.

“I thought you said you could stop,” his tone was relaxed, and seemed all the more demeaning for it.

“I can. I just wanted to show you that it wasn’t full-proof. Even I fail sometimes. Now try again.” She was on her guard now. Another episode like what had just happened wasn’t going to repeat itself. She had had her orgasm, and she was in control again. At least, this is what she told herself as she watched her brother grab his gargantuan cock,

and begin to stroke it while looking at her. She noticed that he stared mostly at her breasts, and so (to test him further, she told herself) she began to lightly rub her nipples, making them ache at the teasing touch. She completely ignored the itch that was even now beginning to grow inside her.


Adam wasn’t sure what had happened a moment ago. He had stood to stop his sister, as she had done for him earlier, and then she had kissed him! At first he had been shocked, but as he felt her shake against him, lost in the throes of her own making, he couldn’t resist kissing her back. It was his first real kiss, and even if it was from his sister, it still felt great. His cock had bumped up against her wet pussy, and it had taken every ounce of his self control not to go further. Pulling away was simply not possible.

And so he had stood, kissing his beautiful sister, the head of his penis bumping her clit as she shook on her desk; only to be shoved back violently a second later, as though everything were his fault.

Hurt and feeling rejected, he tried to keep his voice calm as he challenged her. Her response was to act haughty, and tell him to get back to practicing on his self control. Well, if that’s what she wanted, then that’s what she’d get.

Adam started to stroke his cock, and closed his eyes. The image of her kissing him, the feel of their tongues as they moved together filled his thoughts. He could tell that he was fully erect again. His cock ached in his hands, and felt bigger than it had ever felt before.

He tried a different tact this time. Instead of trying to force her image into the grey haired, balding, and fat Mr. Jenkins, he thought of a wall.

A plain white, very blank wall.

His sister faded, and in her place the wall formed. It worked! But the wall moved. He heard it, and somehow, it took the shape of his sister, if not the features and colors. Before he knew what his mind was dreaming up, he felt the sister/wall wrap her lips around his cock.

He was cumming before he had a chance to stop. His eyes opened, only to discover his sister’s head in his lap, lips locked around his cock as he shot his load down her throat. Never in all the many years he’d been masturbating had he ever felt a sensation like this. Warm, wet, and so full of bliss, he just kept pumping his seed into her willing mouth.


The taste of her fellow Tube-y’s seed shooting down the back of her throat sent her into another orgasm. Giving head had always been something she enjoyed, but it had never gotten her off like this before. While it didn’t compare to the absolute delight of her last orgasm, it did whet her appetite for more.

She swallowed everything she could, but there was much more than her small mouth could handle, and much of it seeped out of her mouth, and trailed down his balls.

Her itch was demanding to be scratched now. No longer was she a woman. No longer was she a sister. She was a female in heat, and the seed running down her gullet drove her onward. She continued to suck, and lick the cock before her. Never had she tasted one this large, or this wonderful. All other men before were as nothing compared to this masterpiece of manhood.

Under her expert ministrations, his phallus remained hard. There was a loud humming in her ears that she couldn’t block out, so she simply ignored it. If Adam had wanted her to stop, she was fairly certain he had the strength to do so, but that was the least of her worries.

She felt hands on the back of her head, encouraging her, pushing her mouth down deeper on him. She moaned with the pleasure of him in her throat, and was rewarded with him twitching between her lips.

The itch was not to be denied, though, and she stood, and looked down at him, and saw him as though for the first time. His muscles were hard and taught across his hairless chest. His eyes were a deep shade of chocolate brown. His shaggy hair framed his wide jawed face to benefit. But none of that was important to the itch. It only cared about what was between his legs.

“April, if this is some sort of joke; stop it now, because I don’t think I will be able to stop myself if you don’t.” Adam sounded worried, and excited, and confused all at once, and his voice sent a shiver down her spine.

She took his hand, and pulled him to her. “This is no joke, Squirt. I mean to have that beast between your legs in me, If you have a problem with that, then I am afraid you have a problem. I love you, though, and hope that you want it too.” As she spoke the words she knew they were true. They had always gotten along as children, and even the awkward years as teenagers. No man had ever treated her as well as he had, or been built as well as he is.

“Oh, April! I love you, too! And YES I want this!” He followed her to the bed, and lay down. She crawled on top of him, and started to rub his cock between her engorged lips. Looking into his eyes, biting her lip, she took the plunge, and sat down as hard as she could. A scream rent the air, and only by its echo did she recognize it as her own. She felt like she had been split in two. The walls of her cunt were stretched almost beyond endurance. The feeling of fullness placated the itch, but only for a moment.

Looking down, she saw that she only had half of him in her. “My Gawd, that that thing is HUGE!” She bellowed, not caring if anyone heard her.

“I can’t believe I’m losing my virginity to my sister. Damn, this feels so good!”

April leaned forward, and began kissing Adam with an ardor that was not to be denied. She was determined to take as much of him inside her as was possible. She began to rock her hips, as they kissed, slowly taking him in deeper and deeper. Finally she sat back up, and pushed down hard, taking the last of him, into her. They both moaned as the connection completed. She grabbed his hands, and placed one on her tits, and the other at her clit. He got the idea pretty quick, and began rubbing, pinching, and tweaking as she started to move her hips in a frenzied fashion.

Sweat began to form on both of them as they continued to exert themselves.

“April… Sister… I’m about to…” April heard the message, and picked up her pace. Both of their bodies were sweat soaked now, as she felt the first volley of his seed fire into her. Another scream, echoed by both this time, rebounded off the walls, as both siblings came simultaneously.


Adam blinked. An odd heaviness weighed down on him, and it took a second for his sister to come into focus. His naked sister.

He had fucked his sister. Not only that, but she had taken his virginity. What the hell was wrong with them?

She stirred, waking up, and looked at him in shock. “What the…?” She rolled off him, and neither one of them could ignore the sucking pop that sounded as she pulled off of him, his cum leaking onto him, and then her bed. “What happened?” She demanded.

“I was hoping you could tell me! I remember coming in here to practice, and then things got fuzzy. Oh, Gawd did I… Did we…Did I really cum in you? Shit, what are we going to do if I got you pregnant?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m on the pill. Look, mom will be home in a bit. Not one word to her about this. We will figure it out later. Right now I need a hot shower, and you need to get cleaned up too.”
She was out of the room quicker than Adam could respond, so he walked to his bathroom, and started to get cleaned up.

The events of the last couple hours started to become clearer in his mind. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he was okay with what had happened. Who knows? Maybe he would get lucky, and it could happen again.

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