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“No. I just… I dunno. I… Well…”

April knew when he was too embarrassed to say something. “Remember what I taught you about trying to build the courage to say or do something?”

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She had told him a phrase a few years ago that had always worked for her. ‘1…2…3… Fuck it!’ and do whatever you wanted. Saved time on building the courage needed to do something, and got it done quickly.

“Yeah, I remember.” Adam closed his eyes, as she watched him mouth the mantra. “Iwasreallyturnedonwhenyouplayedwithyourselfearlier,” he spat out all in a rush, and then drew in a breath, “Iwaswondering…”

He must have run out of steam, but April knew what he was asking. She debated for a second. Well, 1 2 3 fuck it! She stood, and dropped her pants and panties. For added measure, she took off her top and bra too. Might as well make sure the squirt was as turned on as last time. “Only this one time, and only to help you out,” she told him sternly. “Don’t think this is going to be a regular occurrence! Or that I enjoy this.” But she could already feel the itch growing stronger

Adam couldn’t believe his eyes. His sister had been willing to do it, and had even taken off her top again. Despite her words, he saw that her nipples were growing hard. The thought struck him that there were very few women in his porn videos that had a body that could match hers.

I wonder what she would be like– He cut that thought off as quickly as he caught it. Despite everything she was doing, and despite how damned sexy she was, she was still his sister, and he’d be damned if he was the one to ruin the good relationship that they had.

Adam watched as his older sister sat back on the edge of her desk. She kept her knees together, and covered her breasts with her arms. “Are you just going to sit there staring, or are you going to try working on your problem?”

He jumped, and realized he HAD been staring. He suddenly felt really uncomfortable. Sure he had wanted this, and he was getting turned on, but it was by his sister… He also had to ‘up-shift’.

“Still not doing it for you?” She asked, nodding at his crotch.

“N-no, it is. I-I just need to…” Adam stammered and stuttered, trying unsuccessfully to indicate his problem. “It’s at the wrong angle,” he finally said.

“Hmm… Well it seems really unfair that I am the only one naked. Besides, if I can see you too, then I can fully judge whether it is working or not and maybe stop you in time. Strip, Squirt.” The last was more of an order, than a statement.

Adam mouthed their mantra, and then stood and dropped his pants, and decided to take his shirt off for good measure. Might as well be fully equal, he thought, leaving only his socks on.

He sat back in the chair, facing his sister, unsure what to do next. He noticed that her eyes were locked on his semi-hard penis, and tightened his muscles down there to make it jump. He was rewarded with her smile as she finally looked back up to him.

“Well, I see my little brother isn’t so little after all!” Adam watched as April’s hand leisurely travelled down her body, and began to rub her pussy. Sitting this close to her, he could smell her arousal, and it had a profound effect on him. In record time he was hard, cock in hand, stroking himself to his sister’s pace.

“Good,” she told him, “now that you are obviously in the mood, close your eyes, and change the image.”

Reluctantly he did so, not wanting to close his eyes to the vision of beauty before him. The image of her on the desk, hand on her pussy, looking hungrily at his crotch appeared, and he tried to change it to Mr. Jenkins. As before, the image wavered, longer this time, but reformed as his sister, this time lying on the bed, legs spread, beckoning him to her.

“Whoa!” April’s shout pulled him out of his thoughts and snapped his eyes open. “Are you trying to start a fire by rubbing it so fast?” She asked.

Adam pulled his hand away, and felt like a fool. He had thought he could do it this time, but the urge was just too strong. He looked up to April, to see that her hand was still on her pussy, rubbing away. “What about you?” He asked, nodding to her own enjoyment.

“Me? I can stop any time. I am under control, Squirt. It is you we are working on.”

“Really? Let me see you stop then.” Adam challenged. He didn’t know where it came from, but the words were out before he could stop them.

“Fine, I’ll stop,” she said, but made no move to do so. “I can stop any time I want to. I just close my eyes…” As she closed her eyes, her hand sped up. Adam could see that she was nearing her own orgasm, and stood up, grabbing at her hand to stop her.

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