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Girl squirting on bed

How April noticed his reaction, and knew what had happened. She felt a bit let down that this hadn’t worked for him. She could see in him the same burning desire, the same lust that had shaped her younger years. She didn’t want to see her fellow tube-y go through the humiliation she had had to endure.

“It’s okay. We will try again later. If you’re like me, you’ll be ready to go again in a couple hours, and we can try then.” April stood, and started getting dressed.

“Why bother? I’m a freak. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t change the image.” April’s heart melted for her younger brother. Only a couple years separated them, but they had grown up as friends, always there for one another. Fully dressed, she sat down next to him, and folded him in her arms.

She could actually smell the semen in his pants, and felt that familiar itch between her legs. She had almost lost control as she was demonstrating, but had thankfully mastered herself before there could be any embarrassment.

Adam’s head nuzzled into her neck, and now another scent entered her nose. She couldn’t identify it, but it was one she knew from time to time. She had to get out of here and quick. She gave Adam a quick peck on the top of his head, and tried to stand, but his arms snaked around her, holding her where she was.

“Don’t go, please.” The fragility she heard in his voice astounded her. She knew he didn’t have many friends, and had had very few girlfriends, though she couldn’t understand why. She had to admit to herself that he was rather good looking–for a brother– and he was tall and well muscled. She could even now feel the muscles in his arms, as he held her close. Strong, powerful muscles…

Oh…!! April jerked away, and stood shakily on her feet. “I have things I need to do, Squirt. Afterwards we can try again.” Before he had a chance to say anything, she was out the door, and headed to her room. Despite having moved out for college on the other side of town, their mom had kept her room for her, for when she came home on the weekends. Like her brother’s room, she didn’t have a lock on her door either, but she had learned to put her chair up under the doorknob.

As quick as she could, she pulled her pants down, and lifted her shirt. Self control was one thing, but she had learned that there were times when the only way to get rid of that itch was to scratch it. Her panties were soaked as they hit the floor, and her nipples ached to be rubbed. She licked two fingers then began swirling them around her nipples.

Her other hand dashed for her box, and two fingers dove into her hole. She used her palm to rub against her clit as she fingered herself. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Michael, her last boyfriend, was there with her, shoving his dick inside her. The image worked, as she stifled her moans, and came on her fingers. As her orgasm continued, the image changed to that of her brother, blowing into his pants, and suddenly her own pleasure doubled.

As the last vestiges of her powerful orgasm left her body, she wondered at the image that had entered her mind. She had never considered Adam in a sexual way before, but then they had never done anything sexual like they had a few minutes before either.

Shaking her head to dispel the inappropriate thoughts, she changed her panties, and used a wet wipe to clean up all of her juices. There really were a lot more than usual this time. She came to the conclusion that she was going to have to masturbate before their next session, so there wasn’t quite the edge there had been last time.

A timid knock sounded at her door, startling her from her thoughts.

“April? I’m really sorry I couldn’t do it. Please don’t be mad at me. I promise to try harder next time.” How sweet. He’d thought she’d left because she was angry with him.

She made sure her clothes were in order, then went and removed the chair from the door. Adam walked in, looking sheepish and confused.

Something occurred to April. “What if we try it again, now, while you are still recovering from your last one?”

Adam readily agreed, and she could tell that he was happy that she wasn’t angry with him.

They sat on her bed this time, and Adam closed his eyes. “Now picture something that turns you on,” April told her brother. He gave a nod, and she continued after a few seconds, noting that there wasn’t a bulge in his crotch, “Now turn that to something else. Something that doesn’t have an effect on you.”

Lil Adam slowly opened his eyes after a moment, and smiled. “I did it! I was able to change the thought.” Then he turned morose. “But what if I can’t do it when I am actually in the mood? What if I can only do it now, because I just… You know.”

Now.. April thought on that, before answering. “Then you need to keep practicing now. The more you practice, the better you will be when you really need to do it.”

For the next little while Adam continued to close his eyes, and practice, while April watched.

“I think I’m ready,” he told her, opening his eyes after numerous practices.

“Good. Let’s test it though.” April turned to her computer, and brought up a porn site. She played a video she thought he might like, and waited. Lemme know when you are getting turned on, and I will turn it off.”

Turning on

Yep…! Adam sat in the chair, and April sat on her desk, facing him. She wanted to watch her brother, and make sure he was doing it right. The sounds of porn (You know, bad music, and poorly faked moans), filled the bedroom. She glanced down to his crotch, and noted that it still wasn’t bulging. “Does this one not do it for you? What are you into, Squirt, and I’ll see if I can find something that will turn you on?”

“Normally this would do it,” he told her, head drooping.

“Well it’s obviously not working this time. Anything else you can think of, or are you miraculously cured of your affliction?” She arched her eyebrow, not believing that her fellow Tube-y had been cured at all.

The porn was having a slight effect on her, however, and she could already feel the itch returning. It was still a ways off from being annoying, but there nonetheless.

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