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Proposal for Pussy – Session 19 – Ass fuck

Within moments Rebecca skipped back to her bed and pounced on Pete initiating more kissing, giggling, and petting.

“So this the Rebecca I’ve never known all these years?” Pete asked rhetorically.

Rebecca simply looked at him with her patented cocky grin. Only now it had a twinkle. They both giggled in each other’s arms. Then Rebecca stood up, slowly walked over to the love seat , bending over it with her ass perked up, her legs spread, and her head turned towards Pete.

“You mentioned something about a rim job?” she said.

Facing the bay window, Pete stood next to her rubbing his hands over her firm butt cheeks, separating and spanking them lightly. He would routinely dip his fingers down the crack of her ass, over her little hole, and trace them around her vulva as if to show his step-sister’s ass and pussy off to the window. He gave one last friendly smack to her ass cheek before dropping to his knees before her anus.

With his thumb lightly tugging at Rebecca’s anus and his fingers deep inside her wet snatch, Pete dove in and gave her little hole a long sloppy lick. It soon became apparent to Pete that Rebecca’s anus had already been stretched open before. He could picture Samantha butt-fucking his step-sister with a strap-on dildo in his mind’s eye. He grabbed and smacked her cheeks while flicking his tongue up and down over the surface of her anus and taint.

“Oh that feels sooo nice,” chimed in Rebecca breathlessly.

Pete had no trouble driving not one, but two fingers into her ass as he gave her buttocks a hickey. He could feel his precum oozing and dripping to the floor.

“Oh that feels nicer. Yeah, kiss my ass, motherfucker,” Rebecca said laughingly. The sensation of being fingered up her ass made Rebecca swivel it around in a slow circle. She could feel her sphincter loosen and her pussy moisten. With her step-brother’s fingers in her ass she reached down to stick two of her own fingers in her cunt. She enjoyed a small orgasmic spasm when Pete replaced his fingers with his tongue and began moaning into her ass vibrating it as he vigorously smacked her ass cheeks.

“Okay, I need a good hard ass fucking now,” .Rebecca

demanded as she turned around to lift Pete up by the chin and bring him to her lips for a long kiss. She made him recline on the loveseat while she fetched a small bottle of lubricant. After applying lube to his tool and her ass she straddled him, guiding his cock towards her asshole with one hand while the other clenched his shoulder. She slowly lowered herself on the meaty piece of dick holding it’s base for safety, managing to get halfway down the shaft. Pete suckled on her breasts, one arm wrapped around her waist while the other played with her pussy.

“Your big cock feels so fucking good. Fuck do I love it up my hot ass! That’s it, keep playing with my wet pussy,” huffed Rebecca. Her bouncing quickened and she let go of Pete’s dick now taking three quarters of it up her slippery bunghole. Pete was quickly growing to love anal sex as he relished the sensation of his step-sister’s tight hole enveloping his cock. No sooner than they had entered a groove did Rebecca dismount from her position and help her step-brother up from his seat. She pinned him against the wall, kissing him before turning around and bending over. Pete immediately grabbed her waist, forcefully drawing her tushy towards his pelvis.

Rebecca’s lips curled in a snarl that swiftly transformed into a devilish grin with her tongue pushed through her teeth as she skewered herself onto his pole. “Ouah!,” she yelped giddily as she slammed into him, pounding him against the wall. Everytime Rebecca leaned forward Pete thrust into her only to be slammed back into the wall. Thrust-Slam! Thrust-Slam! It almost became a competition to see who could fuck the other harder. The contest caused a painting to fall to the floor. Pete decided to up the ante and smack Rebecca’s ass everytime he thrust into her.

“Yeah yeah yeah, just like that, keep ramin’ me” Rebecca moaned. She lifted herself up and grabbed Pete by the back of the head demanding he grab her tits while she played with her pussy. Pete knew his step-sister was on the verge of cumming so he mustered what energy he had left and banged into her ass as fast and as hard as he could.

Feeling her step-brother ejaculate in her ass pushed Rebecca over the edge. Her toes curled and her body shuddered. Pete felt her pussy drench his balls as the last drops of his cum dribbled inside her rectum. Rebecca’s body went limp and she just hang there silently before slowly turning to face Pete and kiss him. They made their way to the shower to clean up before they went to bed.

Once under the covers, neither sibling spoke much, but lay there cuddled in each other’s arms, listening to the wind outside the window. When Pete awoke the next morning he found the dorm room empty. There was a note from Rebecca on the fridge explaining how she had an early morning practice and training session with her coach and would unfortunately be gone most of the morning. The note told Pete to make himself at home and that she would return as soon as possible. Pete didn’t bother dressing as he made coffee and breakfast. He enjoyed his breakfast while watching saturday morning cartoons still in the buff. He nearly spit up some coffee when he looked over at the wall where Rebecca had pinned him during the anal sex of the night before. A large sweat stain covered the area Pete’s back and buttocks had been slammed into the wall.

Bored, Pete’s curiosity got the better of him. He made his way over to Samantha’s side of the bedroom to snoop around her underwear drawer. He couldn’t shake the memory of his step-mother’s panties she had forced him to put over his head. He found a red ruffled thong and decided he would surprise Rebecca by greeting her while jerking off wearing her girlfriend’s panties.

It was the kind of stunt he figured would shock and delight her. As he made his way back to the kitchen to return the dishes he heard keys jingling in the keyhole of the dorm room door. He turned towards the door and began jerking off, wanting to surprise Rebecca as she walked back in. He turned pale white when not Rebecca, but Samantha walked in greeting him first with a surprised look on her face that quickly changed to a wicked grin.

“Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly,” Samantha said as she dropped her bag and shut the door behind her laughing a mischievous laugh, licking her lips and rubbing her hands together.

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