A Tale of True Love : Pain is inevitable

I’m an Indian male. 20 year old. Studying engineering in One of the finest institutes in India.

Let me introduce my senior pooja. Hot. Sweet. Nerd. I came to know her by my professor to clear my doubts in studies. We became friends soon and became close to each other in two months.

I live in Chennai. My parents in Delhi. They arranged me everything I require including a home, a maid. She used to come to my home and study with me daily until late night. Even though she was hot I had no bad feeling over her.

Two weeks before semester exams, she used to stay with Me since she also stay in rent house with her friends she has no problem. It was quite good in the beginning. One day we fell asleep on same bed and slept together. In morning when I woke, I was in her arms and she was is night dress. I was shocked and woke with shock. She also woke and she was so cool with it. She said I thought you enjoyed sleeping over me with a wink. I was in distress that all day. It was a Sunday. Maid was cooking. We were watching movie in my laptop.

There was a girl bathing in movie. I was aroused and looked her. She was already looking at me smiling. I asked what, she replied with a kiss in cheek. I thought something was wrong. At night, we were going to sleep. I said I’m going to sleep in couch outside. She asked why. I thought it would be safe to keep distance. She came near me and kissed me on my lips. I was blank and I’m doing nothing for that kiss. I just stayed still.

After the kiss, she said I love you. I was like what?

I denied it. She started crying silently. And I’m completely out of mind. I tried to convince her. She was so adamant. After two hours she asked me let’s date. You should be with me after exams. We date each other. And you decide it. I thought I could avoid it in final. So accepted it. Finished my exams. I stayed with her after finishing exams.

She became closer than ever. We were sharing same bed. Same bed sheet. My maid caught me with her in my bed. She thought we were having sex. After one week, I started liking her. I told her that I love her. She was in cloud nine. Completely moved to my house.

After my proposal, she became intimidate. We started being couples. First in bed we were kissing. We used to sleep over each other. We tease each other with our body. This progression was in day by day. Soon the semester starts.

After beginning of classes, we used to study together and had our fun. Until one after my proposal, we were in limit. After that, there is nothing.

We started cuddling. We saw our nudes had oral sex. Pooja had a great body. Her size was 36 24 38. After two months after my proposal we became unseperable. She wanted me to fuck her.

We sleep together. We slept hugging each other. I sucked her boobs. Sucked her vagina. Enjoyed her inch by inch. She gave me blow job. Hand job. But about fucking, I said no. I like to fuck her. But I don’t know why I don’t wanted to.

But she made me fuck her using stimulating pills. She was very happy to lose her virginity. After that we had sex daily.

Everything was smooth until her death. After 6 months with me, she went to her home. She was texting and used to speak with me when she was alone. After few days, I was blocked. I got no contact with her. I tried contacting her home by her friends. Her parents said that she was dead before two weeks.

I was shattered and went to my home. I came to know that she had brain tumour. She knew she was going to die at that time.

After her death, my concentration over everything drained out. I failed in subjects. I lost interest in everything. My maid told everything to my parents. My parents came home and consoled me. They wanted to stay with me. But I denied.

My parents love over me was so soulful and my sadness was diminished because of that.

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