A Marriage with Porn Addict – Real life Pain

Sexually harreshed girlI am 25 year old women lives in metro city married since 1.5 years .My husband work in New Mumbai.I had past serious relationship with one guy but due to family pressure I have to broke up then I forced to married Ravi(name changed)

First couple of months are good but after some time he said he was done with me as I am not that type of girl.He said he is bored with me as I am not healthy type girl. I have nice physics but he watches excessive porn which leads to our relationship worse day by day.

Few month ago our marriage is nearly on mode of divorce but due to family pressure we live together.

My husband nature is quite aggressive and he always take dout on my character.I never allow to meet someone or even come in front of guest.Domestic violation is quite common in our realtion and he beats me for simple resons.

As he forced me to wear only salwar or saree and nothing else than other. I have only two things to do follow his orders and satisfying his sexual needs I am okay with it.every night he just sex with me many times with or without my concern.sometimes I didn’t lubricate still he just do this which just hurt me most I just cried with pain and he enjoy that moment.

And the worst part is 6 months ago he said he bored with me and didn’t get eraction from me and we have to tried something different he shows me some different submissive and rough porn where male pornstar just thrsh female one badly and he enjoy that scene.He said this is so common we try this once as I opposed but he just blackmail me emotionally and stop talking with me coming home lately didn’t pick my call. I just said I ready plz stop this drama.He agreed and start behave with me normally.This was my worst decision of my life.

He do worst sceen with me

He Tied my hand and slap my whole body and turn it red and f*cks like hell’s I just cried with pain.sometimea blood comes from my vaginal due to excess sex.

He tied my hands and beat me with his leather belt and I just shout like hell.He just target privat part which gaves him more pleasure.

I have to perform some unusual moves some successful some not I have to give him BJ and he ejecate his sperm on my face some times I have to swallow it taste like hell. I have to give him BJ many times when he ready for office.

Once I just said don’t drink at home that moment he so angry try to put bear bottel in my vagina he just push that bottel from base and every stroke I had huge pain.

He bits my nipple so hard that is infected and i have to visit doctor and it requires 2 weeks to repair.

Sometimes he just said to undress me and I have to stand Infront of big mirror he press my breasts from behind very hard I just shouted so loudly that give his relaxation.

There is no love left between our marriage and he compares my body with pornstar or outside girls and taunt me.

After watching porn he tried anal sex and a*shole is not so much big as he tried 3–4 times and once succeed he had habitual for anal I just have huge pain in that area when I sit for toilet as sometime blood come when I have to Toilet.

He is so much abusive type person and treat me like call girl.He feels littel bit pressure stress in workplace family he just drag me in bedroom and thrash me however he wants I am become his punching bag..

The porn movies ruin my life as I request people plz don’t try to do what u saw in porn it hurt us more.sorry for my Bad English as I am not studied in English medium i just want to tell pain to all.

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