Proposal For Pussy – Session 15 – Letme help you

A full moon lit the star-speckled night sky, reflecting off the black water in a shimmering silver dance as the ferry boat carrying Pete and Katrina approached their island destination. With his arms wrapped around his lover taking in the cool night air, Pete told Katrina they had better board the pickup as the ferry neared port.

They had no difficulty finding the hotel and were surprised at how much grander it was than the internet pictures had let on. They were reminded that it was indeed Halloween weekend when greeted by two hotel employees dressed as a bee and some kind of bird at the front desk. They checked into their room, marvelled at how nice it was, and decided to turn in early. Both were tired after a long day of school and a long night of driving.

Katrina woke first the next morning and had a full day planned for Pete and herself. The hotel was located in a touristy town offering plenty of diverse activities for visitors. Pete and Katrina walked along the boardwalk dipping in and out of shops, ate a delicious lunch, and visited a large aquarium. They returned to their hotel to get dressed for dinner. Katrina had insisted they have a classy romantic evening of food, wine, and dancing before retiring to their room.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna just fuck and get it over with?” Pete asked trying to provoke her.

“Pete!” Katrina castigated with a frown. “Here, let me help you with your tie. There, don’t you look handsome?” she told him with a satisfied grin and nod of the head.

Pete had to admit he looked good as he glanced himself over in the hotel mirror. His tan suite blended well with the cream coloured shirt and gold tie Katrina had selected for him. Best of all, he found the brown leather shoes he had on to be more comfortable than expected. As dapper as he thought he was, nothing compared to the vision of his girlfriend as she stepped out of the bathroom asking how she looked. Pete dropped and sat on the bed, holding out his hands gesturing for her. She walked over, her long legs looking even longer in sexy black high heels. Once she held hands with Pete he lifted himself up and told her she was absolutely stunning. He told her she resembled some kind of flamenco princess. Her silky raven hair was done up in a glamorous twist exposing a sleek and sexy neck accented by two large looping earrings. Her make up gave her an air of seduction and sophistication. She wore the flowing crimson dress she had chosen as a movie star would walking the red carpet. Pete was taken aback by how much leg the ruffled slit on the side of the dress was showing. As he kissed her he savoured her perfume reminding him of jasmine and lavender. She hooked her arm in his holding a small black purse and reminded him dinner was waiting. Pete could not believe her transformation and had to fight an erection from forming.

It was an evening of magic for Pete and Katrina. They enjoyed the finest food and wine and danced the night away. It was easy when Vanessa and Maggie’s credit cards were paying for the entire trip. Pete had to concede, sometimes it was good to have their mothers so enthusiastic about their coupling. When they made their way back to the hotel room Katrina paused silently before unlocking the door. Pete hugged her from behind and asked her if she wanted him to open it. She handed him the room key and they entered together.

Pete hugged Katrina from behind once again in the bathroom. He kissed her shoulder watching her longingly as she tilted her head removing her earrings and undoing her hair.

“I’ve never seen you more beautiful than tonight, Katrina. I don’t mean just the way you look, but everything about you tonight was spellbinding and exquisite. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. You humble me. I love you more than anything” Pete told her in a soft voice.

“I love you too, Pete. I love you with all my heart and always will,” Katrina replied with watery eyes. The young couple stood swaying in each other’s arms, cheek to cheek, looking at themselves in the mirror. Pete broke the embrace and held Katrina’s hand leading her to the bedroom.

Before doing anything Pete hinted at a small surprise he thought up and fetched four large purple candles out of his suitcase. He placed them on the nightstands around the bed, lit them, and extinguished all other sources of light in the bedroom. They kissed, undressed, and climbed under the covers. Katrina laid on her back while Pete leaned over her on his side kissing her and cupping her breasts in his hand. Their touch had never burned so intensely as it did this night. As his kissing made its way down her neck and over to her breasts his hand descended over her belly and began massaging her moist folds. Revelling in the scent of Katrina’s perfume he suckled at her puffy pink nipples now harder than ever. Katrina moaned sweetly as she ran her fingers through her lover’s short sandy blond hair.

Katrina decided to take the initiative and asked Pete to lie down where she had just been. She leaned over him on her side and kissed her way downwards from his lips making her way to his turgid tool. Pete purred as his girlfriend gave him a deliberately slow blow job looking up at him with sparkling bedroom eyes. He ran all ten fingers through her hair as her head bobbed on his rock hard cock. Then, without a word, Katrina’s mouth popped off his cock and she dashed her way to the bathroom closing the door behind her. Not exactly sure what was going on, Pete hoped she was not suddenly feeling sick with nerves. He reached into his suitcase to retrieve a condom just in case. Shortly after, Katrina emerged and told Pete he could dispose of the condom.

“Why? Are you feeling alright?” Pete asked with concern.

“Yes, yes, I just put in a diaphragm. I also have a morning after pill. Well, I’m ready if you are?” Katrina replied looking as excited as she did anxious.

Pete patted the mattress motioning for her to join him. He asked her to resume her position on her back and lubricated her opening with a coaxing tongue. As Pete climbed up over her and positioned his manhood at the entrance of her womanhood Katrina grabbed a pillow and placed it underneath her bottom, angling her pelvis for better access. With one last nervous impulse, Katrina grabbed Pete by the back of the neck and pulled him into a kiss. Their shadows flickered and danced about the room in the candlelight.

Pete pushed his cockhead into the moist cleft of his lover’s channel. Katrina immediately felt the extent of his girth and let out a yelp, grimacing in pain. She told him not to stop and pulled him in for another kiss. Pete gently slid his bulbous cockhead along her hot wet opening until, unexpectedly, Katrina gripped Pete’s arms, crossed her legs around his hips, and told him to push all the way in with one stroke, no matter what. A look of anxiety and excitement blazed in her eyes. Pete complied and with one sudden and forceful thrust he tore her hymen, nearly entering the entire length of his shaft inside her.

“Ahhhh, it hurts…mmm…don’t stop, Petey…mmm…ahh, I can feel you inside me, ah, umph, oh God it hurts, don’t stop…FUCK ME!” Katrina yelled, her face contorted and her eyes fluttering uncontrollably. She had dug her heels into Pete’s buttocks and tightened her grip on his upper arms encouraging him onward. Pete could not believe how amazingly well her vagina sheathed his dick. The sound of Katrina yelling “fuck me” drove Pete crazy. He began groaning with every plunge as he softly rocked back and forth over her. Perspiration beaded both of their bodies as the air grew hot and humid smelling of sex. The sweltering velvet of Katrina’s tunnel yielded further and further as she adjusted to the hefty invader now gradually pummelling its way inside her. Her cries of distress changed to moans of contentment and pleasure. A small trickle of blood made its way down the crack of her ass and onto Pete’s scrotum.

Katrina pulled Pete to her once again not to kiss him, but to whisper her desire to switch positions. Now on his back, Pete clutched his slippery cock and watched as Katrina straddled him, slowly lowering her sex onto his. Her long hair hung down tickling his stomach as she watched his glistening shaft disappear into her puffed-upped pussy lips. Katrina grunted loudly and clenched her teeth feeling her lover’s stocky sprout stretch her wide. Pete grunted softly and started stimulating his girlfriend’s clitoris. He rolled her engorged clit between finger and thumb. Her juices were now flowing freely. The wetness only enriched the delicious feeling of her vagina gripping around his cock. As soon as Katrina leant forward enough Pete sprung and clamped his mouth on her breasts and sucked on nipples that felt every bit as hard as the clit in his fingers.

They began moving in rhythmic unison as Katrina bounced and Pete bucked, one pair of hips towards the other. Through the heat thumped sweat, skin, and sheets. The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the dimly lit room. Everytime Katrina fell her buttocks stretched, parted, and pressed against Pete’s rising, opening thighs. Everytime Pete rose his balls smacked against Katrina’s exposed asshole.

“Ooooh yeah, Petey, that’s it , don’t stop, Oh God! That feels so good right there, mmm.”

Katrina was making a face Pete did not recognize. Her nostrils were flared and her upper lip curled with her eyes tightly shut. The look ignited a fire in Pete’s loins. He no longer wanted to make love or have sex; he wanted to fuck. He yelled out as he gripped Katrina’s small ass in his hands and frantically jack hammered his thick cock into her. The look on her face changed. Her mouth opened to a wide “O” and her head faced up towards the wall. Her dishevelled hair bounced about as Pete drilled her with everything he had.

They would later chalk it up to beginner’s luck as they climaxed simultaneously. Both became rigid and trembled in sexual frenzy. A panting Pete continued to pound Katrina to the hilt pistoning his cock fast and hard into her virgin cunt. A breathless Katrina clawed at Pete’s chest drawing blood and cursed his name as she squeezed his virgin prick with her vaginal muscles. Arching his back and throwing his head back against the pillow, Pete groaned vociferously as his sex exploded copious ropes of hot creamy semen. Katrina shook violently, gurgling a throaty moan as her sizzling hot pussy drenched their union in liquid love.

At the peak of their climax, when time seemed to slow down and they each felt as one, a moment of magnificence forever imprinted itself on their psyches. Katrina’s black hair coiled softly about her head covering eyes that glimmered with a desire and love of the most primal kind and for a brief, but glorious second, Pete mirrored the look back. After the euphoria subsided they crashed into one another’s arms, gasping for air, and kissed sloppily.

“I guess you’re a woman now, miss Moretti,” Pete said breathlessly, brushing a strand of hair from Katrina’s flushed face.

“And you’re a man, mister Taylor,” Katrina replied warmly.

After a while of pecks and nuzzles, Pete said, “I want to go at it again.”

“Mmmm, it hurt quite a bit at first, but then…Hot Damn! If you don’t mind I’m pretty tired. I thought we could cuddle for a little while. Remember, we do have this room until Monday morning,” Katrina reminded Pete in a drowsy voice.

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