Proposal for Pussy – Session 13 – Katrina screams

Katrina’s tongue flicked and swirled around the head of Pete’s thick glans. She opened wide to take what length of his shaft she could. Everytime she pulled her head back her cheeks hollowed in reaction to the literal sucking she was administering. “Wow, that feels great, baby, don’t stop now,” moaned Pete in eager appreciation.

Encouraged, Katrina persisted with a sense of determination. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft making a point to pull back every now and then to attack his balls while jerking him off. Her research was paying dividends. Pete couldn’t help but lift his hips trying to thrust up into her hungry mouth. Much to her surprise, Katrina was actually enjoying sucking her partner off. There was something about the intimacy of having Pete’s hard phallus in her hands and mouth that scratched an itch she never realized existed before. The brevity and clumsiness of her initial experience in the shower the other night did not prepare her for the rewards yeilded by a focused deliberation.

Meanwhile, Pete was too energized to cum prematurely as he did in the shower with Katrina or as he nearly did when Samantha had deep throated him the other night. His mind lie entirely in drinking up the musky sex of his lover. As he traced each fold with the tip of his tongue he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer.

It didn’t take long before he pried her petals open with his fingers, propelling his tongue inside her neon pink pussy. With his tongue penetrating her, he began sealing his lips around her quivering mound and sucking as he would a slice of lemon after taking a shot of tequila. His tongue would exit Katrina’s tunnel every so often and flick her distended clitoris. It didn’t take long before Pete became lost in his own lust.

For Pete, his entire being was floating in a velvety pink paradise. Alongside his growling moans he impulsively and vigorously shook his head trying to burrow deeper inside Katrina’s juicy cunt. He didn’t even realize he had begun involuntarily circling Katrina’s asshole with his thumb while pawing her ass cheek in his hand. Katrina noticed it right away. Contrary to how she felt about anal sex she did not stop him, the sensation only drove her surging path towards climax on a rip roaringly wilder course.

The first orgasm Pete gave her paled in comparison to the mind blowing climax Katrina was now experiencing. She convulsively arched her back and clenched her butt cheeks, tightening every muscle in her body. Where Pete lost his tongue he replaced with fingers. She threw her head back, her face to the sun, and jerked forward pounding the ground and clutching the towel. Katrina literally screamed as a tsunami of pleasure thrashed through her body. After it subsided she collapsed beside Pete and basked in the balmy backwash of sexual gratification.

“That was a good one, huh?” enquired Pete with an enthusiastic grin as he crawled over to her. Pussy juice was splattered all over his mouth, chin, and cheeks.

“Mmmmm,” was all Katrina could produce. As Pete approached she lifted a hand to caress his face looking at his glowing countenance with loving, half lidded eyes. His head eclipsed the sun as he bent down to kiss her on her lips. She raised herself and lightly pushed him gesturing for him to lie back down on the towel. With Pete on his back, Katrina positioned herself on her stomach in between his legs and began finishing what she had started before being interrupted by unadulterated bliss.

Now taking pleasure in the idea of giving her man a blow job without a condom she discovered she enjoyed the salty flavour of the pre cum she was tasting as Pete approached climax. Hornier than ever, she turbulently sucked at her man’s tool. Without any distraction Pete did not last long. His heavy breathing turned to groans and sighs as he felt a geyser in his ballsack about to erupt. Katrina released his cock from her mouth and continued to jerk him off when he told her he was on the verge. She did not feel ready to try and savour his full discharge, but watched as he ejaculated several strands of hot semen arching over his abdomen and landing on his stomach, chest, and collar bone. He grabbed hold of Katrina’s cum stained hand and made sure she held on until well after he was done.

Without delay, Pete decided to clean himself off in the ocean. Katrina joined him as he made his way to the water. After cleaning himself off, Pete held his hands out for her. With their fingers interlocked the two lovers came together in a passionate embrace as they bobbed along with the waves, the water sparkling all around them in the sun. The kissing came to an end when Katrina began running towards the shore in order to escape Pete’s splashing. After they collected their things they walked arm in arm back to the house. Neither one made an effort to dress.

“You mentioned something about having naked fun together?” Katrina asked smiling at Pete. They spent the remainder of the afternoon in the buff, sipping Mexican beer, cuddling, and talking on the patio swing.

Before Katrina left to keep a promise of joining her mother for dinner she made sure to remind Pete that Halloween was only a month and a half away.

“You know what that means, right?” Katrina asked with a bright smile, the same way a precocious youngster would.

“You mean our anniversary? Yeah, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten,” Pete answered reassuringly.

As Katrina rode off on her bicycle she waved goodbye with a cheery smile. Pete checked the clock and thought he should start barbequing the rest of the food with little time left before Maggie was supposed to arrive. He decided to face the music upon her return knowing full well that the subject of his being caught naked holding her g-string and a “supposed” panty fetish were sure to come up. Just as she had predicted in her note,

Maggie pulled up to the house at precisely 6:45 that evening. When she exited her van she nodded at a now fully clothed Pete with what he could tell was a bit of amusement at his expense. He also noticed that she was carrying a small shopping bag from a large department store in the city. Within 15 minutes Pete had their dinner prepared and the table set.

“O.k., Pete, you know what I want to say, don’t you?” Maggie asked as they settled in at the table in the dining room.

“Yeah…yeah, I know what it is you want to say, Maggie,” Pete responded with a sigh, unable to look his step-mother in the face.

“Before I say anything, here, this is for you,” Maggie said as she reached underneath her seat and gave Pete the shopping bag he saw her carry into the house. Pete studied her face searching for hints of motive and she obliged him with looks of anticipation, uncertainty, and glee. Sure enough, as Pete had feared, the bag contained several pairs of lacy, frilly panties. Pete decided to lay Maggie down gently and put an end to this fiasco once and for all.

“Look, Maggie, I appreciate the thought, but last night was just ah, an experiment, yeah, an experiment. One of my buddies e-mailed me an erotic story about a guy with a panty fetish he found on some cool website he found and I guess I was curious. I quickly realized it’s not my thing.”

“Oh!” Maggie said, her face and shoulders dropping almost cartoon-like in disappointment. “Well, anyways, those are all supposed to be one-size-fits-all. You can give them to Katrina on your upcoming anniversary. I didn’t know there was such a website. Sounds interesting. So that’s why you spend so much time on your computer, huh? And, ah, you don’t, you know, uh…masturbate with panties?”

Maggie had always been a candid person, but this line of questioning was uncharacteristic even for her and made Pete squirm in his seat feeling rather uncomfortable. He shot her a look as if to say he didn’t want to hear anymore about panties and masturbation. The two of them quickly dropped the subject and started talking about what Pete was indeed planning for his anniversary with Katrina.

Unbeknownst to Pete, Maggie was wearing the very same leopard print g-string she had caught her step-son trying to return the other night. If he could have seen her the other night after he retreated back to his bedroom he would have seen her slip the underwear back on and masturbate herself to climax while sitting on the edge of the bathtub. There was much more swirling underneath Maggie’s new found interest in his supposed panty fetish than Pete could have realized.

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