Proposal for Pussy – Part 10 – pete’s ravegood

“Saman…wha?” Pete mumbled dazedly.

Samantha leaned in, placed a finger over Pete’s mouth and told him to shut up or else. She stood back up and removed the chemise and g-string, throwing them to the ground. Now, completely naked, she ordered Pete to remove his clothes. Pete wasn’t sure where this was going, but anticipated the ride with a mix of glee and apprehension. He drew the covers off himself and discarded the boxer-briefs he had on. Samantha looked at his cock already at full attention and said, “Very good.”

Samantha crawled onto the bed, knelt perpendicular in front of Pete and began to rub his chest with one hand while lightly stroking his cock with the other. Admiring her large conical breasts and full, pouty ass, Pete began caressing her buttocks with his hand. She slapped it away warning him not to do anything she didn’t order. Pete could not be more willing to comply. Samantha asked him if his cute little girlfriend ever sucked him off. He answered only once. She laughed sardonically and asked, “And did she suck your sorry ass as good as this?” With that, Samantha lowered her head and began licking at his cockhead.

Samantha’s tongue swirled the length of his erection and lapped at his hairy balls. Pete moaned in encouragement immediately noticing how much more experienced Samantha was at the task than Katrina. “It feels hundreds of times better without a condom on,” he thought. At that point Samantha did something he never could have anticipated. She turned to face Pete and made sure his head was propped up by pillows. When he asked what she was doing she slapped him, told him to shut up, and crawled over him into a 69 position. She grabbed the base of his cock and turned her head around ordering him to get to work. Pete responded, “With pleasure!” His enthusiasm for a task she believed most guys didn’t like to do amused her. She kept her position above his dick waiting for the inevitable.

As Pete smacked his lips in anticipation of his new found delight he noticed a string dangling from Samantha’s slit. As soon as Pete uttered a word Samantha barked at him to take out the “surprise” with his teeth. Pete obeyed and soon discovered the “surprise” to be a leopard print g-string Samantha had stuffed up her pussy. When he noticed it had to be too large to fit Samantha, she spun around on him. With a straightforward and threatening tone she told him the underwear he just fetched out of her cunt belonged to his step-mother. She told him she had dug it out of the hamper earlier that evening and brusquely ordered him to put it over his head.

Eyes wide in dread, Pete just stared at the damp g-string in his hand and then to Samantha’s contemptuous glare.

“Are you crazy?” a startled Pete asked her.

Samantha responded by slapping Pete across the face again and warning him not to piss her off any more than she already was. Samantha did her best to hide the giggles bubbling beneath her tough exterior and without further hesitation barked her orders once again. Slowly, and with a look of disgust, Pete placed the underwear over his head. Samantha made sure the crotch of the g-string lie over Pete’s nose, his eyes looking out the leg holes, and the waistband lifted above his mouth. She then spun back around to resume the 69 position only this time with the intent of following through.

Samantha took Pete’s fat prick back in her mouth and forced herself to deep throat him. It was a skill she had picked up long ago and knew men loved. She was, despite her skill, having difficulty trying to manage a cock as thick as Pete’s down her throat. Flabergastered, Pete closed his eyes and tried to remain as calm as possible as he brought his tongue to Samantha’s pussy. He had difficulty enjoying himself with the shock of his step-mother’s g-string wrapped around his head. Pete assumed the g-string must have been worn by his step-mother sometime last night when he had heard her and his father having sex. Nonetheless, Samantha’s deep throating didn’t go unnoticed and he felt his balls begin to churn.

When Samantha felt Pete on the verge of ejaculating she stopped completely, sliding his cock out of her mouth with a wet, slurping sound and ordered him to lie down on his side facing the desk. He did as told with an uncertain nervousness. Once he assumed the position Samantha climbed back on top of him, pinning him with her leg curled around his, her stomach over his side, and her mouth directly next to his ear. She clamped one hand firmly around his saliva coated cock while the other clutched his hair into a fist. He was at her mercy.

Samantha wasted little time. Violently, she began jerking Pete off. Using her free leg for leverage, she writhed her body over his in a sidewinding motion like a snake chasing it’s prey. Shortly, she refined her hand job, stroking swiftly, but vibrating her grip sadistically every time she forced her fist down to the base of his prick. Everytime she did so she would forcefully yank Pete’s foreskin pulling his cockhead grotesquely backwards. It was at this point that Samantha commenced her psychological attack on Pete who was staring at the portrait of Katrina staring back at him.

With her mouth directly over Pete’s ear Samantha would forcefully grunt into it every time she administered the devastating downstroke. She dispensed of the excess saliva that formed in her mouth by pulling Pete’s hair back and spitting in his face. Over and over again Samantha assaulted Pete with savage ferocity. She imagined herself not unlike Denis Hopper’s character in “Blue Velvet”. After a short while she decided to turn up the heat.

“Come on, Petey, cum for mommy,” Samantha began whimpering through gritted teeth. “Mwaaa, cum a big load for mommy,” she persisted, her voice husky and frantic. “Give mommy your cum, give mommy your cum, give it to me, Petey, mwaaa, give it to mommy.” Her attack was relentless. The cruel quirk of Samantha referring to herself as “mommy” with Pete’s step-mother’s g-string wrapped around his head was not lost on either of them.

Pete couldn’t believe what she was doing to him. He simply laid there with his eyes now shut, shuddering every time Samantha violated him. The part of himself that wanted to throw Samantha off and take her by force always lost to the part of himself that wanted her to continue molesting him. He knew he’d have no difficulty turning the tables on her, but was, in true spite of himself, enjoying the humiliation game she was playing.

As Samantha ravaged Pete’s manhood, the headboard of the bed began banging the wall. Sure enough, Pete soon did as ordered and lurched forward as he began spraying rope after rope of semen onto his bed. Most of his ejaculate shot across his sheets towards the headboard. A large wad landed on his pillow next to his head. With the force of Samantha’s relentless strokes, Pete ejaculated until it hurt eventually collapsing, exasperated, tears of weariness forming in his eyes.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good boy, mommy is so proud,” Samantha cooed. She propped herself up over a defeated Pete and scooped the wad on his pillow onto her finger. After bringing it to her mouth to taste him she purred, “Hmm, salty.” Before dismounting and collecting her clothes, Samantha, with as much force as she could, gave Pete three walloping slaps on the ass making Pete wheeze and whimper with each blow. She leaned over his ear and picked his head up by the hair asking him if he meant what he said earlier about keeping her relationship with Rebecca a secret. He simply nodded in understanding with eyes still shut. “Good,” Samantha responded bluntly, throwing his head back down, her motive revealed.

Before she left his room she took one last look at her victim. He had hoisted himself up on an elbow to watch her leave with a look of shock and awe on his face. She could see he had removed the underwear from his head with the run-off of her saliva glistening on the side of his face. Before walking away she told him to make sure to keep his mouth shut and maybe next time she’d let him fuck her. Before disappearing from view, she winked and blew him a kiss. Pete fell back on his pillow and thought to himself, “Mother Mary of Cunt! What the Fuck Have I Done?”

After a brief, yet labored recuperation, Pete collected his soiled sheets under his arm, held his step-mother’s g-string in his other hand and made his way downstairs to dispose of them in the laundry hamper in the bathroom. He did not dare look up towards Rebecca’s bedroom as he rounded the landing on his way down. He didn’t even bother dressing himself still punch drunk from Samantha’s assault and half reasoning he could make it down without being caught at such a late hour. He was wrong. Upon reaching the bathroom his step-mother stepped out with a flushing noise behind her. She jumped in horror at the sight of a mortified Pete. There he stood, buck naked, his sheets under his arm, and “her” unmentionables in his hand. It did not look good.

Pete quickly covered himself with his sheets. Maggie swiped her g-string from his hand, clutching her pyjama top, and looking furious. Pete merely hung his head and walked back towards the stairs. He made a point of avoiding eye contact with his step-mother, but heard her hoarsely scold, “What do you think you’re doing and what would Katrina think?” Pete entered his bedroom, threw the sheets in the corner, grabbed his sleeping bag out of the closet, and fell asleep not knowing what to think anymore.

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