Proposal for Pussy : Part 09 : Her Vagina

“Aaaaghhhh, I’m gonna….yeah…yeah…Aaaghhh,” Pete shouted with a strained look on his face as he began to unload hot jets of cum. With his cock sandwiched between their bellies, most of his discharge didn’t travel very far and immediately washed away in the flow of water. One spurting string of cum did manage to break through and land across Katrina’s left breast. Due to their closeness it ended up strung between their chests amidst their throws of passion. After Pete’s climax subsided Katrina noticed it first and blurted out, “Gross!” Pete said he thought it was kinky, but Katrina made a point to shower the wad off of them as soon as she could.

As soon as Katrina finished, Pete leaned in and began suckling the now cleansed breast.

“Oh, Pete that’s disgus…ohhhh, Petey,” Katrina cooed holding his head in her hands. Her nipples were very sensitive and she could feel her pussy tingle in appreciation.

Continuing along the same track, Pete made his way south kissing and licking. He paused at his lover’s belly. There was something about a woman’s belly Pete loved. He always fantasized about licking the underside and making his way up over and around the navel. After relishing his little fetish he decided to go for the gold. He wasn’t sure what Katrina would do, but wanted to find out. “Southward ho,” he thought to himself.

Katrina tensed and tightened her grip on Pete’s head when she felt his mouth travelling towards her nether regions. Never had she had somebody become “that” intimate with her vagina, not even Dr. Beaves, her gynaecologist. Her eyes widened to full capacity and her mouth formed a large “O” when Pete struck gold – her clitoris.

“Whoa, Petey, whoa, not so fast,” she warned him.

Pete looked at her with a devilish smile and said, “I know, baby. I just wanted to see what you would do.”

Katrina gulped in between heavy breathing, released his head, leaned against the back of the shower wall, and spread her legs as wide as the tub would allow. Pete approached on his knees and began slowly licking the dark outer labia of his lover’s cunt. The sparse hair didn’t bother him. If anything, the naturalness of it turned him on even more. Having never eaten a woman out before he thought he was doing a good job and according to Katrina’s moans he guessed she thought so too. When Katrina’s fingers reached down to part her lips for Pete he knew for sure she was at least getting into it.

The smell, taste, and heat Pete found in his lover’s pink folds that night made a cunnilingus convert out of him. What, he reasoned, could be sexier than drinking in the very center of your lover’s sexual being? Pete slid two fingers up inside Katrina’s pussy to pry her open, his tongue following closely behind. Eventually he had his entire tongue inside her and began pushing it around trying to lap as much of her as he could. He put his hands to good use, reaching up to play with Katrina’s hardened nipples which only intensified the moisture he was relishing below. He was enjoying himself so much he began moaning and rolling his head around as a cat would in the midst of catnip. At the same time he made sure to flick the end of his button nose against her now engorged clitoris. Katrina couldn’t help bring her hands back on his head while moaning, sighing, and gasping sharply in response to his ministrations.

It quickly became too much for Katrina. She looked over through a crack in the shower door to her blurry reflection in the fogged bathroom mirror just before her eyes rolled up and she orgasmed harder than she ever had before. Her entire body trembled and her face winced sharply as she began bucking her hips making it difficult for Pete to stay on course. When he felt her nectar begin to flow he knew he had reached the promise land. Her smell, taste, and heat intensified as her knees buckled and she screamed his name between thrashes of her body. Pete could feel her heart pounding underneath her left breast. When it was over Pete stood up in order to support her limping form. She nuzzled her head on his shoulder as he looked on her with a big grin asking if she was alright. She answered him by bringing her lips to his initiating a long passionate kiss.

They stood there in the mist of the shower sharing Katrina’s flavour. When the kiss broke Katrina asked Pete to wait there and exited the bathroom dripping wet. When she returned she held a condom wrapper in her hand.

“So is this it? Have I been a good enough boy? Are we finally gonna do it?” asked Pete with an eager grin.

“Close, but not in the way you’re thinking. You’ve been a good boy, a very good boy as a matter of fact and that’s why I fetched this strawberry flavoured condom I bought out of a machine at that bar we went to if you catch my drift,” Katrina responded.

Pete chuckled and answered, “Yeah, I think I catch your drift and let me say, I’ve been fantasizing about this moment for a long time. I wasn’t sure you were the type to go down on a guy…miss Moretti. Are you sure you don’t wanna ditch that rubber and just try taking my load in your mouth or on your face or something?” Pete said it knowing very well she would be disgusted by the suggestion.

Katrina winced and shook her head. “I don’t think I’m that kind of girl. I do appreciate you pleasuring me orally, but I don’t know, I guess I’m just not slutty enough.”

“So does that imply you think I’m some sort of slut then?” Pete asked with a jovial laugh.

Katrina smirked and answered, “I think you’re my slut, yes, now hold still, I do want to reward you for your services this evening…mister Taylor.”

Katrina kneeled before her lover, placed the condom on him, and took a deep breath before trying to fit Pete’s thick cock in her nervous mouth. She couldn’t help notice how his cock was nearly as thick as her wrist and how purple the bulbous head had become. She had a difficult time fitting him in and only made it halfway up his near seven inches of man-meat. She felt guilty not being able to perform as good as he had. When she started bobbing her head on his shaft it elicited a gentle, but unwelcomed thrusting from Pete. Katrina gagged and told him to stop or else she might choke. It didn’t matter though. As soon as she looked up at Pete and he saw her before him with her lips wrapped around his tool, her delicate hand gripping the base, and wet strands of hair covering her lustful, yet innocent eyes he lost it.

Pete tensed up and began moaning. He released a low grumbling, “aaaghhh,” with every exhale as he shot his second load of the evening inside the strawberry flavoured condom.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last long, but you looked so hot giving me a blow job like that, honey,” Pete said. Katrina just smiled up at him and disposed of the condom, flushing it down the toilette to eliminate any possibility of her mother finding it.

They stopped the shower which had begun losing hot water, dried themselves off, and dressed. Katrina opened the bathroom window to help air it out and further conceal any suspicions her mother might have. She knew her mother would not be angry to learn her daughter was having sexual relations, but Katrina still didn’t feel right about it. She figured it was the goody two shoes in her that made her feel that way.

As they made their way back to the living room Katrina anticipated her mother to arrive shortly once she looked at the time. They decided to play cards in the kitchen in order to maintain an appearance of normalcy. As they played they talked about giving each other oral sex for the first time.

“I can’t wait to do it again,” was Pete’s assessment.

“I’m not sure I’m doing it right, but if it makes you happy and you wear a condom I guess I’ll do it again,” Katrina surmised.

No sooner had Katrina finished her sentence when her mother, Vanessa, entered the front door. All three exchanged pleasantries for a short while when Vanessa asked who was winning the card game. Pete shot up and declared, “I am! Katrina says she’s not sure if she’s playing it right, but is happy that I’m happy.” Katrina blushed.

At approximately 11:00 p.m. Pete made it back home on his bicycle. The night air was unusually humid with the promise of a storm. He saw Rebecca’s car which meant she was home along with Samantha. He made his way inside hoping he wouldn’t see either of them and have to endure any awkwardness over what had happened earlier that day. As he had hoped, he was able to make it to bed without coming into contact with either of the two. It took a while for Pete to fall asleep, but he eventually passed out lying on his stomach.

At around 2:00 a.m. Pete’s bedroom door slowly began to open. Samantha slinked her way inside wearing nothing more than a sheer red chemise that barely covered her ass and a skimpy black g-string that did not. Samantha, it seemed, had devised a counter attack. Just as quietly as she had opened the door, she shut it behind her. With too little light in the room, Samantha found a desk lamp and bent it forward towards the desk to inhibit the light it would provide and create the proper atmosphere. Rain lashed the window pains as lightning erratically flashed with low, rumbling thunder behind it. Before embarking on her mission Samantha stopped to look around Pete’s bedroom. She always thought you could tell a lot about a person by how they decorated their personal space.

To her surprise she discovered Pete had a thing for photography. Alongside cameras there were photography paraphernalia and a substantial collection of books on the subject. She also noticed a good deal of baseball trophies and pictures on the wall of teams Pete must have been a part of. When she saw the portrait of Katrina she thought, “Hmph, she’s pretty! Good thing she’s not here to see what I’m about to do to poor little Petey.” Samantha set the portrait down facing the bed and summoned up the courage to begin her line of attack. “He really is cute, oh well, too bad,” were her last thoughts.

Pete still lay on his stomach when he awoke to somebody kicking him in the ass. He grunted and stared around the room with half opened eyes settling on a dark figure moving in front of him. He rubbed his eyes not understanding what the hell was going on and turned about to sit up, resting on his elbows. He was taken aback when he saw a scantily clad Samantha standing in front of him with her hands on her hips and an angry look on her face. The soft light from the desk lamp cast dramatic shadows about the room, exaggerating Samantha’s menacing figure

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