Proposal for Pussy :: Part 08 :: Camp counseller

Pete couldn’t help feel like a rotten scoundrel. His actions of late threw his self image into a shameful light. He felt as though he had dropped his ethical guard and allowed his hormones to take over any better judgment he thought he had. “I may be a sex crazed eighteen year old, but I still have standards, don’t I?” he questioned himself. He loved his girlfriend, Katrina, and always stayed faithful to her,

even during her long absence working as a camp counsellor the past summer. His faithfulness to her over the summer had been a personal litmus test of sorts. He was even able to resist the advances of Jenny, the town slut, at a couple of summer parties. As much as he admired and loved his girlfriend, feelings of being ensnared in monogamy always seemed to surface and, he thought, with good reason.

Pete’s step-mother, Maggie, and Katrina’s mother, Vanessa, were best friends. On top of that, Katrina and her mother lived alone; Vanessa having lost her husband to a boating accident when Katrina was 10. Being only two in their household, Katrina and her mother developed a special bond between themselves. Pete thought they sometimes acted more like sisters than mother and daughter.

In Maggie’s case, her own daughter, Rebecca, had never been interested in doing “girlie” things and remained aloof though not unaffectionate. Rebecca was Maggie’s pride and joy and often her rock. No one would doubt their closeness, but Katrina filled a void for Maggie. It wasn’t unusual to see Maggie, Vanessa, and Katrina hanging out together. Often, whatever Pete and Katrina were going through in their relationship made its way to their two mothers and then back onto Pete. He couldn’t help but feel a little trapped.

That’s how Pete rationalized his actions. “I’m just rebelling, sowing seeds so to speak and such and whatever,” he told himself. As much as he kept on repeating it to himself, he still felt guilty. He had come home late Saturday night and spied his step-sister, Rebecca, whom he’d always had a frosty relationship with, having lesbian sex with her sexy new college roommate. Only hours earlier that morning, Samantha, his step-sister’s curvaceous roommate, had sexually teased him a little, later admitting she thought he was cute. He then concocted a plan to walk in on the two while having sex and blackmail them into “performing” for him or else he would reveal their secret. He received a performance to remember, just not quite as expected. Nevertheless, his scheme had opened an old buried wound in Rebecca. They shared a moment in her bedroom that forced Pete to reflect in on himself. He feared he wouldn’t like what he was trying not to see. He felt stuck on a fence where he couldn’t deny, but wouldn’t admit. He needed to get out of the house.

Pete left that Sunday afternoon and biked his way to Katrina’s. He made a point of not returning until late that night in order to avoid Rebecca. Tomorrow marked the first pedagogical day of the school calendar so there were no problems staying out late. As luck would have it, Katrina’s mother had made plans to head out along with his step-mother that night which meant Katrina and he would have her mother’s condominium to themselves for several hours.

“What are you looking at?” Katrina asked Pete with a laugh. He kept staring at her all puppy dog and googly eyed, caressing her hand in his. He had been a sweetheart all day. She liked it when he was like this. She asked him if he was going to watch “The Simpsons” or just stare at her. He answered that Homer was funny, but she was funnier. Katrina, in her best “Goodfellas” impression, turned to Pete and asked, “Funny how? How am I funny? I’m here to make you laugh? I’m a clown, I amuse you, how am I funny?” He lurched forward and began tickling her. She squealed with laughter. Their roughhousing soon developed into a make-out session on the sofa.

It did not take long before Pete started feeling her up. She broke their embrace and asked him if he wanted a Long Island iced tea.

“Are you offering to raid your mom’s liquor cabinet and make us up some drinks?” Pete asked looking slightly stunned.

With a look of defiance Katrina responded, “Oh come on, we’re both eighteen now and even us straight-a, goody goody girls like a little libation every now and then. Besides, mom has started offering me wine at the diner table now and I often take her up on it.”

As they sipped on their cocktails, they chatted about what they wanted to achieve at school that year. Pete mentioned trying out for soccer and developing his photography skills further. Katrina talked about an idea she thought would really wow them at the annual science fair. Katrina couldn’t help point out how different they were, a familiar point of interest amongst Katrina, Vanessa, and Maggie. They always contrasted Pete as being the gregarious artsy type with Katrina fulfilling the shy book worm role. “Opposites attract, right?” Pete argued. After their second cocktail they were both feeling a little looser. Katrina rimmed her empty glass with her finger and grabbed Pete’s hand in hers. She gave him a warm look and asked, “Mom won’t be back for another couple of hours…so…wanna take a shower together?”

“Why miss Moretti, I do believe you’re propositioning me,” Pete said in the playful voice he knew she adored.

“I suppose I am, mister Taylor,” Katrina offered back, imitating him. “I’m still not ready to go all the way, I hope you understand?”

“As long as I’m with my sweet Katrina, I don’t care how far we go,” Pete answered, surprised at how much he actually meant it.

Katrina stood up still holding onto Pete’s hand with a beguiling smile, biting her lower lip. She led him into the bathroom and began kissing him passionately. They kept their lip-lock as best they could while disrobing each other. With curious fascination, Katrina pulled Pete’s boxer-briefs down to his ankles and watched his hard-on spring forth as the fabric passed it’s length.

Pete took equal pleasure removing his girlfriend’s underwear. Before he did, he stood admiring her long, lithe body standing only an inch shorter than he at 5′ 9″. She was wearing a red cotton bra and panty set. He could see the outline of her puffy nipples against the supple fabric of her bra. Her panties had a little red bow on the front of the waist band and he could easily make out the contour of her mound underneath. He knelt in front of her and began peeling her panties off with his teeth. She squealed at the sight of him and told him he was a naughty boy, but not to stop. Katrina took the liberty of removing her bra for him. They stood in front of each other for a moment looking at each other’s bodies in the brightly lit bathroom. It had been their first opportunity to really see each other’s full nudity out from the dark shadows of night.

Katrina noticed how Pete had shaped up considerably over the summer. His chest was broader, his waist narrower and his musculature more defined. He hadn’t taken up much sun working in his dad’s company’s mailroom though. Pete was gripping his dick and she couldn’t help lick her lips staring at the fat, veiny tool. She began rubbing her sex and tweaking a nipple.

Pete was amazed at the contrast Katrina’s tan lines made against the rest of her skin. She obviously spent many hours out on the lake with the kids as a camp counsellor. Naturally dark in complexion, her skin now had a deep and delicious bronze hue to it. Pete loved her straight, silky, raven black hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back. Her dark pubic curls had been trimmed for bathing suite’s sake and formed a light fuzzy rectangle. He knew her small, upturned, a-cup tits didn’t bother her as much as her, what she considered freakish, puffy nipples, but he loved them. He began stroking his cock faster when she jumped into his arms and initiated a long wet kiss.

After she broke the kiss she turned around exposing a cute little ass sporting a small birthmark on the right cheek and bent forward in front of him to start the shower and adjust the water. He knew she would brush him away as he approached and clasped her hips rubbing his cock against the crack of her ass, but was surprised when she puckered her tushy up towards him instead. “Mmmmm,” Pete hummed savouring her velvety skin and the heat he felt on contact.

They climbed into the shower and resumed their wet embrace. It didn’t take long before they were both soaked under the shower’s nozzle. Katrina grabbed her lover’s throbbing cock, stroking it lightly as Pete nibbled her ear lobe. Pete cupped each of Katrina’s ass cheeks and pulled her tightly towards him so that his dick lay pressed against the underside of her smooth, flat belly. He began thrusting his cock in between their bodies, the water providing a ready lubricant. Katrina caught on and bear hugged his mid-section.

“Now you can say you belly fucked in the shower, miss Moretti,” he joked. With each downstroke he would squeeze her ass cheeks and pull her up towards him, dropping her with every thrust upwards. She wrapped a leg around him and rested her calf over his clenching buttocks. With each slippery lift and drop Katrina’s hardened nipples would brush against her lover’s chest sending jolts of pleasure through her. Pete could feel his orgasm approaching.

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