Proposal for Pussy :: Part 07 :: Mysteries

Samantha spun around and surprised Rebecca by leaning into her with her breasts pushing up against her lover’s face. Rebecca nervously cupped her lover’s breasts in her palms. Samantha kept the same intent stare as she peered down into Rebecca’s suddenly vulnerable eyes. Again, Samantha swung around and gave Pete the same treatment, hugging his face with her ample mammeries making sure to pinch her nipples and jiggle them around his face. He looked up at her with a bashful grin.

A few moments later, Samantha stepped back, still facing Pete and hooked her thumbs underneath the straps of her panties. Slowly, she bent forward bringing her panties down to her ankles and kicked them away, never breaking her gaze on Pete. Behind her Rebecca watched as Samantha bent over exposing her shapely ass and pouty, shaven cunt. “L.A. Woman” had reached the “mojo rising” part of the song. Without thinking Rebecca dipped a hand over her quivering mound and ran the other up Samantha’s leg, over her ass cheek, and traced a finger along her soft slit. Samantha hummed in satisfaction as she turned her head over to look at Rebecca with a lopsided grin.

When Samantha stood up she displayed her mound to Pete. A light “V” of pubic hair pointed towards a pronounced and rounded vulva. He noticed her clitoris had a silver ring through it. “Christ, is there anything on you that’s not round and curvy!” Pete exclaimed.

Samantha looked at Pete’s dick. It was throbbing heavily, precum oozing liberally out the tip and down the shaft. His body and face were covered with sweat, his eyes hungry for sex. Samantha almost felt sorry for him, almost. She approached him, grabbed his chin to point his eyes up to her face and swirled her tongue around her ruby lips. She then brought his chin and gaze back down to her pussy. She parted the lips of her cunt exposing the pink opening of her channel and placed a foot up onto the back of Pete’s chair never stopping her sexy swagger to the music. Her pussy was mere inches away from his mouth. He could feel her humidity and smell her aroma.

Suddenly, Samantha dropped from her perch on Pete’s chair and turned towards Rebecca. The song on the radio had changed to “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley. She knelt before Rebecca and began kissing the nape of her neck making her way up to the young woman’s lips. Rebecca placed both her hands, now trembling, on Samantha’s cheeks pulling her into an embrace. As they kissed they looked into each others eyes. Samantha’s eyes read longing, compassion, and lust. Rebecca’s eyes read pain, fear, and love. Her eyes watered and a tear ran down her cheek.

Samantha lifted herself up, walked over to Pete and straddled one of his legs. “Was that not the best show you ever had?” she asked him in a deep sultry voice. After pulling his eyes away from the sight of Samantha’s hot cunt on his leg he looked up and answered yes with half-lidded eyes. “No it’s not. This is!” she answered back as she rubbed her crotch along his leg a couple of times before dismounting.

Her efforts had left a glistening slick of pussy juice along his leg, matting his leg hair down with it. She crouched down in front of him, squeezed one of his nipples with one hand and grabbed his inner thigh with the other. Samantha peered up into his eyes and lapped at her own slimy trail off his leg. It was the closest Pete had ever come to ejaculating without any physical contact on his dick.

Samantha stood up and told Pete the show was over and that he should leave as promised. Pete simply nodded in agreement and picked up his clothes with his dick bobbing up and down as he walked. He didn’t say a word and headed for the door. “Wait,” Rebecca snapped still seated on the edge of her bed. “You promise not to tell?” she asked plaintively one last time. Samantha was standing beside her, stroking her hair.

“Don’t worry, he won’t say a word. Right, Pete?” Samantha argued. Pete gave them his assurance and turned back towards the door. He had failed to notice Rebecca’s growing vulnerable state during the strip tease, his focus wholly on Samantha. “Wait,” Rebecca snapped again. Pete turned around to look at her. He had never seen her like this. Rebecca said nothing, but stood up, the sunlight from the window bathing her in a radiant glow. She walked in front of Samantha, looked at Pete with watery, angst ridden eyes, and removed her bra exposing her breasts to him. He said nothing. At that very moment, she appeared to him as the embodiment of human frailty. Pete looked at her full breasts, looked at her small, dark nipples, looked back up into her eyes and told her she was beautiful. He left and made his way back to his bedroom.

Pete walked into his bedroom, dressed, and lay down on his bed thinking about nothing. He didn’t furiously whack off. Somehow he did not feel like it. He felt tired and yet completely awake at the same time. He found himself staring blankly at the ceiling subconsciously blocking the events that had just transpired to roll around in his head. Two mysteries kept managing to surface every now and then. The first had to do with Samantha saying Rebecca wasn’t ready to make love to her in front of him “just yet” and not “ever”.

Pete couldn’t shake her choice of words. The second, more disturbing mystery had to do with Rebecca’s statement, “he always steals my girlfriends”. What did she mean by that Pete wondered. Just then the cordless phone on his nightstand rang. He picked it up. Katrina asked why he hadn’t called her like he promised. He was glad to hear her voice. She asked if he wanted to do anything. He asked her if they could just talk for a while and told her he loved her.

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