Proposal for Pussy :: Part 06 :: Pierced Navel

All of a sudden Pete felt Samantha’s foot slowly caress his legs. She kept the conversation going as though nothing were different. With difficulty keeping his cool, Pete croaked every time he spoke up, his face noticeably blushing. With every spoonful of yogurt Samantha would provocatively lick the utensil clean with her tongue, yet kept her eyes serious and platonic, never breaking the light and natural flow of the dialogue. Perspiration began percolating on Pete’s brow. Underneath the table Pete’s cock burst out of its confinement, throbbing and aching.

Just then Rebecca re-entered the kitchen wearing a blue terrycloth robe, her short brown hair slick and black from the shower. “You can use the shower if you want, Sam,” she said. Samantha darted up out of her seat, threw the yogurt cup out, put the coffee mug into the dishwasher, and headed for the bathroom asking where the towels were before she left the kitchen. Rebecca looked over at Pete and told him not to slouch in his seat.

When both were gone and out of site Pete sat back up in his seat wiping the sweat from his forehead. “She’s a cocktease, a bonafied cocktease. No, a Bonerfied cocktease,” he thought to himself. His dick had deflated to half mast. He lifted himself out of his seat still in shock over Samantha’s teasing. He imagined himself standing in the shower with her, humping her from behind. He closed his eyes and began mimicking a humping movement with his legs in a wide stance, bent at the knees, arms reaching out with hands pretending to grasp at her imagined breasts. When he began energetically thrusting his hips back and forth he discovered that his semi-hard cock would swing pendulously and push the front of his loose fitting pyjama pants out , tenting sharply for a brief second. The act amused him.

Just as he was getting into the rhythm of his humping pantomime his step-mother walked into the kitchen holding a flower pot. With his eyes shut he didn’t notice her enter right away. She gazed at him in shock.

“PETER!” she yelled. Her focus vacillating between her step-son’s face and crotch.

“Oh Shit, sorry…I..I..sorry,” Pete yelped as he covered his crotch with his hands and began dashing out of the room. Just before he made his escape he heard his step-mother exclaim, “What would Katrina say!”

Peter made his way up to his room feeling ashamed, guilty, and horny. After Samantha’s teasing and the surprising kinkiness of being caught by his step-mother, Pete’s hormones had kicked into high gear bordering on meltdown. It was then that he formulated a lascivious plan. A plan he only half considered while masturbating in the shower not long after he saw Rebecca and Samantha in each other’s arms the night before.

It didn’t take too long before the opportunity to act on his plan arose. He made sure both Rebecca and Samantha were in Rebecca’s bedroom. In a moment of conscience he weighed the consequences of what he was about to do, but it quickly passed. He walked over to his father’s office across the hall from his bedroom and from the window saw his step-mom in her garden. Pete made his way to the landing leading up to his step-sister’s bedroom. It was a gamble, he thought, but climbed the stairs and put his ear to her door.

At first he couldn’t hear anything. Then sounded a murmur and a moan. This was it. He knew they must be in the middle of lesbian sex. The only thing that could stop his plans now depended on whether or not Rebecca’s door had been locked. A pang of fear hit him when he thought about Rebecca and what she might do to him. It didn’t matter, he turned the knob, the door was unlocked. “Oh boy!” he whispered excitedly. Forcing himself to leap the gap between scheme and execution, Pete entered the room.

What Pete saw was no less provocative then the night before. Samantha and Rebecca were standing, locked in a sloppy embrace clad only in their underwear. With one arm slung over Rebecca’s shoulder, Pete could see Samantha’s other hand deep underneath his step-sister’s panties. Standing there with mouth agape, Pete stared at their tongues visibly wrestling. Samantha was the first to notice Pete.

“Oh Fuck,” was all Samantha could muster, a look of shock and horror in her eyes and face.

Rebecca gasped in terror, “PETE…Oh fuck no! What the fuck are you doing…what the fuck are you…what the F-F-F-FUCK!” Rebecca’s voice began to tremble and stutter. Her tone had gone from terror to desperation. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked as though her world was crumbling around her.

Quickly, Samantha hugged her closely and began comforting her. Pete just stood there half in shock, half feigning shock. Rebecca screamed at him, “GET THE FUCK OUT BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU,” her tears now flowing.

Pete held a nervous finger up to his lips and shushed her. “Do you want mom to hear you?” he pleaded with her and spun around to close the door behind him. He felt as though things were out of control and that his plan had failed miserably only to have fortune turn back in his favour.

“DON’T TELL MOM! Please, Pete, don’t tell,” Rebecca pleaded with an arm outstretched towards him.

“It’s o.k. baby, he won’t,” Samantha consoled her while giving Pete an admonishing stare.

“It’s cool, it’s cool. I won’t, I won’t,” Pete responded with his hands up in assurance. Now was the time, he thought, to chance it. “I won’t tell anyone if, well…maybe you guys…give me a little…ah, er, show?”

Like a bolt of lightning Rebecca turned from weeping wretch to warrior princess. “What the fuck did you just say?” Rebecca demanded breaking free from Samantha almost knocking her over. Her arms flexed as she made tight fists, a look of pure anger sweeping over her. She dashed towards Pete and pinned him against the wall with his collar clenched in her fists. Through clenched teeth Rebecca threatened, “If you just said what I think you just said you’d better apologize before I rip your dick off and shove it down your throat, motherfucker.” She grabbed his throat with all the force escalating rage allowed and cut off his air. Fury surged it’s way through her like a viper from hell.

Pete couldn’t believe how strong her 5′ 7″ frame was. At 5′ 10″ and 175 lbs. he could feel himself being lifted off the ground as he clutched the arms strangling him. Luckily Samantha came to the rescue and pried Rebecca off of him.

“It’s o.k. baby, it’s o.k.,” Samantha reassured a tremulous Rebecca. “I think this is partly my fault, baby, I’m sorry,” Samantha said in a shameful and worried tone.

Rebecca turned on Samantha, “What?” she spat, her face registering as much confusion as anger.

Samantha answered, “I kind of teased your step-brother this morning during breakfast. He was just so cute sitting there and all. I though it harmless, but I think he got the wrong idea.”

Rebecca castigated her lover looking as though she had been betrayed of every shred of dignity she had. “Why did you do that? He always steals my girlfriends. And why didn’t you lock the fucking door you stupid bitch?” She yelled the last sentence in an exasperated voice.

“Wait, I can fix everything,” Samantha said with her hands on Rebecca’s shoulders giving her a desperate look. She leaned forward and whispered for a while into Rebecca’s ear. “Do you trust me, ‘Becca?” she asked audibly no longer whispering in her ear. Rebecca slowly calmed and then grabbed Samantha’s waist slowly nodding her head in agreement.

Samantha turned to Pete who was still holding his throat and said, “O.k., Pete, I’m gonna give you the show of your life, but you gotta promise you’ll keep your big mouth shut.”

Pete nodded in agreement not knowing what she had in mind. His face was red and he had a hard time trying to stop coughing. Samantha sat Pete down on a chair next to the bed and gave him the ground rules.

“For beginners, you’re sitting in this chair and Rebecca can sit on the bed. Next, Rebecca and I will not make love in front of you . I don’t think ‘Becca’s ready for that just yet, but I promise you will see me naked. Since I am going to strip for you I was thinking why don’t you strip for me first, big boy?”

Pete gave a look of protest, but realized he had just asked the two of them to have sex in front of him. He obliged willingly. He thought if that’s all it took to get Samantha naked, he’d go for it. And go for it he did. He stripped all his clothes off and stood in front of the two girls, his cock at half mast.

Both Samantha and Rebecca stared at Pete’s sex with eyes wide open. “I’ve seen some cock in my day, but never any like that,” said Samantha. “It looks to be average length, but fuck is it thick and look at that fat mushroom head,” Samantha continued not really addressing anyone. Pete blushed. He was obviously proud of himself. It rapidly dawned on him that he was exposing himself in front of two hot chicks in their underwear and his cock began to stiffen. “Goddamn, Pete,” Rebecca chimed in wiping tears from her face and quickly turning away looking angry with herself.

Samantha looked him up and down, “You look almost as fit as ‘Becca,” she said. “How tall are you?” Pete answered 5’10″and added that he measured his cock once and found it to be almost 7 inches long, but had no idea how thick it was.

Samantha ordered him to sit back down. She could touch him, but he could not touch her back was her final rule. “If you cum and leave a mess in here I’ll shove your face in it and make you clean it up with your mouth,” Rebecca threatened. Curiously to Pete, Rebecca moved from her position on the bed over to within only a few feet of himself. She sat with her legs together and her arms crossed over a slumped chest. She refused to look at Pete, but he noticed she kept stealing glances at his erection now fully formed.

Samantha made her way over to the radio and exclaimed, “Perfect!” when she found “L.A. Woman” by the Doors beginning to play. Slowly she walked back over in between Pete and Rebecca and began gyrating her womanly hips. Pete marvelled at her stacked figure imbibing the sight of her before him. True to her “rock chick” style Samantha was clad in a matching black bikini bra and panties set decorated with a skull pattern. A red lace ruffle contoured each piece. For the first time, Pete noticed the large rose tattoo on the small of Sam’s back. A small phoenix was tattooed mere inches underneath her pierced navel.

Pete took the time to commit to memory the way Samantha looked in her underwear. He decided to include Rebecca as well. A modest navy blue silk bra covered Rebecca’s breasts. The black string bikini panties she had on were smaller than Samantha’s, leaving much less to the imagination.

Facing Pete, Samantha dropped to her haunches, opened her legs wide and slowly began rising back up caressing the length of herself ending with her fingers running through her hair. Slowly she peeled her bra off keeping an intent look on Pete. Cupping her full breasts with her bra, she walked over to Pete until her legs brushed up against his. A jolt ran through both of them. She threw the bra onto his head. Her tits were the most delicious pair he had ever seen.

They were large, bouncy, conical shaped and ended with strawberry blond nipples twice the circumference of silver dollars. True to form, she had rings through each nipple matching the ring pierced through her navel. Her breasts seemed to point away from each other. As she continued to sway, her tits swayed with her. Her shape reminded Pete of the Playboy centerfolds of old.

Pete felt as though in heaven and hell at the same time. He knew if he grabbed his dick, he would erupt instantly unleashing the wrath of Rebecca so he kept his hands tucked underneath his thighs. He couldn’t help the drop of precum beginning to ooze out the tip of his hard prick though. “Bonerfied cocktease,” he thought to himself.

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