Proposal for Pussy :: Part 05 :: Sweat Drenched

Pete had a hard time sleeping. That Saturday night his long time girlfriend, Katrina, had gone further sexually with him than she ever had before. He dreamt about her rocking her hips over his probing fingers in the reclined passenger seat of her mother’s car. He dreamt of the passion and desire washing over her body and face as they mutually masturbated themselves to climax. In his abnormally vivid dream he could see, hear, feel, and smell her.

Every time the scenario played itself over in the recurring dream it ended with Pete looking over his shoulder to the back seat of the car where he would see his step-sister, Rebecca, and her new sexpot college roommate, Samantha, engaged in forbidden love. Not only were they going at it like dogs in heat, but Samantha would always look over to Pete and give him an intentional wink and blow him a kiss. At that point in the dream sequence Pete always woke up in a sweat and a shudder. He would look at the clock radio, look at his throbbing erection, and go back to sleep.

Pete crawled out of bed at around 9:00 a.m. and made his way downstairs for coffee and breakfast. His morning woody was as rock hard as always. Normally he’d give himself a quick rub and be over with it, but he knew Samantha was still in the house and wanted to be around her as much as possible before she went back to the city with his step-sister the next day. He tied his cotton pyjama bottoms as tight as he could and placed his hard-on underneath the tightened drawstring pressing it against himself. He then threw a long baggy t-shirt overtop in order to conceal it perfectly. Before descending the stairs to the kitchen he stood on the landing, looked over to the flight of stairs leading up to his step-sister’s bedroom, and shook his head in disbelief.

On his way to the kitchen Pete found the house to be as it normally was on a Sunday morning. This meant his dad was working on his handicap at the local golf course, his step-mother was in her garden, and his step-sister most likely jogging along the beach or weight training in the basement, (they were a secular family). “That is, of course, if her and Samantha aren’t eating each other out up there,” he thought to himself. He still couldn’t believe he witnessed his step-sister and her new roommate having lesbian sex late last night. He noticed Rebecca’s favourite coffee mug on the counter which meant she was definitely up. He called out to her from the top of the basement steps connected to the kitchen, but received no response. He figured she had to be out running. “Samantha must still be asleep,” he thought.

Pete had drunk half his coffee while watching cartoons in the kitchen when Rebecca came in looking exhausted. Sweat drenched her clingy lycra athletic gear. Even her boyish hairdo seemed to be matted down with sweat. Pete couldn’t help wonder if she weren’t in a similar state last night in bed with Samantha. He had to admit, as much as he and Rebecca disliked each other, she was a hottie. When she was back in high school his friends never failed to routinely tell him how hot they thought his step-sister was.

Often, her facial structure was compared to the actress, Rachel Leigh Cook. “Dude, you gotta get pictures of her naked,” one of his friends had insisted. He remembered telling him that if she ever found out she’d beat the hell out of him and everyone he hung around with. Nobody doubted it. Rebecca was known to have a temper, to be tough as nails, and to be absolutely fearless. She had once been threatened with expulsion after sending a large football player to the hospital after he had come on too strong.

Knowing her sexual secret made Pete look at Rebecca in a new, uncertain light. He began staring at her as she sipped from a water bottle she retrieved from the refrigerator. She had more than just a runner’s body. He knew she specialized in hurdles and not long distance marathons so her body was built for power and speed, not endurance and it showed. The athletic top she sported exposed a midriff with a tight six pack of abdominal muscles. Her arms were built and ripped, but not too large or unfeminine.

Her muscular thighs bulged in the middle tapering both down towards her knees and up towards her crotch. With tight lycra on and when standing straight with thighs together, a small window was formed between the top of her thighs and her crotch. Her legs traveled high to perfect hips. Behind her perfect hips lie a high ridding ass to weep over. She bent down in front of Pete to reach an apple and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the rock hard, heart shaped pair of buns in front of him. “I could bounce a million quarters off those cheeks and not make a dent,” he thought to himself.

When she began eating her apple and staring at the television he glimpsed at her chest. He guessed she had solid b-cups. They too rode high on her frame he thought. “If Michelangelo ever wanted to sculpt a female David, he could’ve used Rebecca as a model,” he joked to himself. Pete felt his cock inflating again as he stared at his 20 year old step-sister wishing he could conceal it again, but just pulled up closer to the kitchen table.

Rebecca noticed Pete staring at her. With a deliberate no-nonsense monotone she asked, “What-the-fuck-are-you-looking-at?”

“Wha…oh, sorry, you, uh, look good. You look ready to kill the competition. All that training sure is paying off,” Pete replied curtly. He knew he had to make an excuse for himself. He reasoned complementing her, although sincere, the best tactic. It worked.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself,” Rebecca said, a cool smile on her lips.

“I’m thinking of trying out for the soccer team this year so I’ve been hitting dad’s weights and started running as well,” Pete added.

With a cocky smile and her head tossed backwards looking down her nose at him Rebecca offered, “As long as it’s not football. You know how much I hate football.”

“You mean football players, right?” Pete shot back.

Staring down at her feet with a slight flush Rebecca chuckled. “Yeah, I guess. Goddamned football players. Don’t forget to work your calves.”

“I’ll do that, thanks,” Pete said. It was the friendliest and longest conversation Pete and Rebecca had had in a long while.

Just then Samantha came into the kitchen. Pete’s heart jumped; among other organs. She looked at Rebecca with a warm sleepy smile and said, “Good morning ‘Becca.” Rebecca answered in kind and said she was due for a shower and headed for the bathroom, but not before she pointed to the coffee and pantry. When Samantha spotted Pete she held up her hand and said, “good morning Pete. Are you all such early risers?”

“I’m rising in my pants right now,” Pete thought, but said, “It’s not that early. Anyways, I hope you slept well. I’m sure ‘Becca gave you her bed and took her sofa.”

Pete thought Samantha looked so delicious. Her black silk pyjamas showed off her lip smacking curves, especially her tits and ass. When she peered into the refrigerator Pete pointed out cereals, fruits, and yogurt all at the bottom. She looked and bent over, her juicy ass on full display. Pete was speechless. She stood up with a box of cereal, turned to face Pete and told him she changed her mind. She bent over again and grabbed an orange. She turned around once again and with a beguiling smile told Pete she changed her mind yet again. After the third time Pete couldn’t help think she was displaying her ass to him deliberately. She finished with a yogurt cup and glanced at Pete again with a look that strongly suggested she was indeed teasing him.

When Samantha turned her back to Pete once more to check the weather outside he quickly snuck his hard-on under the drawstring of his pyjama bottoms. “Offer you a coffee?” he asked with a bit of a croak in his voice. She agreed and sat at the opposite end of the table from where Pete was. They sat and chatted briefly. Pete discovered that Samantha was 25 years old and returning to school after travelling extensively and, in her own words, recklessly through Europe and most of Canada. With her unkempt bed hairdo and no make-up on Pete thought she looked even hotter.

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