Proposal For Pussy :: Part 04 :: Knee jerk

Katrina reached for a package of tissues in the glove compartment and cleaned Pete’s cock. Pete returned the favour wiping at her pussy longer than what was required, of course. After they had collected themselves they began the brief two minute drive to his house. Once Katrina reached the house Pete looked at the clock on the dash.

It read 1:44. He looked at the driveway; everyone was home. After giving Katrina a long passionate kiss, he pulled back sucking her bottom lip and bid her goodnight. “I’ll call you tomorrow, miss Moretti,” he told her as the kiss broke. “Love you, lover boy,” Katrina responded with big doe eyes. He watched her pull out and made his way inside the house feeling warm and satisfied.

Oddly, the house was quiet for a Saturday night. He made his way to the kitchen for refreshment. On his way he passed by his parent’s bedroom and couldn’t help hearing the sounds of sex emanating from the closed door. He stopped and put his ear to the door. It tickled him to hear his parents fucking. Pete thought they didn’t have much of a sex life anymore. Just then his step-mom squealed loudly. He pulled back and continued to the kitchen. Before making his way back upstairs he paused at the master bedroom one last time and heard his dad grunting and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Laughing to himself, Pete rounded the stairs back up to his bedroom. At the top of the stairs was a landing that had another set of stairs to the right leading up to his step-sister’s attic bedroom. He noticed the door slightly ajar and dim light spilling out onto the top landing. He also heard girlish laughter.

Intrigued, Pete slowly and stealthily climbed the stairs to Rebecca’s bedroom door. He hoped he might see Samantha’s hot curvaceous body in something more revealing than just a t-shirt and jeans, maybe even, he thought giddily, in the act of changing clothes. Pete approached the door carefully. He had complete confidence he couldn’t be seen as he peered into the room. What he saw made his jaw drop and eyes bulge. “OH MY FUCK, THEY’RE LESBIANS,” he shouted in his head. Samantha and Rebecca were underneath the covers, french kissing. Pete couldn’t see much flesh,

but he saw Samantha on top of his step-sister. He could see the side of her large breasts pressed against Rebecca. Rebecca’s arms were pulling Samantha into her. Through the covers Pete could tell Samantha was grinding her thigh into Rebecca’s crotch. Rebecca began moaning. Pete panicked when he heard Samantha ask if they should close the door. Rebecca gasped and quickly answered, “Oh, fuck, of course, close it and lock it Sam.” Pete quickly pivoted and stood tightly against the wall next to the door’s opening hoping he wouldn’t be found out. After the door shut Pete waited a few seconds and crept back down to his bedroom still in shock. He paced around his bedroom until he finally decided to take a shower.

He made his way back downstairs and climbed into the shower. As he washed, images of Samantha and Rebecca played out over and over in his head. It didn’t take long before his cock stiffened. He grabbed the shampoo bottle, lathering his cock and balls. As he jerked off to the intensely erotic and exciting scene he had just witnessed his heart ran the gamut of four emotions. First, Samantha was a dyke. He never seriously thought he had a chance of getting into her pants, but the knowledge of her orientation frustrated him nonetheless. Second, Rebecca was a dyke.

He would have never guessed, but certain things about her began to fall in place. She rarely dated in high school despite often placing second or first on the famous “sexiest” list. She always kept her hair short and almost never wore dresses or skirts. On that last note, Pete realized his step-sister never really outgrew her tomboy phase, only refined it. The fact that she hid her lesbianism and hid it so well for so long angered him. Third, he wanted to tell. He quickly realized it was just an instinct, a knee jerk reaction, but couldn’t shake the feeling, confusing him. Last of all, it turned him on to no end. He expended what was left of his semen in the shower and began thinking thoughts; nasty, immoral, unethical, lecherous thoughts.

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