Proposal for Pussy :: Part 03 :: Mass Muscle

Katrina made her way over to the passenger seat Pete was reclining in. She straddled his legs staring at the pulsating penis he kept on stroking. She turned around and grabbed her purse from the dash to retrieve a condom from her wallet.

“What?” Pete asked with a startled enthusiasm. “You wanna do it, you wanna fuck, baby?” Katrina didn’t respond right away. She took the condom out of the wrapper and answered, “Sorry, Sugar, I just don’t want you leaving a mess in my mom’s car. And besides, I want our first time to be making love and not fucking,” she said frankly.

Pete was cool with it. “Oh, I see,” he said still grinning, but with less enthusiasm. “I wanna watch you put it on though. I wanna see my sweet Katrina cover her man’s hard cock.” Katrina began unfurling the latex condom over his penis. “Yeah, that’s it, you love the cock don’t you,” Pete cooed. Katrina gave him a glance suggesting she wanted to hear something more romantic at the moment. Pete picked up on it and gently ran his fingernails up and down her arm. “You look beautiful, so beautiful Katrina,” he corrected himself. “That’s better,” she responded and giggled cheerfully as she began masturbating him bringing her forehead to his and into a long hot kiss.

Their tongues danced together as the temperature in the car began to rise, fogging the windows. Pete lifted himself to recapture the kiss Katrina had broke. Pete pushed Katrina back and took one of her breasts into his mouth. Her puffy nipples were also sensitive nipples. His attention to her chest made Katrina moan softly and sigh sharply. When her nipples hardened they poked out nearly half an inch. All the while she continued giving him a solid hand job. She only broke her grip to remove his t-shirt. It seemed to Katrina that her boyfriend had gained muscle mass over the summer. Pete began running his hands up and down her belly and tits. Each time he reached a breast he pinched her hard nipples. She let out a high gasp every time he did it. Katrina’s panties were growing sodden with her lubrication.

Pete decided it was time to play with her pussy. He brought his hand down under her plaid skirt to her crotch and pushed her white cotton panties over to one side. He began by rubbing the folds of her sex with his flattened hand. In response she pressed him into her sweaty bosom and cried out, “Oohhh Petey!” She was jerking him off faster now. They stared at each other with hungry eyes. He grabbed an ass cheek with the other hand and continued suckling her breasts every so often making his way up to the nape of her neck.

He plunged a finger into her opening and she let out a long slow breathy, “yesssssssss.” She began rocking back and forth on his lap rubbing her mound into his hand which now had two fingers up inside her and a thumb stimulating her clitoris. Every time Katrina came down onto Pete’s probing fingers she let out a high pitched yelp. It wouldn’t be long now.

The car smelled of sex and sweat, it’s windows now completely fogged.

Pete lifted her skirt trying to see his hand inside her in the dark car. Katrina’s dark curls were soaked in her moisture and sweat. They were both covered in perspiration and breathing heavy. Katrina was fisting Pete’s pecker fast and furiously. She began to tremble as she bounced on Pete’s invading fingers. She looked at him with watery eyes that were rolling back and guffed, “I’m going to cum…Petey, I’m going to…uh…uh..Aaaaaagh!” He could feel her butt clench and her grip on his shoulder and cock tighten. She let go of his shoulder and began pounding the roof of the car. He also felt her pussy tighten around his fingers and release hot pussy juice all over his hand.

It trickled down her legs onto his legs. For a brief second Pete thought of Samantha. He shook it off. He couldn’t take it any longer and sat straight up throwing the arm that held Katrina’s buttocks around her waist pushing her down onto his soaked hand. He began bucking into her hand job and pressed his head into her shoulder. Katrina never let up her hard jerking. “Yeeaaugh…yeahhhhhhh,” Pete yelled as his cum pumped over and over again into the condom. Spent, they both pecked and nuzzled as they exchanged sweet nothings for a short while before deciding it was growing late.

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