Proposal For Pussy – Part 01 – After Hand Job

From his bedroom window Pete waited in anticipation for his step-sister’s little blue car to pull into the driveway of their parent’s sea-side home. It wasn’t his step-sister he was looking forward to seeing, but her new college roommate accompanying her for the first time. It had only been a couple weeks since Rebecca began college in the city with this weekend her first returning home.

Pete was hoping his step-sister’s new roommate might offer some decent eye candy over the weekend. No red blooded eighteen year old boy would hope any different upon hearing of a college girl coming to stay at their house for a weekend. He finally heard a car approaching. Sure enough it was Rebecca, his step-sister. She pulled into the driveway and got out of her car first. Unseen from the second story window, Samantha, her new roommate, finally stepped out. Pete grinned from ear to ear. He couldn’t help but think to himself, “Oh my God!”

The Stone -Taylor Family were well known and well liked in their small seaside town. Hyphenated Stone -Taylor because wife Maggie Stone kept her maiden name after she wed Arthur Taylor, her second husband. Maggie was Arthur’s third attempt at wedded bliss. At the time of their courtship both Maggie and Arthur were doing well in their respective careers and decided to begin anew, children in tow, in pursuit of the middle class dream. They found a beautiful old Victorian house overlooking the sea. It was secluded at the end of a cul-de-sac in a small town not far from the city in which they worked. The property itself gave them a private stretch of beach and enough land to build a greenhouse for Maggie, a florist by trade. Oprah would be proud. Their new union was supposed to blossom into the household both dreamed of. The dream never really bloomed as expected.

Both Maggie and Arthur were well aware of the two major weeds inhibiting the fruition of their dream household. The first, as they had discussed several times, concerned their careers. In order to finance their dream, both had to work long hours. Maggie ran her ever-growing floral shop business and Arthur found himself travelling extensively after his promotion at the pharmaceutical company he worked for. Sure, the hours for each were long, but the money was good so it was an easy compromise. The second major weed in their plans, one they were far more reluctant to discuss, concerned their children. Despite their hectic schedules, both parents tried hard to make the most of their family time together. Maggie’s daughter, Rebecca, and Arthur’s son, Peter, never hit it off though; not even in the six years the family had been together. Neither one was able to bridge the “step” of their sister-brother relationship. The chill in their children’s relationship always placed a damper on family time and the dream Maggie and Arthur had envisioned.

It wasn’t necessarily that Pete hated Rebecca, hate being such a strong word. He just didn’t understand her. It was as if they were from two different planets. He also resented the way he thought she would look down on him as if he were her inferior. He often thought there must be a switch on her permanently set to “condescension.” She the serious, brooding, moody introvert clashed with Pete who inhabited the exact opposite qualities. Their spats never lasted long, both seeming eager to just ignore the other. It hadn’t always been that way. In the early days when he was 13 and she 15 and their parents began dating, they gave the impression to be warming up to one another. Shortly after they moved in to their new home, Rebecca, in Pete’s opinion, turned. He never knew why, but took it personally.

Pete made his way downstairs and quickly entered the living room adjacent the front door. He turned on the television and made it look like he had been watching it for hours. When Rebecca walked in she immediately saw him and gave him a nonchalant, “hey.” When Samantha walked in she looked around the large house until she finally turned to the living room. When she saw Pete she flashed him a radiant smile and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Samantha, your sister’s new roommate!”

“Step-sister,” Rebecca corrected her.

“Oh, right, sorry, you must be Peter,” Samantha said.

Pete got up and approached her with a goofy yet welcoming smile and extended his hand out to her.

“Yeah, I’m Pete. ‘Becca never mentioned how good looking her new roommate was.”

“Uh-oh, ‘Becca, I think we got a charmer here!” Samantha exclaimed with an appreciative laugh.

Rebecca responded with a tone of annoyance, “Yeah, a charmer with a steady girlfriend. Right, Pete?” She grabbed Samantha’s bag and said, “I’ll put these bags away and give you a tour…never mind him.”

Pete shot an angry look at his Rebecca that she ignored and switched back to his coy countenance as he returned his focus onto Samantha and said, “I guess I’ll talk to you later.”

“Later, Pete,” Samantha said as she turned to follow Rebecca. Pete didn’t want her to leave, but he loved watching her go.

After Samantha disappeared around the corner of the hallway Pete looked up to the ceiling and mouthed a grateful “Thank You” as he placed his hands together in mock prayer. Samantha was everything Pete could have hoped for and then some. She seemed the same height as Rebecca and Maggie so Pete thought she must be in the 5′ 6″ – 5’ 7″ range. Her facial features made him think her a Tiffany Amber Thiessen look alike. Her style in general gave Pete the impression she must be some kind of “rocker chick.” She had a round face framed by a jet black bob-style haircut. Her eyes were a piercing shade of blue. Pete found the contrast between black hair and blue eyes intoxicating. She painted her face with dark dramatic mascara and eyeliner. Her full lips were lipsticked fire engine red and in the brief conversation Pete had with her he definitely noticed a tongue piercing. The black choker around her neck framed her cute, sexy visage. All of this on glowing milky white skin. Below the neckline her sex appeal only continued.

He thought her body akin to some of the plus sized lingerie models he would occasionally ogle on his computer and masturbate to. She had to be one of the most voluptuous girls he had ever seen. Her form fitting t-shirt and jeans gave him a good idea of what her curvy hourglass figure might look like nude. Her black cotton t-shirt bore the logo of a punk rock band. The logo stretched out because of her large what Pete guessed were c-cup, maybe even d-cup breasts. A firm looking midriff augmented her bustline as it tapered down to flaring feminine hips. Pete thought her ass a triple b or “bootilicious bubble butt.” Although Samantha’s posterior was indeed round and bountiful, Pete couldn’t help notice how tight and firm it looked. The last thing Pete savoured of Samantha had to be her enticing perfume; a scent somewhere between baby powder and roses.

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