Friend Sister Love – Session 02 – it’s Huge

The next few weeks went uneventfully as Susan came to my room each night and we were never caught as Margaret’s room was on the ground floor and our rooms on the first floor. Slowly the three of us got used to living together and life turned back to normal. Susan and I started driving to school together and started spending more time together from playing tennis to doing homework and of course sleeping together.

A few months later, I was in for a surprise as Susan showed up at my room in a bathrobe instead of her night suite, seeing that I was visibly shocked she said, “I wanted to sleep in something a bit more comfortable,” she said and dropped her robe revealing a red lace bra and matching thong panties.

It was only then that I appreciated how well she looked with her blonde hair, slim figure, DD tits and ass to match. That night laying with her gave me a very hard boner and as she came near to cuddle her hand touched the boner.

She giggled and said, “Looks like somebody is turned on.” Then she leaned forward and kissed me. As her lips met mine, all our inhibitions melted away as we embraced each other and started Frenching vigorously. She pulled down my shorts and gasped at the sight of my 7 inch cock.

“This is huge,” she said.

She then started sucking me vigorously as I unclasped her bra freeing her dd tits. Her tongue acted like magic and within a few minutes I felt I was close.

“I’m about to cum darling,” I gasped, in the greatest amount of pleasure I had ever experienced.

“Yeah baby cum for me, cum for your little slut,” was her reply.

Hearing this I lost control and unloaded myself in her mouth, amazed to see how she swallowed all the cum in one go. I was even more amazed at the cum I shot out, it being the greatest orgasm of my life.

“Now it’s your turn” she said.

I removed her soaking wet panties and started eating her, as I worked my tongue her moans became louder and louder until she finally hit multiple orgasms at once and dug her nails into my scalp, releasing her heavenly juices into my mouth as I drank them all.

She lay back on the bed and stretched her arms towards me saying, “Come make love to me baby.”

As I went close to her she said “Be gentle, you’re my first.”

Even more turned on by the fact that she was giving me her virginity, I gently pulled her towards me and kissed her as I guided my dick to her pussy and entered her very gently as she gasped and moaned with mix of pleasure and pain.

Once fully inside I started moving my dick gently and increased my pace as her moans started getting louder with each stroke. The tightness of her pussy felt amazing and soon both of us came close to cumming. Sensing this, she said, “Cum inside my baby and fill me up”

As I was about to protest she cut me short.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill, just fill me with your cum. I want to feel inside flooding inside me.”

No more reasons to worry I increased my pace and soon both of us experienced orgasms so powerful that our bodies started shaking violently and we fell on in heap as the orgasm ended with Susan on top of me.

Slowly my shrinking dick pulled out of her and she caught our mixed juices oozing out of her and putting them on my chest rubbed our bodies together as we both fell asleep with our cum sandwiched between us.


The next day being Sunday, I woke up late to find Susan gone and my room smelling of sex, sweat and cum, as I was coated in dry cum I showered first and went down for breakfast. I found Susan alone in the kitchen in a t-shirt and panties, looking as hot as ever.

“Mom needed to leave early for some urgent work and told me to fix breakfast for us.” she said and got up seductively to kiss me on the lips

“Give me my breakfast daddy.” she said.

She got down to her knees and proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life as I pulled up her t-shirt to reveal her tits bouncing in rhythm with her, I finally came after full ten minutes of her sucking my dick.

“Thank you daddy” she said, swallowing my cum again.

“Now daddy’s gonna give it to you up the ass you little slut” I said as I made her lean over the kitchen counter. I then pulled down her panties and slapped her beautiful ass before I slowly entered her virgin hole as she squealed in pleasure.

“Yes daddy, give it to me, give it to your little slut,” she shouted at the top of her voice.

I started pounding her ass more vigorously with each stroke and we both came together after a vey rough session of anal sex as I hugged her from behind. My deflated cock pulled out of her and my cum started flowing freely from her ass. She scooped it in her fingers and drank it in one go as I watched her in awe.

“Thanks daddy,” she said.

Susan went to clean herself as I fixed some breakfast for us. The rest of the morning passed quite normally as we busied ourselves with our school work. It was around two that Susan came to my room dressed in just a thong panty telling me to come down in around ten minutes for lunch and she went away smiling wickedly.

As I came downstairs completely engrossed in my phone not seeing where Susan was. “Whats for lunch my dear slut?” I asked her.

“Me, daddy,” she replied in a cheerful voice.

It was then that I looked around to see her laying on an inflatable mattress covered in whipped cream from tits to pussy with strawberries above her nipples and pussy. Completely turned on I moved towards her saying, “Daddy’s gonna have his little slut for lunch today…”

As I moved close she scooped off a cream covered strawberry from her pussy and fed it to me, she then proceeded to feed her nipple strawberries and then kissed me as I removed my boxers and embracing her lathered both of us with the cream.

As I proceeded to eat her out, I realized she had stuck a Swiss roll in her pussy and I pulled it out with my mouth eating it directly from her pussy as she orgasmed from the sensation. I then took her doggy style and pounded away as she said, “Cum on my tits daddy,” between her moans of pleasure.

As I was nearing my climax I pulled out and turning her around came all over her tits, after which she embraced me and rubbed her body against mine as she mixed the cream on our bodies with my cum and then proceeded to lick me clean as we looked into each other’s eyes with nothing but love.

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