Friend Sister Love – Session 01 – Fateful Day

Ralph and Andy had been friends since childhood and their friendship continued to remain strong even in the final year of high school. Ralph used to spend a lot of time at Andy’s huge house as an escape from a very cruel aunt (he was an orphan) who thought Ralph was a very bad boy and needed to be tortured at every chance possible and he also had a huge crush on Andy’s twin sister Susan, but never asked her out of the fear of spoiling his friendship with Andy.

Andy and Ralph were so close that his mom considered him her second son. Susan was in the same class as him and Andy while their mom Margaret was a single mother and a reputed lawyer. Ralph was just a normal high school kid with an average life (except the aunt of course) with good grades and big ambitions.

Until one fateful day…


I wasn’t able to sleep that night, I knew something was wrong. I had very strong premonition that something bad had happened. Feeling the need to talk to someone I called up Andy but it turned out his phone was unreachable, after several more futile attempts calling him, I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling and drifted off to sleep.

My phone rang at 3:25 am waking me up from deep slumber, I saw it was Susan’s call, my heart fearing something had happened and I picked up her call reluctantly.

“Andy’s dead” Susan said and burst out into tears.

As it turned out, Andy had gone to a takeout place to buy dinner for his family when he lost control of his car on a bridge and his car nose dived into the river. I couldn’t believe my best friend was gone.


I could not make out that the wetness on my cheeks was due to the rain or my tears as I stood at Andy’s funeral. I had not been home in the past two days and constantly remained with Susan and Margaret as a firm pillar of support, looking after them as both of them had gone completely numb after Andy’s death.

After the funeral the journey to Andy’s house was a silent one as none of us spoke anything. After we reached home I made both Susan and Margaret a strong drink which both downed in one gulp. Alcohol seemed to have it’s effect as Susan started weeping silently letting her feelings out, I instinctively sat by her side on the sofa and hugged her as she cried her heart out over my shoulder.

It was after a while that Margaret spoke, “Ralph you have been our greatest pillar of support in this tragedy, I don’t know what we would have done had it not been for you.”

Silently sobbing she continued, “I know I’ll be asking a lot from you with a request of mine and I would understand if you say no, but if you are fine with it can you please move in with us for a while?”

After thinking for a while I replied, “I would love to move in with you both, but it’s my aunt I need to worry about as she had strictly said the moment I move out of her house she would stop paying for my expenses and won’t even pay for my college leaving me in a sticky spot as I would have no place to go to after I leave your place.”

Margaret simply replied, “Who said anything about leaving us, You and Andy were best friends and moreover you are like a second son to me, I had saved enough money for Andy’s college fees which I would happily spend on you rather than keeping it in the bank”,

“Thank you Margaret but it would be a very big favor to take and I cannot be such a burden on you.” I replied.

Margaret just got up put a finger on my lips and said, “No more words young man, you’re moving in and I’m paying your college fees, that’s final.”

She then hugged both me and Susan and said “The three of us are a family and nobody is a burden in the family.”

We stayed in this position for long time hugging and crying at the same time. I moved in with Margaret and Susan the very next day saying a final goodbye to my aunt and found Andy’s room prepared for me. That night the three of us had dinner together, both the women were a bit cheerful from yesterday and we had a long talk after dinner where Margaret told us about her first love, a big jock from high school.

A few weeks passed like that, the three of us got used to living with each other and the barriers between us just melted away. Two days before Susan’s eighteenth birthday Margaret called me aside and said, “Ralph you know it would be Susan’s first birthday without Andy and she is very upset celebrating it without him for the first time, can you do me a favor and please take her for a movie and maybe a nice dinner?”

“Of course Margaret anything for you and Susan,” I replied.

On Susan’s birthday, I took her to watch a movie and I was surprised as she held my hand during a particularly emotional scene which she never removed until the movie ended. That night as I was just about to lay down on my bed stripped just to my shorts the door of my room opened and Susan came in dressed in t-shirt and shorts.

“Would you mind if I share your bed?” she asked, 🇺🇾”I don’t feel like sleeping alone and I don’t want to disturb mom as she’s already asleep,” she asked.

“Alright,” I said as I picked up a t-shirt.

“No need for that, you can sleep in shorts,” she said quite suddenly leading both of us into an embarrassing situation.

As we both lay in bed staring at the ceiling she said “You have been a savior Ralph. Had it not been for you, Mom and I would have gone mad with grief,” she said and gave me a peck on the cheek. I thanked her and smiled, glad to know I had done something to help.

“Can we cuddle, I can’t sleep.” she said after a while.

A yes came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. She came close to me and we cuddled each other to sleep as I gently stroked her back. The next morning, I woke up to find Susan and me spooning with my hand over her tits. I slowly moved it away and drifted back to sleep.

When I woke up again, Susan was gone and I when I went down for breakfast I saw her in a very cheerful mood and seeing her smile so naturally after so long gave a strange feeling of elation to me, almost as if things were back to normal.

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