Secret Fantasy – Session 02 – Smell of Condom

Nothing spoken as the sounds of sex play out in the room. He was listening, or maybe watching it too!

I can hear the faint sounds of what must be a man stroking his cock directly in front of my face, I cant help but moan into the gag. Imaging what it must look like. Hard, strong, only inches from my face. Then nothing. Until what sounded like a packet being opened. The familiar smell of what must be a condom.

I hear all this, visualising this man rolling the condom onto his cock and begin stroking again. The familiar sound of him stroking begins again, only this time sounds slicker with the condom lubricant. It gets quicker and louder with moans escaping both of us over the sounds of sex from the tv. Until his stroking suddenly stops and I hear him grunt again and again as I can only imagine his orgasm ripping through his body as rope after rope of cum fills his condom. My mind racing with thoughts of knowing this is taking place directly in front of my face. ‘Oh to be able to see him filling it with his seed’.

Not long after, I feel his warm hands on my now pre cum dripping cock pushing to point it downwards. Then an unusual sound begins to happen, I cant quiet make it out. What was he doing? I hear an almost ‘snap’, then a feeling I can only dream about begins happening. He begins to place the cum filled condom at the tip of my cock, he begins to expertly slide it over my cock, very gently as not to waste a single drop of what lays within.

My cock pointing down as to not allow anything to escape. Sliding it around my shaft until the base, then tucking it tightly under and through the cock ring, trapping my cock in his cum filled condom! I’m forced to have my cock drenched in his cum, as I feel it’s warmth surround the head of my cock knowing it can only be seeping down my cock hole…there’s no going back now. His hands begin to squeeze my cock head feeling the warm cum squeeze around and down over the length of my cock.

The headphones are then placed back on as the sounds of more intense anal porn consume me. I cant help but moan feeling his cum soaking my cock. It twitching in the empty air.

Without warning I feel something strange at the tip of my cock. A pressure that keeps getting stronger and tighter. It surrounds my head and down my shaft. It feels like a pussy but different. There are no legs on me it cant be a woman. It’s moving in a way not natural. It’s slow but direct… ‘It must be a fleshlight’ I’m being fucked by a fleshlight! My cock still inside his freshly used condom. The speed intensifies. I cant last much longer. I moan and try to warn this stranger of my nearing orgasm as I hit the point of no return.

Strange noises escaping the ball gag that sits tightly in my mouth. My body begins to twitch and tighten as his expert stroking continues. Moan after moan escapes me! shaking my head, doing anything to let him know I’m about to cum. As if by perfect timing the fleshlight is removed just as the first rope of my cum unloads into the already cum filled condom. I release rope after rope into it knowing each time our cum is mixing together with no escape. I’m forced to have my cum mixed with this mans inside this condom. This is soo dangerous, what have i done?!

The feeling is incredible, as my orgasm subsides, the sounds of sex still fill my ears keeping me hard! As I try to catch my breath, saliva now constantly dripping through the tiny gags between my lips and the ball gag. I feel a hand push my cock so it faces downwards as the other hand begins to slowly pull the condom back through the cock ring. Then this hand squeezing the base of my condom filled cock not knowing whats happening I feel the condom pulled away as what can only feel like a warm body part seamlessly slides into the condom with one swift movement.

That’s ‘his hard cock!’ We’re now both inside the cum filled condom as his hands begin to grip our shafts and stroke us together as the mix of cum coats our cocks. The feeling is unlike anything I have every experienced before. The heat from his cock and the feeling of his shaft grinding up against my own sends me into overdrive. I cant help but moan. As if knowing my own thoughts he strokes us in a painfully slow manner, ensuring this feeling lasts. Not rushing anything.

Without warning his hands disappear as I feel the back of my head being played with. The straps of the ball gag release with a snap sending cold cool air into my mouth. As I take a deep breath in. Without a second’s thought, his cock slides out of the condom as i begin to think ‘what is he…’ I feel a wet warm body part touch my lips. Without thinking I open my mouth as hands grab the back of my head, his cum coated cock begins to enter my virgin mouth, the sensation of a cock entering my mouth, the first taste of cum on my tongue and the vulnerability having him force his manhood into my throat in one slow motion sends my brain into sexual overdrive.

I am his, I am his to do with as he pleases…

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