A Free Slate – Session 27 – We tried

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, nothing special so everything got deleted. There were a few good shots of Holly getting dressed or coming into the bedroom after a shower and dropping her towel. Certainly, they were fun to watch, but all in all, there was nothing I decided to keep on file.

Then came Saturday and I could see Holly and Jenny pass through the living room a couple of times and then I watched as Liz and Susie came into the living room around 10:00am. Jenny and Susie ran down to the game room to play some air hockey while Holly and Liz chatted about every day stuff. Then I saw Holly wave to the three girls as they headed off to their excursion at the lake.

I continued watching as Holly went through the kitchen door. Fortunately, the upper left corner of the screen records the time of day so I could see that it was

about 10:30am. It’s hard to recognize the passage of time since the camera just shuts off after 20 seconds of no movement in a room. Probably a couple of hours passed before anything else showed up on the screen.

The next screen at 12:45pm was really fast as Holly walked through the living room from the kitchen on her way to the staircase. She had on sweat pants with a pull over top and flip flops. I once again marveled how she could look sexy no matter what she was wearing. I switched to the bedroom cam and saw her take off her dirty clothes, toss them in the hamper and head into the master bath where I heard the shower starting to run before the camera and microphone shut off for lack of activity in the bedroom.

The next view from the bedroom cam intrigued me because I saw her slipping into a little see through night shirt with no underwear and nothing on her legs or feet. It was about 1:30 when she pulled all the blankets off the bed leaving only the fitted sheet and then she laid back down again. I figured she was going to take a little nap in the middle of the day knowing that we were having a BBQ that night. She kept glancing at her watch and just before 2:00pm I saw her leave the bedroom and head toward the stairs.

Switching to the living room cam again I saw her look at her watch and then sit in one of the living room chairs just looking out the front room window. The video showed me that it was five minutes after two o’clock when she got a big smile on her face and jumped up heading over to the front door. I was thinking; “What the heck is going on?”

Then I heard the doorbell ring on the video and there stood Chuck with a canvas bag full of mechanics’ tools. His eyes were big as saucers when he saw Holly greet him by throwing her arms around his neck and plant a juicy tongue filled kiss on his lips. He just stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds as Holly reached around him and pushed the door closed. He dropped his bag of tools and said: “I don’t know what the hell is going on but I sure do like it!”

I heard Holly explain that I was off to a fire emergency until 5:00pm so we couldn’t work on the lawnmower. She let him know that I had tried to contact him but his cell phone was turned off. Then she said; “And since your wife is off at the lake with our daughters until tonight’s BBQ, I decided that it would be a fun time for you and me to have a little play time of our own. What do you think?”

To his credit, my buddy Chuck said; “Gosh Holly, that sounds like a wonderful idea but what about Rob, does he know that you’re doing this?”

“Well, not exactly but after all the fun and games we have at poker nights, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind us having some fun with just the two of us.”

Chuck pulled her arms from his neck and unashamedly looked at her sexy body then looked back into her eyes and said; “Still, just the same, I would feel a whole lot more comfortable if I knew for sure that Rob was OK with this. Let’s give him a call and see what he says.”

Holly got a pouty expression on her face and said; “What’s the matter Chuckie, don’t you want me?”

“Oh gawd, you know how I want you. I have loved playing with you from that first night at Lou’s Tavern. And as you can see, you already have my cock standing at full attention. But Rob’s my best friend and I really need his blessing before we go any further.”

Holly said; “You really are a good friend, let’s give him a call.”

She went over to the side table where she left her cell phone and I could tell she put it on speaker phone as she dialed my number. Instead of ringing it went immediately to voice mail. Of course, she already knew that when I’m on a fire emergency I turn my phone off since I need to keep totally focused and I know that all emergency information comes via radio dispatch not cell phone.

So, here I am watching my secret video of my wife and best friend. I was wondering what they were going to do now since they hadn’t been able to get hold of me for my approval. Holly looked up into Chuck’s eyes and said; “Well, at least we tried.”

Then I heard him groan as Holly slid her hands into the waist of his pants grabbing his cock. I knew that he was a goner at that point. I also know that I would be hard pressed to deny such a sexy woman coming on to me in a similar situation. But this was my wife! As far as I know this is the first time she ever cheated on me.

I felt sick to my stomach. Kind of a mixture of how you feel after eating rotten food and being punched in the gut at the same time. I wanted to throw up and yet I was getting a hard on at the same time. My mind was saying one thing and my body was saying quite another. I’m not even sure why I was feeling this way since I’ve watched Holly have sex with other guys dozens of times not but this was different. This time was supposedly behind my back with me being in the dark. Or so they thought anyway.

Their lips locked once again and Holly began using her free hand to start unbuttoning Chuck’s shirt. Within a minute his shirt was off and she was tugging at his belt and zipper. He just kept saying; “Oh God, Oh God. Forgive me buddy.”

I remember thinking; “Is Chuck on such familiar terms with God that he refers to Him as buddy?”

And then I realized that he was really talking about me. As his buddy, he was asking me to forgive him. The curious thing is that he had no idea that I actually heard him talking to me as I was watching all this happen, even if it was after the fact. Holly said; “Let’s take this upstairs, I have the bedroom all ready for us.”

By now Chuck was butt naked. I watched as they started up the stairs and then I switched to the bedroom cam but didn’t see anything. I did hear faint voices as I looked at the empty room so I turned the volume up and realized they were talking in the upstairs hall way so I switched to the guest bedroom cam and rewound a few seconds. Then I could clearly hear their conversation as I saw them pass by and stand next to the guest room door.

Chuck said; “I just can’t do this in your marital bed. It’s bad enough that I’m going to fuck my best friend’s wife without him knowing it. But I sure as hell am not going to do it in his own bed.”

My brain was doing flip flops. On the one hand I was really ticked off that my best friend was going to fuck my wife. But on the other hand, he was in some vague way watching out for my best interests. I know it sounds weird but I really was in a quandary about the whole thing. I was upset with Chuck but it wasn’t really his fault. Holly was the real culprit who was causing all this to happen.

Then I saw them come back to the guest room and make their way to the bed. Holly quickly pulled the bedspread and top sheet off the bed so only the bottom sheet was exposed. She got on her knees and sucked him dry with her miracle mouth. Then she got up, pulled the flimsy nightgown over her head and they both stood fully naked looking at one another with lust filled eyes.

Seductively she laid back on the bed with her raised legs spread wide open. Her painted toes were pointing to where the ceiling meets the walls on either side of the bed. I knew that there was no way in hell that Chuck would ever be able to resist her charms. He quickly fell to his knees and buried his face in her crotch, just like I would have done in the same situation. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen and watched in fascination as my buddy used his tongue to screw my wife without my permission.

As I was watching, I heard the garage door open and realized Holly was returning from the PTA meeting. I quickly hit the pause button and closed the screen on my laptop. I went up to Jenny’s room to see how she was doing with her project. That’s where we were when Holly came upstairs. Just happy as can be she said; “Hi you two, how was your evening?”

Jenny smiled and said it was great and she was almost done with her geography project. She showed Holly the maps of South America she had been drawing and Holly gave her high praise. Then she looked at me and asked what I had been up to. I was still too stunned to think clearly so I just said, oh I’ve been watching a little TV and working on a project of my own in my office.

I was really upset with her for acting like nothing had happened and I started to have some doubts if this was the only time she had ever cheated on me. She was just so cool and casual I had a hard time reconciling what I knew with how she was acting. Always before we had a solid agreement that we would only play around sexually if the other partner was present and in full agreement.

I knew that I was not about to become one of those cuckold husbands who wimp around as their wives go off on ‘dates’ to fuck other men. That might be OK for some guys but it certainly wasn’t OK for me. At this moment, I didn’t really want to look at Holly much less speak with her so I just went to my office and closed the door. I stared at my laptop knowing what was on it and that I had shut it down before seeing the whole episode.

I wanted to finish watching and listening to what Chuck and Holly were doing and saying to one another. I knew if there were any disrespectful or disgusting comments about me, our marriage would be over. I also knew I couldn’t watch the rest of it until Holly was in bed for the night.

I just sat and read the newspaper but the fact is I can’t remember a single thing I was reading. I heard as Holly was getting Jenny ready for bed. They were laughing and playing around as if everything in our marriage and family were honkey dory. At the same time, I was wondering if it was all over. I still felt sick to my stomach and that feeling hadn’t gone away all evening.

For a while I thought about calling Chuck and having him come over so I could show him the video and ask him what the hell he was thinking. Not only was I about to lose my wife of 16 years but I would be losing my best friend as well. I was ripped up inside and Holly was up there in Jenny’s room just happy as a clam. Humph, I kind of wish I was a clam right about now, then I could close myself tight and nothing from the outside could hurt me. Maybe sitting on the bottom of the ocean wouldn’t be such a bad thing right about now.

I dismissed the idea of calling Chuck until I had watched the rest of the video. It was 9:00pm so I went in to say good-night to Jenny. She was so happy as I told her I loved her. Shortly after giving her a good night kiss I had to quickly exit the room before she saw the tears forming in my eyes.

I went downstairs and poured myself a couple fingers of scotch which is rare for me but I just felt like I needed something to drink. Holly was in our bedroom getting ready for bed. I sure didn’t feel like going to bed with her and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to touch her or even look at her. I knew kissing her would be tough since I had already watched her suck Chuck’s cock until he came in her mouth in the guest room before I had to turn the video off.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her when she came downstairs to see what I was up to. When she did, I was sitting on the couch in the living room watching a rerun of a golf tournament. She came down and sat next to me with her sexy little feet curled up under her butt and leaned her head on my shoulder. I remember thinking; “How could she sit here with me like this after what she has done?”

But then I remembered how we had some really hot sex after the BBQ when Chuck and Liz had left. Then again, on Sunday night after Heather went to bed Holly and I made wild and passionate love that could rival any porn site. Even Tuesday night she gave me one of her incredible deep throat blow jobs before going to sleep. And now it was the very next evening that I discovered her unfaithfulness the previous Saturday. And to think here she is tonight on the sofa acting like everything was normal. I felt like throwing up.

She tried starting some conversation with me about the PTA meeting but quickly understood that I wasn’t in the mood for talking as I sipped from my scotch with eyes glued to golf on TV. This is something I rarely watch because I actually find TV golf kind of boring. Finally, she said she was heading up to bed and asked how long I would be. I told her I had a couple hours of important work I had to do on my computer before bed so she should just go ahead and I would try to be quiet so as not to wake her when I finally came up.

I didn’t tell her that the real reason I didn’t want to wake her was because I couldn’t stand the thought of sleeping with her right now. She asked; “If you have work to do, why are you watching golf? You hardly ever watch golf on TV. And why are you drinking scotch this late at night?”

I just looked at her with sadness in my eyes and said; “Oh, I’m not sure why, but I’ve just had a tough day and thought I would do some mindless stuff for a few minutes before tackling the computer again.”

She had a puzzled expression on her face but knew better than to push things right at that moment so she got up, came over to give me a kiss. I kept looking at the TV so she just kissed me on the cheek and said; “Try not to be up too late, you need your beauty sleep you know.”

“Night babe. I have to go in early tomorrow so I may be leaving before you wake up.”

Now she was really getting concerned and said; “You mean you have to get up early and you’re still staying up late? Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“Well, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

She said; “OK then, see you tomorrow … sometime.” And off she went up the stairs.

I gave her a half hour to settle into bed and start drifting off to sleep before I made my way over to my office across the hall from the living room and opened my lap top. When I woke my computer up the video screen popped right up where I had paused it. I decided to put my earphones on so Holly wouldn’t hear any of the audio and wonder what I was watching.

I pushed play and continued watching the destruction of my marriage take place right before my eyes. I was again amazed at the quality of the picture and the sound that came from these high-tech alarm clock cameras and microphones. You could hear every little nuance and see every minute detail.

The next screen had Chuck entering Holly doggy style. Her face was unknowingly looking almost directly at the camera as he pounded away at her and the look on her face was pure lust. Chuck was still going at it when he decided to change positions. He laid Holly on her side facing the alarm clock camera and he got behind her lifting her right leg high in the air as he penetrated her from the rear.

I could clearly see her pussy as he entered and began to pound her as hard as he could. The camera view would have been amazing if it were someone else there on the bed and not my own precious wife. She was loving it and I couldn’t remember ever seeing her have sex in this position before. I knew we had never tried it quite like this and started wondering what it would be like. On the one hand, I wanted to go upstairs and try it on her but on the other hand, I still had the urge to regurge.

As Chuck was pounding into her she spoke in a gravelly voice saying; “Gawd, this is so much better than the poker nights when Rob and all the other guys are there distracting us.”

Instantly Chuck stopped moving and Holly turned her head around and asked; “What happened?”

I could see Chuck extract his quickly deflating cock from Holly’s hole saying: “We can’t be doing this. I won’t do this.”

Holly looked really concerned when she asked; “What do you mean? What are you talking about?”

“Listen Holly, Rob is more than just a friend, he is like a brother to me and without trying to get all weird on you, I actually love the guy. Once before he trusted me with his wife and I let him down. And now he trusts me even more and I just can’t betray him like this. We’re finished and I need to leave. There’s no way we can undo what we’ve already done, but I’m certainly not going to do this ever again do you understand?”

Holly started crying, saying “Oh God, what have I done! I know what you mean Chuck, I love Rob more than I love life itself. He’s a wonderful husband and lover. He’s a great dad and provider and here I am cheating on him! How I could do such a thing I will never know. It’s just that this morning as Liz and the girls left the house and then Rob called to tell me you were coming over and that he was going to be gone until 5:00 my mind just started thinking dirty thoughts. Without considering what I was doing I came up with this hair brained idea of seduction and sex. I’m so sorry Chuck. I’m the one that dragged you into this and now I feel just horrible.”

She was sobbing convulsively now saying; “Please forgive me Chuck and oh God I pray that Rob will forgive me as well.”

“Of course I forgive you but I’m going now and let’s just try to enjoy the BBQ tonight. Then we need to figure out what to do about this mess we’ve created.”

“I already know what I need to do. I’m going to tell Rob everything and beg his forgiveness. I don’t want to keep any secrets from him. Maybe next week after my sister leaves we’ll get a chance to talk this through. Oh God, I hope I haven’t ruined everything.”

With that Chuck said, “I’ll give you a chance to talk to him about it first but I also need to talk it over with him and ask his forgiveness. I’m just as guilty as you are in this whole ordeal.”

He then left the room. I saw him on the living room cam picking up his clothes and getting dressed. Next, he grabbed his bag of tools and walked out the door with his head hanging really low. He looked miserable.

Looking back at the guest room cam Holly had her nightgown back on and was laying on the bed crying like a baby mumbling “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. I am such a miserable excuse for a wife.”

My heart began to break for her. She laid there sobbing for a full hour before getting up and putting a fresh fitted sheet on the bed and making the rest look good as new. She then went into our master bedroom and she started bawling when she looked at our bed that she had readied for her sexual adventure. She collapsed to the floor in a fetal position and wailed for another half hour.

I had to fast forward through it because my heart was aching for her. I was mad at her and yet I still very much wanted to comfort her. Go figure! Finally, she got up, made the bed and started getting dressed and ready for me and our guests to arrive for the BBQ. I watched until she went downstairs and from the living room cam I could hear her in the kitchen chopping lettuce for the salad before the camera shut off for lack of activity.

My mind was running in circles and then I decided to watch the whole thing one more time skimming through some of the slower parts. I just got to the part in the living room when Holly undressed Chuck and began giving him one of her signature deep throat blow jobs when I heard her gasp saying; “Oh no, this can’t be happening!”

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