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Then he let me know that he would notify his bookkeeper that he had purchased an additional malpractice insurance policy. I asked, “Just out of curiosity Jim, how much do you pay for your regular malpractice insurance policy each month?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but my monthly premium for malpractice insurance is $4,400.”

“There now. This isn’t so out of line after all, is it? Especially seeing that this policy really does allow you to continue your practice without interruption.”

Changing the subject a little bit, Jim asked, “How do I know that you won’t ask for more than $500 in the future?”

“Well, all I can give you is my word but I can tell you man to man that I will never change the monthly cost of this agreement. Nor will I alter the penalty for non- payment. I haven’t yet contacted the other three but plan to do so within the next week or so. Feel free to contact them and tell them what you’ve seen and what our arrangement is. There is no reason we can’t keep this on a strictly business level. Assuming all four of you agree to my terms, that will give Holly and I an additional boost of income totaling $1,400 per month which will go a long way to helping our family budget.”

“And Jim, you need to know that if you had simply stopped with what happened at Lou’s Tavern, none of this would be happening to you. And even before our meeting the other day I had second thoughts about carrying through with this little ‘business arrangement’. But you are the one who decided to push the limits by asking if you could have Holly for a weekend. You are a real prick, and hopefully you don’t have some stupid idea that Holly would in any way want your body for a weekend or even for thirty minutes. You brought this on yourself, do you understand that?”

There was silence on the other end of the line and for a moment I thought we either got cut off or perhaps he had hung up. Then I heard a sigh and he had the audacity to try getting at Holly again, “Let me ask you one more thing Rob, since we are going to have this arrangement and since I am going to be sending you a check for five hundred dollars every single month, how about letting Holly and I get together once every other month for just one hour?”

“FORGET IT JIM!” I yelled into the phone. “You send your check each month and you can continue practicing medicine or quackery or whatever it is you do but you are never to see or even contact Holly ever again! Is that perfectly clear?”

He nearly whispered into the phone, “OK, I get it but you can’t blame a guy for trying.”

To which I said in a much calmer voice; “No I can’t blame you for trying but I sure as hell do blame you for taking my wife’s innocence and for allowing her to be screwed by nine different men. I think that’s plenty of blame to carry. If you want to see Holly again, you have the DVD you can watch any time you want, but again, you better keep it under lock and key because if it shows up on the internet I will haul all four of you bastards into court and your lives in medicine will be over, not to mention what your wives will do to you.”

I could almost hear Jim shrug his shoulders as he simply said; “You will have your check in the mail by the first of next month.” Click. The phone went dead and our call was over.

The following week there was an optional Fire Conference in Phoenix so I decided to go and represent our department. Of course, I took two copies of the DVD so I could visit Bill and Don in person. Dr. William Jefferson had his practice in Scottsdale so that was easy being right next to Phoenix. Dr. Donald Davis was in Tucson which was a little over an hour south of Phoenix but I had a rental car and enjoyed the drive.

The meetings with those guys went very well from my perspective but I’m sure they would have a different opinion. Jim had already called them and explained what a pile of shit they were in. So, there was no debate and no argument. They simply got the contact information of who to make the checks payable to and where to mail them. I had already rented a post office box in our town under the name RHW Associates, LLC.

They were just glad to get off the hook for only $300 a month which was chump change to an active and prospering psychiatric practice. I gave each of them a copy of the DVD. Both said they planned to watch it once just out of curiosity but would then would most likely destroy it to make sure it didn’t get into the wrong hands.

I couldn’t figure out a simple way to get to Colorado so I called Dr. Miles Gray by phone. He was expecting my call so the conversation was less than five minutes long. I asked how he wanted to receive his copy of the DVD and he said he didn’t want one. He had talked with the other guys and pretty much knew what was on it. All he needed was my contact information so he could inform his bookkeeper about the new ‘insurance policy’.

I told him I would text the mailing address and who to make the check payable to. I also assured him that his copy of the DVD would be incinerated within the next hour. As it happened, we had a fire drill for the guys at the station that afternoon and I simply tossed the DVD into the raging inferno. It completely melted in seconds.

Looking back on it, I was surprised that Miles of all people didn’t want a copy of the DVD since Holly had treated him with such respect despite his smallness of stature in the men’s department. I knew good and well that his time with Holly was the hottest sex he had ever had and most probably the hottest he would ever have in his lifetime. Perhaps he just wanted to relive the memory without having to see video proof of just how small he really was.

Now I just needed to figure out a way to explain to Holly why there was going to be an extra $1,400 in our checking account each month. I decided to wait until the first of the month when the money actually arrived to tell Holly about our windfall. As it turned out, it was easier than I thought it would be.

I deposited the four checks at the same time and brought the deposit slip to Holly. Of course, she asked, “What’s this for?”

“Well babe,” I began, “Let me tell you a little story…”

I then went on to explain that I made a video tape of the evening events at The Lakeside Resort using some camera’s I bought from my brother’s security business. Then I explained to her that Jim, Don, Bill and Miles are all chipping in each month to make certain that the videos don’t fall into the hands of their wives or the AMA. I expected some sort of protest from Holly but instead she just got this huge grin on her face and said; “Well isn’t that nice of them.”

We looked at each other and just started laughing out loud. I was really surprised that Holly hadn’t become upset about my making a video of the evening at the Lakeside Resort. But I guess the more time she had to think about it she did get a little bit concerned because she started to ask questions while we were laying in bed at night.

First of all, she wanted to know if I had taped everything or just parts of the evening events. I explained that since I couldn’t be manning the cameras without the guys finding out that everything was being recorded, I had set the cameras to record before they even showed up and then turned them off while she was in the bath after they left. I let her know that over the past couple of weeks I had been editing the tape to cut the three plus hour session down to about 90 minutes.

Next, she wanted to know if the picture quality was clear and whether or not she could be recognized if anyone were to see the video. Of course, I told her that the quality was excellent and her face was fully recognizable but I had taken every precaution to make certain that the doctors and myself are the only ones to ever see the video. I went on to explain that I had made a copy for each of them but because of the liability involved I was certain that none of them would ever allow them to be seen by anyone else, not even their closest friends since the video could be used against them.

I told her that Miles didn’t even want to have his copy so I destroyed it in a fire. I could tell she was still nervous about movies of herself being out there where they could possibly be seen by someone. I did my best to assure her that the likelihood of it ever being seen was incredibly remote.

Two nights later she asked; “So Rob, did you keep a copy of the DVD for yourself?”

What could I say but the truth; “Yes, of course I kept one and I also have a digital copy in an encrypted file on my laptop.”

“Am I ever going to get to see it?”

I wasn’t sure what to say so I simply replied; “Honey, I would be glad to show it to you but you need to really think this through. Do you really want to see yourself acting in a way that is so out of character with you? I know that I’ve told you about some of the things you did with the doctors while you were under hypnosis, but do you really want to see it? You need to seriously think about it and then let me know in a day or two.”

Apparently, she did think it through because two nights later, on Friday night she snuggled up to me and with no lead in whatsoever, she said; “I really want to see it.”

Her comment took me back a couple of notches because I honestly didn’t know how she would respond to the whole thing. I said; “OK honey, tomorrow Jenny is supposed to spend the night with your parents so after dinner I’ll get it out and we will watch it together.”

Holly grabbed my arm, snuggled up close and giggled when she said; “I can hardly wait!”

Within minutes she was sound asleep with a happy grin on her face.

Saturday afternoon Holly’s parents stopped by to pick Jenny up for her sleep over. They were going to take her to church and then bring her home in the afternoon when the whole family was gathering at our house for one of our typical Sunday evening Bar-B-Que’s. The rest of the afternoon I was puttering around in the yard getting things cleaned up while Holly dead headed her flower garden and then fixed a very nice Caesar salad and homemade French bread for our dinner.

We ate a little later than normal and I opened a bottle of our favorite Riesling. I wanted to make sure we drank the whole thing in preparation for the evening video presentation. After dinner, I helped Holly clean up by loading the dish washer and wiping down the table, then suggested that we get more comfortable before watching the video. She smiled as we both headed to our bedroom. I put on a pair of jogging shorts and a new T Shirt while Holly pulled on a really cute pair of shorts and a off the shoulder peasant top with no bra underneath.

I even splashed a bit of aftershave on and rinsed with some mouthwash just in case my bride got into a kissing mood while watching the video. To be honest however, I wasn’t sure if she would be in a kissing mood, an angry yelling mood or a sullen guilty mood by the time the evening was over. I was nervous and uncertain about the whole thing.

When we were ready we went down to my office. I already had the DVD on my desk and two chairs pulled up next to each other in front of my computer. I have a large monitor that is hooked up to my laptop to make for easier viewing when I’m working on projects for the fire station so it was almost like watching a full-size TV. The label on the DVD simply said; “Dr. James Matthews”.

Once we were settled I put the DVD into the laptop and turned to Holly giving her a hug and a kiss while saying; “Honey I love you and any time you want me to stop the DVD, just let me know and we can be finished. In fact, if you want, we can watch it over a period of a few days rather than watching the whole thing at once.”

She looked into my eyes and said; “I’ll be OK if you will.” With that, I pushed the play button and started the show.

I could tell she got a kick out of the opening scene when she greeted the doctors and was acting like this was a normal doctor / patient visit. Of course, she had been in her normal state of mind through this portion and was really happy with her performance as was I. She even looked at me and said; “I’m really good at this acting stuff aren’t I?”

I assured her that she had done a great job at hamming it up. Then she became really fascinated as Jim started putting her into a hypnotic state right in front of the camera. The moment she was under hypnosis and threw her arms around Jim covering his face with passionate kisses she turned visibly red in her face. Then when he told her to remove her clothes while dancing like a Gentlemen’s Club Stripper she turned to me and said; “Oh Rob, I’m so sorry I acted like that in front of strangers and to think that you were right there watching. Can you ever forgive me?”

I said, “Of course I forgive you honey, this was exactly what I had hoped you would do.”

But then as she began performing oral sex on the first guy she turned to me and said; “Good Golly Rob, is that really me?”

“It’s you alright babe, and you’re really hot, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know about hot but I sure do look slutty.”

“Keep watching,” I said, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Her attention turned back to the monitor. One by one we watched as she took care of each guy but when she was done with Will she was shocked to hear herself jump to her feet and victoriously ask; “How was that boys?”

On the video, she was acting like this was a normal every day activity for her. She was just very casual about the whole thing. Holly turned again towards me to see what my reaction was at seeing her like this. Of course, I had already seen it over twenty times so by now I was used to it but for Holly everything was so new and surprising.

She was further fascinated as Jim suggested they go into the bedroom and she just stood naked as a jaybird and walked into the bedroom seemingly without a care in the world. But what really caught her attention was watching what happened when Jim grabbed her pinky finger and told her to “RELAX”. Holly was amazed to see how totally relaxed she looked as she crumpled to the bed while Jim and the others were getting some bottled waters for themselves. She turned to ask me if this is how she always responded to that command so I pushed pause so we could talk about it a little.

After we talked about what we had seen thus far she said she was ready to go on if I was still OK with her seeing it. I chuckled and said, “Babe, it’s not like you’re watching some restricted XXX rated video, this is YOU we’re watching! You don’t need my permission to watch yourself.”

Immediately I knew I shouldn’t have said it the way I did because she looked down at the floor while turning red. “I know it’s me, and that’s the problem. If it were someone else; some actress or something, then it wouldn’t be so bad but this is me acting like a total slut.”

She started to tear up and I felt horrible for my insensitivity so I put my arm around her and said, “Honey, I love you with all my heart and nothing on this video changes that in the very least. We can stop if you want and I’ll put it away.”

She looked at me with teary eyes and said, “No, if it’s OK, I really do want to see it. I think I need to see it for my own peace of mind, otherwise I would always wonder. But please just stay close to me while we watch, I need you with me.”

So once again I pushed the ‘Play’ button.

Of course, as soon as Jim woke her up from the RELAX mode she got right into the really X rated part of the DVD and she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. First, she watched as she calmly removed Jim’s clothes and gave him a blow job he will never forget. Then she started fucking the guys one at a time starting with Miles and his little dick. She glanced at me and smiled when she saw again how small he was but she wasn’t making fun of him at all. She just whispered to me, “At least I started out small and worked my way up.”

I gave her a hug as we continued to watch my lusty wife take on all four doctors. What she wasn’t aware of was the fact that as she watched I could see her right hand making its way to her crotch. Without thinking, she was starting to rub herself on the outside of her shorts. Just seeing her do this gave me a hard on even more than watching the video with her.

Occasionally, she would glance up at me to see my reaction to seeing her on the screen but each time she would quickly fix her eyes back on the monitor. I could tell she was really getting into this as she saw herself surge from one climax to another. Every so often I could hear her muttering “Oh gawd” or “Holy shit” or “I can’t believe it!” Other times it was just a long drawn out groan coming from deep within her soul.

The thing that got to her as much as anything else was listening to the things she was saying to the guys as she fucked them. Her words and expressions were so out of character with this little ‘Purity Pledge Woman’ that she had a difficult time even believing that this was her saying these outlandish things.

All this time she was rubbing herself while watching the video. Then when she saw Will’s big cock starting to approach her pussy, I noticed that her hand moved to the top button on her shorts. She slowly unfastened the fly and I could faintly hear the zipper moving down. I don’t think she was even aware of what she was doing but I was totally mesmerized watching as she gradually slipped her hand inside her panties and I could tell her fingers were exploring her gash. Then she shuttered as I could tell that one or more of her digits buried themselves in her erogenous hole.

The reason I was so turned on watching my wife was because in all the years we had been married I had never seen her masturbate. A couple of times I had asked her to rub herself while I watched but she would never do it and in fact she would never admit that she had ever played with herself in her entire lifetime. She was even shocked to learn that I masturbated from time to time. Now here she was getting herself off right next to me and I honestly don’t think she was even consciously aware of what she was doing. Talk about Hot!

By the time she was finishing up with fucking Will on the DVD she was visibly writhing on her desk chair while rubbing herself wildly. She came with a thundering orgasm with outstretched legs and her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her groans corresponding with the groans on the video. I pushed pause once again and gradually she opened her eyes looking up at me with the most embarrassed expression I had ever seen on her. She said; “Oh gawd Rob, I can’t believe I just did that! I’m so embarrassed I feel ashamed of myself.”

I smiled down at her and said; “Don’t be embarrassed babe, look at me. You made me hard as a rock and you didn’t even touch me!” Then I went on; “Do you want to take a break now and stop the video?”

She quickly responded; “No way! I want to see everything there is to see!”

So once again I pushed ‘play’ as she sat up and straightened her pants a little but I noticed that she didn’t bother to fasten them again nor did she zip up the zipper. I could see down into her peasant blouse as she was once again watching the video and her nipples were hard and stuck out further than I had ever seen them before.

Holly visibly cringed when it came to Jims turn to fuck and he called her a slut. I remembered how upset I was as well when that had happened but soon her brief anger turned to purring as she watched Jim slowly began to play with and suck her toes into his mouth. I noticed that she kicked her slippers off her feet while watching and her toes were curling as she rubbed her feet together.

I leaned over and asked if she would like me to do that to her sometime to which she groaned, “gawd yes! It looks so exciting I can’t wait to feel it when I’m fully aware of what’s happening.” You can be sure I stored that bit of information into my memory banks.

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