A Free Slate – Session 20 – Anything Erotic

eHolly and I had a wonderful two days at The Lakeside Resort. On Saturday morning after a leisurely brunch we took a walk half way around the lake and then returned to the pool for a couple of hours before Holly’s appointment at the spa. While at the pool, she wore her new two-piece swimsuit for the first time. Even though it wasn’t anything close to a micro-bikini, it was by far sexier and more revealing than anything I had ever seen her wear in public before.

At the spa, my bride received a complete facial and a ninety minute Swedish massage. Rather than using the spa myself, I waited for her in the room and enjoyed an afternoon nap while she was busy being rightfully pampered. This break also allowed me to neatly pack up all the cameras and microphones into their boxes and load them into the trunk of my car.

It was 5:00pm before she got back to the room and she looked totally at rest and at peace with herself. I’ve read a few stories about things that can happen during a massage so I asked her if anything erotic happened between her and the masseuse. As it turned out, she had a lady massage tech and everything was completely professional and oh so relaxing.

I was glad that she was able to have some pampering after what her body had gone through the night before. She was absolutely radiant! As we started to get dressed for dinner, she was combing her hair in her bra and panties while I was in my boxers getting ready to pull on my pants. We just looked at each other and both rushed into one another’s arms. Before we knew it we were on the bed making out like a couple of teen agers. Dinner had to wait.

We did eventually go to the fancy on site restaurant and what fun it was to order whatever we wanted without any regard to price. I had never actually had steak and lobster at the same meal before so I had to try it. Holly ordered some sort of French specialty that she said was wonderful but all the same, I’ll stick with steak. We even splurged and each enjoyed a fancy dessert.

On Sunday, I arranged for a late check out at 3:00pm which meant we had most of the day to enjoy all the resort facilities as well as our magnificent room. It felt so empowering to be able to use anything we wanted out of the mini-bar in our room as well as eat anything and everything our hearts desired off the menus at the three resort restaurants. We felt like king and queen of our new domain!

In so many ways it will always be a weekend to remember. The best part was that the stuff that happened between Holly and the four doctors didn’t seem to affect our relationship with one another in the slightest. Of course, part of that had to do with the fact that she couldn’t remember a thing that took place. We both decided that I wouldn’t tell her any details about what actually happened until the next week after we were home and re-established into our daily routine.

On Monday, I had an entire afternoon of personal time at the fire station so I was able to take my first look at the video and audio recordings that were downloaded onto my laptop. They came out way better than I had even hoped they would. The quality was brilliant and the audio was so crystal clear you could even hear the heavy breathing. I got a hard on just watching it all over again. Of course, I also had to be careful that none of the guys at the station were around to catch a glimpse at what I was watching.

Fortunately, I have a lock on my office door so I put the lock to good use that afternoon.

Over the course of the next several days I started editing the video taking advantage of the multiple camera angles that were available to me. The audio from the digital alarm clocks was the best quality so that’s the audio I used. All I had to do was splice in the video feeds from the various cameras.

As you can imagine there were several parts of the video that needed to be edited out. One was at the end of the evening where the camera picked me up when Jim turned to ask me if it was really OK for Miles to take Holly in the ass since that had previously been totally off limits. Since I got up from my chair to stand next to the bed and watch this milestone event, I had to use the little ‘coffee bean’ size video cams because I wasn’t in their line of site even though I was standing right next to the bed watching Miles and Holly go at it.

In addition to those two items, there were several minutes that had to be edited out because one or more of the guys were standing in front of the cameras watching the action on the bed. In those scenes, all you could see was some guy’s flabby ass and you can only take so much of watching something as gross as that. Also, some of the scenes on the bed were blocked from seeing any real action when one of the guys would lay on his side right in front of the bedside alarm clock camera.

All in all, the three plus hour session was edited down to a very well produced 90-minute DVD. It took me a little over two weeks to put together the final product since I could only work in small blocks of time. Amazingly, the final edit looked downright professional. The finished product was perfect for what I had planned. Now all I had to do was figure out how I was going to go about putting my plan into action.


Over the course of those first two weeks after our time at The Lakeside Resort I started to fill Holly in on the details about what happened. Most often we would talk about it in bed late at night, long after Jenny was asleep. Every time we talked about it, the details caused both of us to get stimulated to the point of having great sex.

Holly was now amazed at how much she desired to suck my cock and swallow everything I had to offer. This started right after the time at Lou’s Tavern but now it became even more a regular part of our sex life. Also, once I told her about Don and Miles dumping their loads on her breast, tummy and crotch and how she massaged the deposits into her skin like it was some kind of expensive lotion, she started asking me to unload on her tits and tummy and even her face from time to time.

Honestly, my little conservative, church going wife was becoming hotter by the day and I was loving every minute of it! We still loved our time as a family spending quality time with Jenny as well as both sets of grandparents. But our love life was off the charts!

Oh, one thing I think I forgot to mention earlier is that three years ago when Holly’s dad finally retired, they sold their place where Holly grew up and moved to a great little piece of property about seven miles outside of our town, so they are now living nearby. We often get together on Sunday afternoons either at their place, or my parents place, or even at my brother’s house for a big family Barbeque. It is such a blessing that both sets of parents get along so well that they have become great friends. They often get together to do stuff even when our family isn’t included.

Within a few weeks, we might start having the family barbeques at our house, at least in the summertime, because Holly’s uncle Jack and his crew are busily working on our new pool. We are so excited because Jack really got creative with the pool design so it’s not just some rectangular pool but it has a unique shape complete with a raised spa pool that dumps into the regular pool using a stone waterfall. There is a sixty-foot waterslide that snakes down an embankment for Jenny and her friends to enjoy. Then surrounding the whole area is a beautiful stamped concrete decking that allows us to have a great lounging area as well. Jack even included an outdoor kitchen and a gas fire pit area for the cooler evenings!

Our place is going to be like something out of a magazine. It’s amazing how inexpensive all this is when you are getting it at cost and using a contractor’s discount for all the materials and furniture. Uncle Jack refused to allow us to pay for the labor since he had his crew fit us in at random times when he wanted to keep them busy and on the payroll anyway. He explained how hard it is to get a good dependable crew so he liked to keep them busy for a full forty hours per week and our job allowed him to do that.

Uncle Jack is doing the whole thing for $9,400 complete with all the outdoor furniture. His only request is that we would be open to show our place to his prospective customers as sort of a show place. All we need to add is some new turf and a few plants around the perimeter. I was sure I could get all of that for the $600 we had left over from the ten thousand we received for our weekend. Life is good and it’s about to get just a little bit better.

Like I said, I was trying to figure out how I was going to approach Jim and his buddies about the surprise video I put together. Well, Jim saved me the trouble when he called me at the station about two months after our weekend at the Lakeside Resort and asked if we could meet at The Java Hut again on Thursday. I agreed without telling Holly about it since she might get concerned that something was up. He wanted to meet at 3:00pm so I knew I would be home at my normal time anyway.

On Thursday I was going over in my mind how the conversation might go and just waiting for three o-clock to roll around. Finally, it was 2:45 so I closed my desk and office, grabbed my tablet that had the video downloaded, along with a DVD copy that I had burned, then headed down the street to The Java Hut. Same as last time, Jim was already there with my Americano and cream sitting on the table waiting for me.

He stood up and extended his hand in greeting. As I was shaking his hand like an old friend I couldn’t help but wonder if he would feel like ever shaking my hand again after what I had to tell him. Fortunately, since he is the one who asked to meet, the onus was on him to start the conversation. I started out by asking, “What’s up Jim?”

He started out much the same as the first time we met here by asking “How is Holly doing after our time at the lake?” He went on to say, “I’ve been concerned about her emotional state as she comes to grips with what she has done.”

I proceeded to inform him that I decided to let her know in detail just what happened at the Lakeside Resort the same as I had done after Lou’s Tavern. “By telling her the complete truth;” I went on, “She has been able to handle the emotional upheaval that coming to grips with her actions put her through. The very fact that she knows that I was there and would have been able to put a stop to it at any time also allowed her to handle the whole situation. She knows that I didn’t stop it, so it must have been at least somewhat acceptable on my part.”

Jim simply replied, “Interesting, very interesting. You two have a wonderful and rock solid relationship and I admire you both. To be honest, I’m not sure my wife or I could handle the whole situation as well if it were us instead of you.”

I answered, “Thank you Jim, I take that as a compliment to us and yes, our relationship is based on love, respect and trust. We are rock solid and we aim to stay that way.”

Jim got to the real point of the meeting when he said, “Rob, you know that I’m a married man and while our relationship isn’t nearly as stable as the one you and Holly experience, we are committed to one another even though our sexual relationship isn’t all that is desired for either of us. My biggest problem is that I simply can’t get Holly out of my mind.”

He paused to let that sink in a bit and then continued. “While you made it very clear that our time at the lake with my colleagues was to be a one-time situation never to be repeated, I was wondering about something. Would you consider allowing Holly to spend a weekend with me starting on a Friday night and I would bring her home to you by noon on Sunday? I would be willing to pay you $5,000 for the privilege.”

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. But the audacity of his request caused me to do some quick thinking and it also solidified my plan. I answered him:

“Well Jim, I’m glad you are in the mood to spend some money because I have a proposition for you as well. First, in answer to your question about spending the weekend with my wife, the answer is; ABSOLUTELY NOT! You will never spend one more minute with my wife ever again and if I even get wind that you are attempting to see her or talk with her I will personally beat the living shit out of you just so you can experience some serious pain. And from then on you better start living in fear because I will find a way to end your life in such a manner that no one will suspect it was anything other than an accident. Have I made my answer clear?”

Jim was shocked, to say the least. He tried to back pedal by saying; “If you find five thousand to be an insult, I am willing to raise it to seventy-five hundred.”

I scowled at him and said, “You can take your offer and rot in hell. The answer is NO even if you were to offer $100,000. Do you understand?”

“OK then, I guess this meeting is over.” Jim said.

“I’m afraid not Jim, I have something I would like you to look at.”

With that I pulled out my tablet and tapped on the video icon. Immediately there was a title that simply said: Dr. James Matthews followed by his address. I tapped on the ‘play’ arrow and a screen came up with a title screen that said: ‘American Medical Association (AMA) Conference, Lakeside Resort’ followed by the date of our time at the Lakeside Resort along with the full names of each of the four doctors and the cities of their residence.

The opening scene was of Holly opening the door and Dr. Jim thanking her for driving all this distance for her regular weekly appointment. Then he introduced the other three doctors. I kept the volume down low so we couldn’t hear it very well in the coffee shop but I told him, “I have a DVD copy of this for you and you will find the sound is quite clear.” Jim began to fidget. At first, he was a little bit excited that he was going to get a video copy of that Friday nights activity. But the little bit that we watched, which was only about five minutes, it was fully clear that this appeared to be a doctor patient visit.

Jim looked at me and said, “Hey Rob, we all know that this wasn’t really a patient visit!”

“Well, I don’t think anyone watching this video would take it as anything other than a professional psychiatrist taking advantage of a patient. And the video proof is pretty darn conclusive.”

Jim started speaking a little too loudly when he asked; “Why are you doing this? What is your purpose? And what do you want?”

“I don’t suppose your wife would want to see this DVD, would she? But even worse, what do you think the AMA (American Medical Association) would do with your license to practice medicine in this or any other state if they got a copy of it? And of course, once you were found culpable by the AMA and the Board of Psychiatric Medicine pulled your license, then you would be wide open for a civil law suit for a million plus dollars, wouldn’t you?”

Jim’s face turned absolutely white and I could see that I was finally getting my revenge. Hell, just seeing him squirm was worth the wait but of course, I had additional plans for our Ferrari driving doctor friend.

Jim sheepishly spoke up; “OK, what do you want? Are you trying to blackmail me?”

“No, of course not. I wouldn’t want to blackmail anybody but I would be willing to sell you and your friends a private insurance policy. You see, years ago, Holly and I set up an LLC for a home-based business we were trying. It’s called ‘RHW Associates, LLC’. The RHW stands for Robert & Holly Walters. Here is what I propose. RHW Associates would like to sell you, … let’s call it a malpractice insurance policy for $500 per month for as long as you practice medicine.”

I said all this with the pleasant smile of a salesman and continued my sales pitch. “The day you close your practice is the day the payments can stop. Of course, you will be able to handle this in your bookkeeping as an insurance expense. This policy will insure that this video is not seen by anyone other than you, myself and your three colleagues.”

“I will be talking with each of your colleagues as well but their policy will only cost each of them $300 per month as long as they practice medicine. Theirs is cheaper because they are less culpable than you but none the less, you will see when you watch this video that they are also very much incriminated by this little homemade movie.”

I went on, “Currently there are only six copies of this DVD. One copy for each of you and one copy for me. But as you can see I also have the master saved as a digital file. For your protection, the digital copy is in a double encrypted cloud account that is absolutely secure. I am the only one able to get into that file.”

“The sixth copy of the DVD is being kept in a sealed envelope at my attorney’s office with instructions that it is to be opened only if I lose my life in a suspicious manner. Otherwise it is to be destroyed by fire unopened if I die from natural causes.”

Jim spoke up; “You know Rob that a DVD like this is not admissible as evidence in a court of law.”

I simply replied, “I have no intention of using it in any court. I would simply show it to your wife and to the AMA and let them do with it whatever they want.”

“So, here’s the deal Jim” I stated clearly and boldly, “I want you to take this DVD home with you because this is your copy, but I suggest you keep it very carefully guarded. I want you to watch it over the course of the next week and you have until the end of the month to make up your mind what is to be done with my copy of the DVD. You can either send me a check made payable to ‘RHW Associates’ by the first of next month followed by a similar check each and every following month or you can choose for me to send a copy of this DVD to your wife and another copy to the state board of medicine along with a very incriminating letter about your use of hypnosis.”

“So, you see Jim, the ball is in your court and you can make your choice. Insurance policy or no insurance policy? It’s completely up to you.”

With that I stood up and said, “Now our meeting has come to a close, and this time the coffee is on me. If you have any questions, you have my phone number, otherwise I will be watching the mail for your first premium payment.”

I handed him a piece of paper with the mailing address for RHW Associates, LLC. Then I picked up the bill and turning my back on an ashen faced Jim I made my way to the cashier.

Three days later I received a call from Jim letting me know that he did watch the video. His first question was to ask me how I made such a professional looking video when he knows good and well that I wasn’t using a video camera while they were banging my wife. I simply said, “Aahh, the wonders of technology.”

Jim went on to say, “It looks like you have me over the proverbial barrel and I really don’t have much in the way of options.”

“Well, Jim, you and I both know that $500 per month is less than one fourth of a car payment considering what you drive.”

“Yah, but I’m able to treat the car as a business expense.”

So, I asked him how he intended to treat the insurance premium if not a cost of doing business. All he said was, “touché”.

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