A Free Slate – Session 19 – Moans into Tigeress

As I was spewing my load in my pants Holly’s moans turned into tigress-like growls as her whole body was wracked in one of her biggest orgasms yet and here she was just having her foot worked over. I was shocked to see her wracked with such ecstasy when no one was even touching her tits or pussy. This was definitely an area of lovemaking we were going to start including in our repertories in the months and years to come.

As she was working her body through her eighth orgasm of the night, my eyes began to move from Jim and Holly to take in the other three guys standing around the bed. I was humored to see each of them with their cocks in hand as they unconsciously stroked their meat with looks of lust on their faces. I wouldn’t have been surprised to even see drool slipping down their chins.

When Jim finished with her right foot he lifted her left for a repeat performance. Holly was in the throes of yet another orgasm (number nine) when he then raised both her cute little feet to his mouth and placing one foot on top of the other pushed both sets of toes in his mouth at the same time and began sucking like a wet shop vac. Holly was now screaming with pleasure which sort of awakened the other three guys from their sex crazed daze. Miles reached down and began to fondle Hollys right breast. This triggered the same idea in Don who was on the opposite side of the bed and he began to squeeze and play with her left breast.

While they were toying with her tits she reached out and took each of their cocks in each hand and began to slowly wank them. Not wanting to be left out, Will got up on the bed near Holly’s head and placed his giant cock gently on her lips. As soon as Holly realized it was there, she opened her mouth and greedily began sucking him into her as quickly and lustily as she possibly could. It was almost like a choreographed dance with all of them moving at the same time. Meanwhile Jim lowered Holly’s feet and placed them on either side of his rigid cock and began to masturbate using her feet.

I was ready to explode again with another load in my pants but was able to breathe deep and hold off from embarrassing myself any further. After pumping for a while, Jim raised Holly’s feet even higher in the air. He spread her legs into a perfect ‘V’ and slowly pushed his swollen cock between her now puffy red and oozing pussy lips.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There on our hotel bed was my totally conservative, purity pledge, church going, faithful Christian wife of twelve years lying on her back being royally fucked by one guy while two others are playing with her tits as she pumps their cocks with her hands and a fourth guy has his dick shoved in her mouth as she hungrily and literally sucks the stuffing out of him. And none of these guys were her husband!

This went on for what seemed like an hour but was more likely about ten minutes when with a shout, Jim erupted in Holly’s sloppy cunt. By now, Hollys legs were draped over Jim’s shoulders and I could see her toes curl in a sure sign that she was going through yet another earth-shattering orgasmic explosion. That set off a chain reaction as Will shouted like his best drunken pirate imitation; “There she blows”!

I thought that was an interesting choice of words considering my wife was giving him a blow job at the time. As soon as Will started pumping his cum into Hollys throat, Don and Miles grabbed hold of their own cocks and started dumping their loads onto Holly’s chest, covering her tits and abdomen with their cream.

Holly started laughing and moaning at the same time as she was massaging the cream into her tits, her stomach and even her groin. This was so unlike Holly because when it’s just she and I together, she gets grossed out if I get even a drop of cum anywhere on her body other than in her pussy. She doesn’t even like to feel any of my pre-cum which over the years has caused some friction in the marital bed since it’s hard not to get a few drops on her thighs or tummy during our foreplay.

Watching her intentionally rubbing the sperm of two men into her body got me so turned on again that the chain reaction ended up with one more link in the chain. You guessed it. Once again I involuntarily pumped another load of cum into my boxers. For an instant, when I realized that I was about to cum again I thought about grabbing some tissues but it was too late to get my cock out of my pants before messing up my boxers one more time. The more I thought about it however, the more I realized that perhaps this is better because I can show Holly physical evidence that I was greatly turned on by watching her in action.

With that, I thought we were done but Holly shocked us all by looking again at Miles smaller dick and said; “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have a dick in my ass but my husband, bless his heart, is just too big. And so are the rest of these guys. But Miles; I think you would fit me just right, what do you think?”

Jim piped up and said, “Holly, before we started this evening, we all agreed that anal sex was off the table. Are you sure you want to try this?”

Holly looked at Miles with lust in her eyes and said, “You have no idea how much I want to try this.”

With that, Jim looked over at me since I had the signed copy of the ground rules. For the first time since entering the room, I spoke up knowing that this part of the video would need to be edited out I said; “Well guys, it is 10:55 so I think this would be a great way to end our evening. Since Holly wants it, then I guess Miles will get to take her virgin ass if he has a desire to do so.”

Miles looked at me and then at the other guys saying; “Well not only will it be me taking her virgin ass but I’ve never done anal before either so it’s my virgin experience too, and I sure would welcome the opportunity.”

With that Holly got a wicked grin on her face. She hopped up on her hands and knees presenting her beautiful heart shaped ass to Miles and said; “Give it to me Dr. Gray, I want your wonderful cock in my little rose bud.”

Oh wow! Did I hear her correctly? I didn’t even know that she was familiar with the idea of calling your anus a ‘rose bud’. My woman is much hotter than I had ever dreamed of.

Miles stood next to the bed and reaching under Holly, he scooped a nice batch of cum and pussy juices from her snatch and began to rub it on his cock and over her little brown pucker hole. Jim suggested that he first use his fingers to loosen her up a bit. Having never played with a woman’s ass before, Miles gingerly wetted his index finger and slowly probed her ass hole. As he was doing it, he said, “Whoa, she is really tight in here!”

But with a little more pressure he soon slipped his finger past her sphincter ring of muscles and into her channel. Jim told him to pause and allow her to adjust to the foreign presence; Miles welcomed the advice and did as instructed. Over a period of several minutes, he eventually worked his entire finger into her ass and then withdrew it only to work at it again using two fingers.

We could all see from his little penis that he was getting really excited about what he was doing. Also, for once in his life he was the center of other people’s sexual attention and envy. All of us wished that we were in his place about to deflower a virgin piece of ass. Before long, Holly was groaning and pushing back against his fingers. She turned her head and looking over her shoulder she said, “I’m ready big guy, push it in!”

I think Miles was as turned on by her calling him ‘big guy’ as he was by the fact that he was about to have his first anal experience. I was up out of my chair and now standing next to the bed with the rest of the guys, this is something that I just had to see up close and personal. Sure enough, bit by bit, Miles sank his little shaft into her butt. Holly was groaning and puffing throughout the new sensation but she was clearly enjoying every minute of it.

Miles began to push and pull at her hips as he was now full on fucking my conservative wife’s ass. If I hadn’t already dumped two involuntary loads into my boxers, I think this would have had me really making a mess of myself. As it was, since this was the third time tonight for Miles, he lasted longer than any of us thought he would.

After ten minutes listening and watching the two of them groaning and moaning and shouting and puffing, finally at virtually the same time they cried out; “I’m cumming!!” Miles dumped his load deep into her bowels and Holly fell to the bed exhausted from the entire evenings activities.

Jim reached down to holly as she lay on her stomach on the bed and he grabbed hold of the pinky finger of her right hand and said; “Holly; RELAX”. Even though Holly was already relaxed, you could definitely hear a prolonged sigh escape from her lips as she went into a total state of relaxation.

By now it was 11:15 so I backed out of camera range as Jim turned to his colleagues and said, “Well gentlemen, now do you believe me when I said I could take an otherwise conservative housewife and turn her into a sex crazed woman using the wonders of hypnosis?”

I was nearly rubbing my hands together thinking that this is a great way to end the video I intended to produce. The three companions all started sharing with Jim what a great use of hypnosis this was. Each of them also said they thought they might try it in their own practices when they got back home. I was thinking to myself; “Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!”

The four guys grabbed some towels and washcloths to wipe themselves down with before gathering their clothes from the sitting room and putting them back on. Jim looked at me and thanked me for allowing them to have this wonderful experience. I said; “Jim, there is one bit of unfinished business if you recall. You were going to cause Holly to respond to my voice for those three commands.”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot in the midst of my own personal gratification. Come with me.” I followed Jim back into the bedroom where Holly was still face down on the bed. Jim said: “Holly, I want you to sit up for a moment.”

Holly immediately sat up and looked into the doctor’s eyes. She didn’t even register my presence in the room. Jim said; “Holly, you know that when you hear my voice saying the commands; COMMENCE, RELAX and AWAKE while accompanied with the proper physical contact of pinching your ear or squeezing your ear lobes or squeezing your pinky finger you are to follow those commands is that correct?”

“Yes doctor, that’s correct.”

“And furthermore, up until now you know that mine is the only voice that you are to respond to is that also correct?”

“Yes doctor, that’s correct”. I thought she sounded almost like a robot.

Jim then added: “Holly, from now on, you will also respond to those three commands when you hear your husbands voice while accompanied by the appropriate physical touch. Is that understood?”

Again, she responded with the same; “Yes doctor, I understand.”

“OK Holly, just to make sure you understand his voice I am going to have him say these three commands so you know what his voice sounds like, is that OK?”

“Yes doctor, that would be OK.”

With that Jim asked me to repeat the three commands slowly and clearly in my normal voice which I did. Jim then turned once again to Holly and said; “Holly, from now on, you will respond to either my voice or to your husbands’ voice for these commands. Now I want you to go into the bathroom and take a quick shower and shampoo your hair. Then you will come back into this bedroom, get dressed for bed and then put on this nice hotel robe. Do you understand?”

“Yes doctor, I understand.”

“Good girl, you may go now.”

Holly padded into the bathroom and we soon heard the toilet flush and the shower running while Jim got dressed and I straightened the bed as best I could, considering all the activity it had seen. We then went into the sitting room where the other three were waiting. Jim told the guys that he would meet them in the bar within ten minutes for a quick night cap before they turned in for the night.

Will, Miles and Don shook my hand and again thanked me profusely for the amazing experience. I thanked them for respecting our ground rules and for not allowing things to get carried away. Miles snickered and said; “Well, except for that last little bit of fun.” We all chuckled at that and the three of them left the room.

When Holly came out of the bath with her hair combed and looking remarkably fresh she put on a cute little teddy she had purchased especially for this weekend. Then she snuggled into the plush robe the resort provided and came to the sitting room where Jim and I were waiting. She came right up to Jim and looked straight at him, again not even recognizing my presence.

Jim said; “Holly, from now on you will also recognize and respond to your husband Rob, while in a hypnotic state.”

“Yes doctor”, and with that she looked at me for the first time this evening and said; “Hello Rob.”

My heart melted with those simple words. I love this woman so very much. Then Jim said, “Rob, I want you to bring Holly out of her hypnotic state so we can be sure she responds to you appropriately, and remember to start your sentence using her name.”

I smiled while reaching out and grabbing an ear lobe in each hand and as I squeezed, I clearly said; “Holly, we’re all finished now; AWAKE”.

Instantly I had my Holly back! She gave me a huge smile and asked; “Is it over?” As she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big lovers kiss.

“Yes baby, it’s over and you were great!” Then I told her that Jim was just leaving and the other three men had already left.

Jim stooped down and gave Holly a little kiss on the cheek saying; “Thank you Holly. You were wonderful! And now we will leave you two to enjoy the rest of your weekend. And with that, he was out the door.

Holly and I just stood there for the longest time staring into one another’s eyes. Fortunately, they were eyes filled with love and with no signs of regret on either of our parts. I asked her, “You’ve had quite a night, how do you feel?”

She responded that she was a little tired and kind of sore. Then she shyly asked, “Did I have sex with all four of them?”

“Yes, you did; both oral and vaginal with all four.”

She groaned and then asked me if I was OK. I told her I was more than OK and that my love for her was in no way diminished but added with a smile; “But let’s not make this to be part of our normal activities.”

We both laughed and she said; “Once is enough for me!” Then she added; “Oops, maybe I should have said twice, I almost forgot about Lou’s Tavern.”

“Well baby, I don’t think I will ever forget either of these nights. They were fantastic but they were also a bit troubling for me.”

Holly looked concerned and as she held my face in her hands she said; “Poor baby! I love you and even though I don’t know exactly what happened here tonight, I want you to know that I will never leave you for somebody else, nor will I lose respect for you.”

I responded, “The exact same thing goes for me babe.” We hugged again as I poured each of us a glass of wine. We went out on the balcony to enjoy the crisp night air and look across the lake as the moon reflected off the water.

As we were finishing our wine Holly asked me one other question and I could tell she was not comfortable having to ask it: “Honey, I need to ask something about tonight.”

“Sure baby, anything you want to ask is OK with me.”

Looking longingly at me as she slipped both arms around my waist she asked; “Did you get a chance to have sex with me tonight?”

I could tell she was being very serious so this was no time for one of my wise cracks so I simply said; “No I didn’t.”

With that she grabbed my hand and pulling me back toward the bedroom she said; “I don’t care how tired or how sore I am, I want my man in me and I want him in me right now!”

After a slow romantic coupling that was so much more than sex, we fell asleep in each other’s arms while we were still connected. What an amazing, and unusual night!

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