A Free Slate – Session 18 – Deep in Throat

Once she arrived at her target, she took him immediately deep into her throat as she buried her nose in his pubic hair. Will gasped and the rest of us were astonished that she was able to do such a thing. She held him deep in her throat for nearly a full minute while we could hear her heavily breathing through her nose.

Then as she looked deep into his eyes she began to raise her entire head until just the very tip of his cock was on the tip of her lips and then she would again plunge him completely into her throat. Over and over her head bobbed up and down in this extreme manner. All five of us were hard as a rock just from watching her and imagining that it was us who were feeling what Will was at that very moment.

Holly was just incredible and I knew good and well that in the coming weeks and then for the rest of my life I would be on the receiving end of the very same action. Will lasted an amazing ten minutes or so before he couldn’t take it anymore. You could see his muscles tightening throughout his entire body and then with a groan and a man scream he cut loose a huge load into her mouth. At first, she nearly lost it as you could see little spurts squeezing out the corners of her mouth but then she took his cock deep into her throat and he pumped the rest of his load directly into his stomach as she held him deep for a minute or more.

As with the other two guys, she cleaned Will’s cock with her tongue, making sure to get every drop clear down to his balls. She then raised up to her feet and leaned over to give him a wet sloppy kiss. Both Will and Holly were loving it! Then she turned toward her new lovers and said; “How was that boys?”

What could they possible say? Each of them speaking all at once started gushing praises for the very best oral sex they had ever experienced. Holly just laughed and said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet! We’re just getting started and the night is young.”

With that Jim said, “Holly, I think it would be more comfortable if you would show us into your bedroom for the rest of our activities.”

Interesting, but it was then that I noticed that Holly only responded to Jim when he started a sentence by using her name as the first word. I filed that bit of information into the back of my brain as the guys all followed her into the bedroom. Once they had all cleared the sitting room, then and only then did I get up and move to the chair in the bedroom that I had placed way back in the corner, out of the camera range.

Jim told Holly to sit on the edge of the bed and then he approached her grabbing the pinky finger of her right hand he gave the clear command: “Holly, RELAX.” Immediately she fell back on the bed with her feet still on the floor. Her eyes closed and she appeared to be in a deep sleep. Miles whispered, “Amazing, I’ve never seen someone in such a deep state of hypnosis!”

Jim responded by explaining the three commands that Holly responded to and went on to explain that while she was in either the ‘commence’ mode or the ‘relax’ mode he could ask her to do or say anything he wanted and she would do it. Will asked Jim how he had initiated this level of hypnosis so Jim went on to explain without telling the guys that this whole thing took place at a tavern.

He said; “As I was meeting with Mrs. Walters I explained how I often used hypnosis to help cure my patients. She emphatically told me that she didn’t believe in hypnosis and couldn’t see how it would be able to help her. We got into a bit of a friendly dispute between the two of us and she said there was no way she could even be put into a hypnotic state. I then told her that I could not only put her into a hypnotic state but I could even get her to do things she never would dream of doing if she were in her clear mind.

She said that would be impossible, and then asked if I were talking about night club acts where the hypnotist makes people sing silly songs or hop around like a rabbit or something like that? So, I told her, no I’m talking about changing your thought process altogether. For instance, I use hypnosis to change people’s thinking so they no longer crave alcohol or drugs. I have even used it to help couples where one person doesn’t desire sex and I can change them into a sexual creature.

She laughed at me and said she and her husband already have a good sex life so my manipulations would do nothing for her. I bet her $500 that I could change her into a sex crazed woman who would want sex with anyone in the room. She responded to me that such a thing would be totally impossible since she is a happily married, conservative, church going housewife. So, I asked her if she were so certain, would she mind if I tried. She just told me to give it my best shot, but it wasn’t going to happen and she would end up being $500 richer.”

I couldn’t believe it, here was Jim admitting on video that he had inappropriately seduced my wife into illicit sexual acts. Everything was falling perfectly into place! I glanced at the alarm clock knowing that it was recording his every word and it was then that I realized that it was already nearly 9:00pm. Only two hours to go.

The three naked guys all wanted to take a break and grab some ice water before continuing so they went into the sitting room where the refrigerator was stocked with bottled water, beer and soda pop. Jim and I were the only ones who remained fully clothed. I stayed in my chair just watching my lovely sleeping wife.

After about five minutes they all came back into the room and Jim approached my resting wife saying, “Holly.”

Her eyes opened and she sat up saying; “Yes master.”

I had never heard her call him master before but I was thinking this is all the better for my future plans. Jim said; “Holly, I want you to remove my clothes and give me a blow job like you have given the others but I will remain standing.” Immediately Holly stood and began to sensually unbutton Jim’s shirt and slide it off his shoulders. She neatly folded the shirt and laid it on the dresser. Next, she got on her knees and began to untie and remove his shoes one at a time. She was moving more like a robot or a machine than a living person. With his shoes and socks off, Holly reached up for his belt and zipper.

Within seconds his pants and boxers were at his ankles and he rested a hand on Hollys shoulder to help balance himself as he lifted each foot to allow her to slip his pants and boxers completely off. Again, Holly stood back up and gently folding his pants she laid them with his shirt and then carried his shoes to set them neatly on the floor in front of the rest of his clothes. She turned back to Jim and got back on her knees. His prick was standing proud and I noticed he was a little bit shorter than me but about the same girth.

Hungrily she took his entire cock into her mouth and then with one swallow, took him into her throat. Her throat muscles began milking him and he began to growl in pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. It was pretty much a repeat of Lou’s Tavern because Chuck told me that Jim only lasted about five pumps and now as we all looked on he was already spewing his load down her throat. He lasted about the same amount of time here at the lake as he did at the tavern, and as soon as he had come, Holly began licking him clean which only took a minute or so.

The other doctors looked on as Jim gave them a smile of victory over this conservative housewife. As soon as he was cleaned up, Jim said; “Holly, I want you to lay back on the bed and each one of us are going to fuck you until we can’t take it anymore. Do you understand?”

My cute little wife simply nodded and crawled onto the bed, then turning over on her back she raised and opened her knees and stretched out her arms asking, “Who’s first?” Jim nodded to Miles.

For a guy with a small dick, Miles certainly didn’t seem to be self-conscious at all. He rushed to the bed and buried his face in Hollys crotch. While he was short on size, he made up for it in his oral skills. He started by kissing up and down the sides of her pussy but avoided contact with her clit. Holly began to groan in pleasure at his attentions. I then saw him start to suck one of her pussy lips completely into his mouth and he began nibbling on it to her great pleasure. As soon as he released the first lip and took the second into his mouth as Holly screamed and jerked through her first climax of the night.

Miles just kept licking and sucking before plunging his tongue deep into her love channel driving her to a second climax almost before she could even come down from the first. He was bobbing his head up and down, forcing his tongue as deeply into her as he possibly could. He kept up the action even as she was having her climax and you could tell that Holly was in ecstasy by the way her head was tossing back and forth on the pillow.

I couldn’t tell if she were having her third climax or if it was still her second being prolonged but when he removed his tongue from her pussy and clamped his lips on her swollen clit it was obvious to all of us that this was her biggest climax yet as her whole body began to stiffen and tremble. I even wondered if she were having a seizure of some sort but her face was all smiles so I knew she was OK. He allowed her to come down slowly from her high as he rested his head on her abdomen.

Once her breathing returned to normal, in a loud whisper she said: “I want that beautiful cock of yours in my pussy. Please get up here and make my day!”

I need to remind you that until meeting Jim, Holly never in her entire life had used words like cock or pussy so I was getting really turned on all over again just from hearing this new freedom she had with language. Miles moved his body up hers, pausing to kiss each nipple as he moved his lips toward hers. Then with practiced ease he slid his little boner into her chute.

Of course, his dick went in easily, being only about four inches long but Holly; ever the gracious hostess, told him again; “I love your beautiful cock. It feels wonderful in my sweet pussy.”

I was surprised that the little guy lasted as long as he did because he fucked her for about ten minutes before shouting; “I’m ready to cum baby, where do you want it?”

Holly responded with what almost sounded like love in her voice, “Fill me up baby. I want your sweet load in my pussy.” With that he smiled and then groaned as he emptied his balls for the second time that night. He pulled out of her and immediately headed to the bathroom to clean up his mess. I was thinking to myself, ‘what a shame, he could have asked her to do that for him’.

Jim looked over at Will and said; “Looks like your next buddy.” Will didn’t need to be asked twice, he too went first for Holly’s pussy. I was a bit surprised to see this fine upstanding doctor grovel in my wife’s sloppy pussy as he began hungrily to suck Miles juice from her hole. He was clearly so excited that I’m not sure he even stopped to think that another guy had just dumped a load in there. He just began sucking away for all he was worth.

We watched as he opened his mouth wide and placed his entire mouth over her cunt area. You could hear the suction while his cheeks went concave as he appeared to be trying to suck her inside out. Holly was going crazy again with his oral actions and it wasn’t long before she had her fourth orgasm of the night. This time you could tell from the look on Will’s face that he was receiving a fresh flow of nectar from her sweet pussy lips. As soon as she quit cumming, Will stood up on his knees and started to rub the head of his huge cock into her cunt.

Holly looked down at what he was doing and she groaned as she saw again the size of his cock. She growled out, “Put that big cock into my slippery little pussy and show me what you can do with it.” Oh man, talking like this is so unlike my precious, sweet little wife, it was driving me insane with lust of my own. Will smiled as he slowly pressed his big hunk of meat against her little opening.

Miles hadn’t done much to stretch her out so you could tell that it took some effort to get his massive penis into her little slit but bit by bit he began to disappear into her opening. Holly was loving every second of it. When he was about 3⁄4 of the way in she had her fifth “O” of the night and this one was a slow drawn out orgasm with quick little pants of breath escaping her pursed lips followed by a lusty comment from those same lips as she said; “Yeah baby, slide that big boy into me and make me scream.”

With that comment from Holly, Will gave one final thrust and he was buried all the way to her cervix. From his length, I wondered if perhaps he had even penetrated her womb because even with my shorter length I sometimes touch her cervix. We didn’t have to wonder very long because Holly screamed; “I’ve never had one this deep before! You’ve past my pussy and you are into the very heart of me and I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! Now pump me full of your baby seed!”

Will granted her request as he thrust his full length in and out for the next fifteen minutes. Holly’s eye’s started to roll to the back of her forehead as she was not just in a hypnotic trance but in a full-blown lust trance as well. We could see Will’s big sack start to contract and his butt flexed tight as he emptied himself with his cock fully embedded into her womb. I was thinking to myself that I sure hope her birth control pills are able to counteract that big load since it was buried so deep.

Will collapsed his full weight on my little wife and they both just laid still for about five minutes before he got up. She said, “No way do I want you wasting any of that in the bathroom sink, come here and let me lick you clean.”

Will pulled his body up and off Holly pulling his shrinking cock with him. Even soft, his tool was impressive. He placed his cock directly in front of Holly’s mouth and she was nearly worshipping his cock as she licked and kissed his manhood. I looked again at my watch and it was nearing ten o’clock. Wow! Two hours down already and only one more to go with just two guys left; Don and Jim. This event was going much faster than I had expected it would go. I was even kind of glad that we made it three hours instead of the two that Holly and I had first planned on. Strange, here I was watching my wife being ravaged by these guys and I wanted it to go on even longer.

Jim looked over at Don and simply said, “How about it guy, are you ready to give her your best shot?”

With that Don brought his uncircumcised cock over to Holly to play with again. You could tell from the look on her face that she was longing to pull the skin back and start licking him like crazy. Jim spoke up saying, “Don, you need to realize that until I hypnotized her the first time, this little lady had never seen a single cock other than her husband. Yours with foreskin is not just a novelty for her, you are a first for her!”

I knew that because Jim started his sentence with Don’s name rather than Holly’s, she wouldn’t even register the conversation in her mind. She only responds when she recognizes Jim’s voice and the first word out of his mouth is “Holly”. Don smiled and stared at my wife as she pulled and kissed and toyed with his penis. After getting him hard as a rock the head was starting to poke out from the foreskin on its own and she said; “I’ve been wanting to see how this feels ever since I first saw it.”

With that she pointed the head of his skin covered dick directly at her now sloppy pussy and began to rub it all around, fascinated at how her various movements would cause the skin to pull back to expose more of his penis. She was starting to cum for the sixth time just from the foreplay of his foreskin. I could see her neck muscles tense up and her pelvis start to shake as she said; “Oh shit, I’m cumming already and we’re just getting started! This is going to be one hell of a night!”

With that she thrust her hips up completely burying his uncircumcised cock deep into her wanting pussy. Don wasted no time in leaning over her body and thrusting into her time after time. They went at it for a good ten minutes before he said; “I want us to do it doggy style.”

Holly laughed out loud with a guttural sort of laugh and quickly got up on her hands and knees then looking back at him with a smile she said: “Woof, Woof”.

Don pulled her knees to the very edge of the bed as he stood behind her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back until she was completely impaled. As he began to pull and push her hips back and forth Holly soon got into the rhythm of the doggy dance.

This went on for another ten minutes as Holly shouted out, “I love this position! It’s my new favorite!”

That was another point that I filed away in my head for future reference. Holly exploded in her seventh orgasm of the night. Just as she was climaxing she let a high-pitched sound that was something like a cross between a hum and a scream escaping her lips. She was in heaven as Don also exploded but as he did, he pulled his cock out of her cunt and started spraying his jeezum all over her butt and back. Holly bent her elbows and let her head and shoulders fall to the mattress as she breathed out a sigh of great pleasure.

The other guys and I were watching her and we were all thinking she looked pretty used up but she surprised us by saying; “I want more; LOTS MORE!”

Jim said; “Holly you slut, now it’s my turn!”

I was a little upset to have him call my wife a slut but then remembered how good it would be for the video so I didn’t say anything. But I can assure you that I kept my eye on the action to make certain that he didn’t do anything else to further humiliate her. Jim just crawled on the bed next to my tired but happy wife while she had her head on the mattress and her butt still high in the air.

She considered his face and started to giggle saying; “Doctor, you have turned me into a very naughty girl.”

“Yes, I have and now let’s show these guys just how naughty we can be. Holly, lay on your back.”

Immediately Holly obeyed his command as she scooted up on the bed, laying her head on the pillow and stretched her beautiful slender body out for all of us to see. Jim got up off the bed and gently lifted one of her feet in his hands. Holly giggled again as he began to massage her the bottom of her foot with his thumbs as he cradled her sexy little foot in his hands.

I had rubbed her feet before after a long hike or a day of shopping but had never even thought of it as a sexual experience, but watching Jim rub her was really starting to turn me on more than ever. He moved his hands and fingers the full length of her foot and up to her ankles as Holly’s giggles began to turn into moans of contentment. Then Jim lifted the foot even higher, spreading her beautiful pussy in the process and brought her big toe to his lips as he began to kiss and nibble at her appendage.

Just yesterday she had her fingernails and toenails done in preparation of this weekend. She had wanted to do everything to make herself even more desirable for the doctors. So, I watched as he then wrapped his lips around her bright red freshly painted toe and pushed it into his mouth.

He began to suck on her toe as if it were a woman sucking a man’s cock. She moaned more deeply as he took the toes one by one into his mouth sucking and then running his tongue between each toe. I couldn’t believe how sensual this was and my cock which had been hard for the past two hours was now throbbing on its own. But this action was just too much and my dick exploded cum into my boxers with such force it was only seconds before you could easily see the wet stain on the outside of my khaki colored slacks.

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