A Free Slate -Session 17 – Once again

One of the guys named Don said that while it is true all of them were looking forward to the sexual activity, they were equally interested from a medical standpoint to see if the hypnosis worked the way Jim had described and were curious how he went about it.

I then told them there was one other thing we would appreciate if they would indulge us in. Jim said “Certainly”. So, I responded; “As you can understand, this is pretty uncomfortable for both of us since we simply are not this kind of people. It would make it much easier if Holly could act like she is a patient of Jim’s and not just some sort of call girl. Would that be OK?”

All of them assured me that they completely understood, so I went on to explain what would happen when we arrived at the room. “I want you to allow me to go into the room by myself so I can give Holly a quick hug and kiss of reassurance, then I will sit in a chair I have placed in the corner of the sitting room. We would appreciate it if you would act like I am not even present. Once you give me thirty seconds to kiss my wife and get settled, you can knock at the door and she will greet you. Is that acceptable to you?” Again, they all agreed and they were falling right into my plan. I had been careful to place the chair outside the range of any of the cameras.

It was straight up 7:00pm when all five of us headed toward the elevators for the long ride up to the fourth floor of this five story building. Just three doors down on the right side of the hallway I knocked at the door, slipped my key card into the slot and went in to kiss my beautiful wife. She was standing right by the door and was somewhat surprised that I came in alone. I told her that she was beautiful and gave her a loving kiss.

Then I explained; “I will be right over here in this chair the whole time but I want you to pretend that I’m not here. When Jim knocks in just a few seconds, greet him as if you are one of his patients.” She assured me that she would do exactly as I had asked of her. Then we both heard the knock at the door, she smiled at me and I blew her a kiss from the chair I was in as she reached down to open the door for our adventure.

Holly smiled at me as she received the kiss I blew to her as we both heard the gentle knock at our door. She looked almost business like as she opened the door saying; “Oh Doctor Matthews, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy conference schedule to meet me for our weekly appointment. And who are these gentlemen with you?”

Jim walked into the room looking very professional as he said, “Thank you also Mrs. Walters for driving all this distance to meet me for our appointment. Since we are here for the AMA conference on Psychiatric Medicine I have invited three of my colleagues to join with us for our appointment this evening. Is that acceptable with you?”

Holly was really playing the role of patient perfectly when she asked; “Are all three of you also psychiatrists?” They each answered in the affirmative so she responded; “Well, Doctor Matthews, if you think this is a good idea then I certainly don’t see how it can do any harm to have four doctors attending me instead of just one. You three gentlemen are welcome to be part of our appointment.”

With that, Jim formally introduced the other three which fit perfectly with my plan. “I would like you to meet Dr. William Jefferson and Dr. Donald Davis who are both from Arizona and this is Dr. Miles Gray who practices in Colorado.”

Holly extended her hand in greeting to each of them asking them to please be seated. Holly sat on one end of the large eight-foot sofa while Jim sat in the reading chair. The other three sat somewhat crowded on the other end of the sofa with Dr. Gray sitting closest to Holly. Jim started by saying; “I’ve been sharing with my colleagues how we have been using hypnosis to help you with your problem. Do you mind if I put you under hypnosis while they observe?”

Holly looked at the other three men and said, “Certainly not. Of course, I don’t really know how I act while under hypnosis but hopefully you won’t be making me act like a chicken or duck or something embarrassing like that will you?” She asked this question with a smile on her face.

Jim played along with the patient, doctor roll by saying, “Of course not, but with your approval we will simply be suggesting positive responses and actions for you to use with your interpersonal relationships and to cure your addiction.”

“Oh, thank you doctor, you have already been such a great help to me over these past few weeks.” With that she forgot that I had asked her to ignore that I was in the room when she looked over at me in the corner and smiled. Fortunately, as it came out on the video it looked like she was smiling at Jim since I was sitting behind him.

With that, Jim asked if it would be alright with her if they could just review a bit of her personal information so his three colleagues could better understand the situation. Holly wasn’t sure how to answer since this was taking the roll playing of doctor and patient to a new level but to my great delight she decided to play along with it saying, “Certainly doctor, whatever you feel is best.”

Jim explained that she didn’t need to give her full name so they could maintain patient confidentiality, but asked her to give the doctors her first name and a brief history of herself. She agreed and turning she looked at the three and began; “My name is Holly, I am a housewife and mother. My husband and I met in college and fell in love almost immediately. As a Christian girl, I was determined to save myself for my husband so I maintained my virginity until our wedding night. Fortunately, my then boyfriend and now husband, respected my determination and honored my resolve.”

My husband’s name is Rob and he is the only man I have had sex with. (of course, we know that she should have added, ‘the only man I knowingly had sex with’; but then who is going to make a fuss over minor details?) We were married shortly after graduation from college and we are very happy in our marriage. We have a wonderful daughter who is in the 5th grade and our home life couldn’t be better.

My husband has a good job as a captain in the fire department. We are not by any means wealthy but he makes a decent salary and we are doing OK financially. Like most couples, we would like to earn a little bit more but we have no complaints. One bad habit I have had over the years is smoking and Doctor Matthews has been helping me get rid of that habit through hypnosis. Is that all they need to know?” Holly asked looking back at Jim.

All this time I am having a difficult time keeping from laughing out loud knowing full well that Holly hasn’t ever smoked a day in her life and to top it off, she knows good and well that she has fucked seven men counting me and she is ready to fuck four more tonight! Jim said; “Yes Holly, thank you. Now if you don’t mind, let’s get started.”

He asked Holly to stand which she did but it was a bit crowded next to the coffee table so they both moved to the open space in front of the TV. Of course, little did they know that they were standing directly in front of the camera I had installed on top of the flat screen TV. With that Jim told Holly he would be putting her back into the same hypnotic state that they had already used during previous appointments.

He reached out his hand and with his thumb inside her ear and his index finger on the back of the same ear he gently squeezed as if he were pressing an imaginary button on the back side of her ear. He then simply said; “COMMENCE”. Just like that, her eyes opened wide and she threw her arms around Jim’s neck and began kissing him with a passion like I had never seen in her before. Right away I felt a pang of jealousy but then remembered that it was all the hypnosis and not her true feelings.

Jim broke the kiss for a moment and said; “Holly, these three men will be joining us this evening and I want you to show them the same attentions that you show me.”

Holly looked over her shoulder at the three and said; “Whatever you want Doctor Matthews.”

Jim told Holly that the first thing he wanted her to do was to seductively remove her clothes. With that, Holly began to dance to some music that was only in her head and she sensuously removed her dress and sandals while still swaying to the unheard music. She danced several turns in just her lacy red bra and panties while wildly gyrating her hips and then reached behind her back to unclasp the bra. She held it to her tits in a teasing sort of way as she looked at the four doctors while slowly and seductively lowering the straps from her shoulders one at a time.

Then with a flourish and a laugh she threw the bra at Jim who caught it with a huge grin on his face. He turned to the other three and said; “See, I told you that I could turn a conservative housewife into a sex crazed woman using hypnosis.”

Don asked; “Golly Jim, this is amazing, how did you do it?”

“Well, I must admit that she had a few drinks the first time so she was just a little bit drunk when I gave her the three commands that she responds to. But just look at her, isn’t she amazing?”

Holly acted like she didn’t even hear the conversation between Jim and the others. In retrospect, I think that under hypnosis she only responds to Jim’s voice when it is directed specifically to her, other conversations don’t even register in her brain. That same thing happened when I tried to speak with her at Lou’s Tavern and she didn’t even hear me.

She just kept on dancing as she bent straight legged with her ass facing the three on the sofa and slowly lowered her damp red panties inch by inch bending over until her hands and panties were at her ankles and her pussy on full display to the three seated doctors. In all our years being happily married I had never seen her dance like this even in the privacy of our bedroom. She stepped out of her panties and tossed them at the sofa. Miles stretched out his hand and grabbed the prize just like guys at a wedding trying to catch the garter when it’s tossed by the bridegroom.

I was already hard from watching my conservative wife dancing like a professional and looking sexy as hell. Then with an authoritative voice, Jim said; “Holly, these three men need to have their cocks sucked. Do you think you could do that for me?”

Holly with a dazed expression said; “Whatever you wish doctor.”

She got on her knees in front of Miles and began to undo his belt while her eyes were locked on his. Quickly she had his pants undone and she told him to lift his butt as she slid his pants and whitey tighty briefs down past his knees. He groaned as he lifted his butt and his stiff little cock sprang up in front of her. I was hoping she wouldn’t make fun of his smallness of stature in the men’s department since his hard dick looked only to be about four inches long.

Instead of poking fun at him she smiled and said “Nice”. She treated him like his dick was huge. She licked him from his little ball sack all the way up to the head of his penis and then just kept licking him like a kid with a lollypop. I could tell from the expression on his face that he had never been treated with so much respect and sensuality by any woman who was giving him oral sex.

Holly was magnificent as she just kept telling him how much she loved his cock. She said that she loves to feel a cock that she can get completely into her mouth which she then did with gusto. You could see that his dick was buried to the hilt in her mouth and by the looks of her cheeks it was obvious that her tongue was doing a number on Miles dick while it was buried inside her mouth. He just kept saying; “Holy shit!” “Holy shit!” “Holy shit!”

I had to chuckle to myself as I knew good and well that he had never had a blow job like this in his life and likely would never have one to equal it ever again. I was getting more of a kick out of watching the expression on his face than I was from watching my beautiful conservative wife giving head to a stranger. Within about five minutes Miles started shouting; “This is it, I’m cumming!” Then we heard him grunt and groan and we all could see Holly swallow three times as she took his entire load into her stomach. Still with her eyes locked on his she slowly raised her mouth off his dick and then began to lick it clean.

She again said, “I just love your cock, thank you for sharing it with me.” Then she raised her head and planted a passionate tongue kiss on the doctor’s lips. It was pretty obvious he wasn’t sure he wanted to have her lips on his after they had been wrapped around his cock and receiving his cum but as soon as their mouths touched he was convinced that he had died and gone to heaven.

Holly broke the kiss with Miles and slid over to Don saying; “And what do you have hidden under these pants?” While she was focusing on Don; a contented Miles removed his shoes and stepped out of his pants that were pooled around his ankles. Holly began to unbuckle and unzip Don’s Dockers. She didn’t have to ask him to rise, he was already anticipating her moves as she slid his pants down to his feet.

This time a much larger cock sprang to life hard and stiff. As I watched while she wrapped her left hand around his shaft I could tell that his cock is about the same size and thickness as mine. It’s just that when compared to Miles small dick it looked giant. Holly smiled up at Don as she began to pump up and down. This is the first time that she had seen a cock that was uncircumcised and you could tell it fascinated her. She kept pulling the foreskin back to expose the purple plum hidden beneath.

Next, she couldn’t help pulling her hand up toward the tip of his dick and then slipping her tongue under the foreskin and all around the head. It was like she was given a new toy to play with and Don was loving it. Hell, who am I kidding, I was loving it too! Holly then took about three inches of his dick into her mouth and started using her tongue to play with his foreskin while his cock was buried in her mouth. His groans were even louder than Miles had been and you could tell his wife had never treated him the way Holly was.

Before long, Don’s eyes closed and his head dropped back so he was facing the ceiling. He was on cloud nine with Holly’s attentions. Miles was on his right and already his little cock was getting hard again just watching what Holly was doing to his friend. He started removing his shirt and within a minute he was sitting on the sofa completely naked as Holly took Don deeper and deeper into her mouth. She didn’t actually deep throat Don because she wanted to keep playing with his foreskin using her lips and tongue but he wasn’t complaining.

Soon his hips started jerking and his balls started contracting as shot after shot of hot sperm flew into Holly’s mouth and she clearly loved every drop. After swallowing the entire load, she again licked him clean paying special attention to the head and foreskin that fascinated her so much. Like with Miles, she half stood up, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply and passionately.

You could see that Will, (Dr. Jefferson) was ready to cum just from watching what she did to the other two guys while knowing that he was next. He was already removing his shoes and pants while Holly was still kissing Don. She looked at his package which was the largest yet, she smiled and started purring and even meowing like a cat in heat. I can’t really explain the sound she was making with her tongue while humming but it was sexy as all get out!

Will’s dick wasn’t a whole lot longer than mine or Don’s but it sure was thicker! Nowhere near the girth of Vic but still very impressive. He was perhaps an inch or maybe even two longer than me. She was certainly excited about the opportunity to play with this cock and I was glad that we made it clear that this was a one-time thing because I think she could get accustomed to a bigger dick and perhaps lose interest in me.

This is one time that I was glad she was under hypnosis and wouldn’t really remember what she had done. I wondered to myself if I would ever allow her to watch the video that would be produced from this evenings action. Instead of going straight for Will’s big cock she pulled his face to her perfectly shaped tits and allowed him to wallow there for a few minutes before she started to slide down his stomach kissing and nipping with her teeth as she went toward his crotch.

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