A Free Slate – Session 16 – Shall we Once More

Holly looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked, “Are you having second thoughts about this Rob? Because I’ve been psyching myself up for it these past two weeks and I’m ready to go unless you want to call it off.”

“No,” I responded to her, “I’m not wanting to call it off either but I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with all of it.”

She smiled with that cute little grin of hers and said, “Well, I’m not sure comfortable would be the right word. For sure I have some butterflies flying around in my stomach but I am mentally ready for it and emotionally I’m looking at it as if were a job to do. Any apprehensions I have are more like you would have your first day on a new job. But since I will basically be ‘out of it’ when everything takes place, I’m more concerned about you than I am about me.”

God, I love this woman so much! I then told her a little white lie saying, “I’ll be fine babe, I might even enjoy the show as my sexy little wife demonstrates what she can do.”

With that Holly reached over and punched me in the arm and laughed out loud as she said; “You pervert!” We both finished our wine and talked about other things like plans for a summer vacation and how soon we should talk to her uncle Jack about the swimming pool.

A couple of weeks earlier I had already put in to have that Friday off as a vacation day. Holly and I spent the morning with Jenny and then took her to grandma and grandpas for the weekend. They were looking forward to it just as much as she was. All they knew was that we had reservations at The Lakeside Resort for the weekend. We got home around noon and Holly fixed us a simple lunch while I got the suitcases out of the attic.

We were both a little on edge but in an excited sort of way. We packed for the weekend and she was asking me what she should be wearing when she met with the four doctors. I told her she should have a nice but not formal dress along with her sexiest panties and bra. She was having a fun time as she went through her closet and dresser drawers to pick out different outfits while asking my opinion. Everything of hers looked sexy to me but we settled on a summer dress and some matching lacy red underthings that would be just the right combination. We decided that she should just wear a nice pair of sandals on her feet since they would undoubtedly be the first thing to go.

We knew that once ‘the deed’ was done we would have the rest of the weekend to ourselves so we packed clothes that would allow us to fully enjoy everything the lake and the resort had to offer. She had purchased a new two-piece swimsuit for the special weekend but wouldn’t model it for me until we were there. She wanted something special just for my enjoyment.

About 2:00pm we were out the driveway and heading to the resort knowing that we couldn’t check in until after three anyway. We arrived about two hours later after a somewhat leisurely drive. We checked in and received our key cards to the room. The front desk manager assured me that everything had been taken care of and the bill would be paid by a Dr. James Matthews who had already arranged that all services and meals would be charged to the room.

Speaking of room, Jim booked us into a suite that overlooked the lake. There was a sitting room with an eight-foot couch and a comfortable reading chair complete with a gas fireplace. The separate bedroom had a massive king size bed and views to the lake. The bathroom was off the bedroom and included a Jacuzzi tub as well as a shower that looked big enough to accommodate at least four people.

We had our own balcony with deck chairs overlooking the lake and there was even a welcome basket on the credenza complete with a bottle of wine, some assorted fruit and a small box of Swiss chocolates. The mini-kitchenette was stocked with a small refrigerator, microwave, wine glasses along with plates, table service and coffee mugs. It was a spectacular setting and a beautiful room. In short, it looked like Jim had spared no expenses to help make this weekend as special for us as it was going to be for he and his three friends.

We changed into our swimsuits and headed for the pool to relax before dinner. It felt good to relax in the sun so we could unwind a bit. Holly decided to hold off wearing her new swimsuit for me until the next day when it would truly be just the two of us. Funny how you can be so relaxed and yet tense at the same time. We both knew what was coming (hmm, ‘coming’, no pun intended, but it is kind of funny).

We decided to keep dinner light with just soup and salad. I made sure we also had some nice sourdough bread with our soup because I knew that Holly would undoubtedly be swallowing a lot of sperm and needed something like bread in her tummy to help soak it up. I don’t think she had even thought of that but as you can tell, I am such a loving husband, I’m watching out for my bride. (wink, wink)

I on the other hand didn’t want a heavy meal because I had the feeling that later this evening I might feel somewhat sick to my stomach and didn’t want to be battling indigestion as well. We had two glasses of wine with our dinner. Before leaving for our room we clinked our glasses and toasted to a successful evening and to our new backyard swimming pool.

Now something that I haven’t mentioned to you the readers, or to Holly my wife, was a little surprise I had in store for everyone. You see, my brother owns a high-tech security company. They install not only security systems in homes and businesses but they also carry a line of state of the art surveillance equipment. Without explaining my reasoning, I told him that I wanted to install some top of the line surveillance cameras and microphones in my home.

I spent a whole afternoon in his shop about a week ago and was amazed at the stuff he had. He asked me what rooms I wanted the equipment installed in so I mentioned the living room, our game room in the basement as well as the bedroom. He raised his eyes a little but didn’t ask me any questions about why I wanted this stuff. I knew what he might be thinking so thinking fast I told him that neither of us suspected the other of cheating. This isn’t some way to catch a cheater but we did both want to have some movies of our time together before we got too old and flabby.

He got a grin a mile wide and asked if he could check out our home movies saying; “Of course you understand I just want to check out the quality of my equipment”. (wink, wink.)

I laughingly responded; “Nice try buddy but these are just for our personal enjoyment.”

First thing he showed me was a bedside digital alarm clock. It looked like any other fashionable alarm clock but this one came with built in camera and microphone. He said the advantage was because it plugged into an electrical outlet, you never had to worry about battery life. I decided to take two of them at his cost which was still $175 each.

Next, he had a very high quality digital camera and microphone that mounted with double stick tape to any TV set. The unit itself was a long skinny thing, less than 1⁄4 inch-high but about ten inches long. It was glossy black plastic and looked exactly like the finish on nearly every TV set in America. The bar shaped object simply looked like part of the TV but the camera was incredible. He said this one camera alone could pick up all activity in a large living room or game room.

Both the alarm clock and the TV mounted cameras were motion sensitive so they only operated when something was moving in the room. They could be blue tooth connected to my laptop as well as my tablet. Images were stored for sixty days allowing plenty of time for viewing and once viewed the images could be either deleted or saved to a permanent file in the ‘cloud’. I decided to take two of these as well; one for our living room and one for the game room downstairs.

Finally, he showed me some mini cameras that were about the same size as a water bottle cap. Hard to believe that they contained a high-tech camera as well as the digital stuff necessary for the blue tooth connection plus the battery and motion detector. They were camo colored and were absolutely amazing! He said they were easily hidden in house plants or bookshelves. The lens was a non-distortion fish eye lens that would pick up anything in about a 160 degree arc. I took four of them at his cost of $100 each even though I wasn’t sure where I would use them. These little cameras had no built-in microphone so they were video only.

After he gave me complete instructions as well as downloading the software on both my laptop and tablet I paid my brother the $1,070 I owed and I was out the door with my bag of new toys. My plan was to record the events at the Lakeside Resort without the knowledge of the guys or of Holly.

Back in the room by 6:30pm Holly went in to take a bubble bath before getting dressed. I turned the large flat screen TV in the sitting room to a sports station so the noise would mask the sound of me placing the cameras and microphones in strategic locations in both rooms. Each of us needed some alone time; I needed time to get my work done without her being aware and she pretty much needed to have time to her own thoughts so she could get psyched up for what was about to happen to her.

It was so much different at Lou’s Tavern because she had no idea what was going to be happening that night. This time it was going to happen with her full knowledge. I know she still felt a little like she was going to be cheating on me. Remember, this is the girl that took a ‘purity pledge’ as a teenager and had kept herself a virgin until the day of our wedding. To say she was conflicted would be an understatement.

I plugged the alarm clock video camera into an outlet and placed it on the night stand, then installed two of the mini cameras in the bedroom, one in a fake plant and the other on top of a picture frame. In the sitting room, I taped one of the long bar cameras onto the TV. You couldn’t tell that it wasn’t part of the factory set. I also plugged the other digital alarm clock into an outlet near a small end table in the sitting room, then I fired up my tablet to see how they were working and could see nearly every part of both rooms as I walked from room to room. Amazing!

Looking at my tablet, I strategically placed a dining table chair in each room out of view from the cameras for my use during ‘the event’. Then I sat down to watch TV for a bit. After about 20 minutes I heard the tub beginning to drain and then the door opened as Holly came back into the bedroom to get dressed. I decided I should spend these last few minutes focused on her so off went the TV and I sauntered into the bedroom just as she was fastening the lacy red bra to cover her magnificent tits.

I said; “Gawd Holly, you have got to be the most beautiful woman in the world and I am such a lucky guy to be your husband.” She smiled at me as she stood in her bra and panties but I could see a bit of hesitation on her face. I knew she needed some reassurance so I said, “Babe, you know that I love you with all of my heart and nothing that happens in this room tonight is ever going to change that. You are the love of my life and the girl of my dreams.”

In my eloquence, I went on: “It only makes sense that you would be the girl of other guys dreams as well. I know you are going to do just fine tonight. These guys don’t even have a clue how fortunate they are to have this opportunity to share your body for the next three hours. They are going to be blown away and I’m sure they will never be the same again. I just feel sorry for their wives when the get back home. There is no way those wives will ever be able to measure up to you!”

I could tell she loved what I was saying right up to that last comment. Guess I don’t ever know when to quit so she asked, “Oh Rob, you don’t think I will be the cause of any marital problems do you?”

I said, “Look honey, these are professional psychiatrists and marriage counselors. They will know how to handle the emotions that will be aroused tonight. And besides that, we made it clear that this is a one-time thing. It is likely you will never see any of them ever again.” She smiled, and we kissed, then she slipped on her dress.

At 7:45 I headed out the door to the lobby to meet with the guys. Before doing so I kissed Holly one more time and told her again how much I loved her. Next I let her know I would be gone ten or fifteen minutes since I needed to get their signatures for the ground rules as well as exchange and review our mutual health certificates. With that, I was ready to slip out the door letting her know I would give her a warning knock before entering the room but I had my key card and would let myself in.

Then I gave her one final bit of instruction; “Honey this will be so much easier for me if we could think of you as one of Dr. Matthews patients. Let’s pretend that he has asked you to meet with him while he is at the conference since he couldn’t see you in his office for your regular appointment. So, when you see him just say something like this; ‘Thank you doctor for carving out time from your busy conference to meet with me for my appointment here at the resort.’ Do you think you can say that?”

She said, “Sure sweetie, I will be glad to do anything that will make this easier for you.”

The elevator seemed to take longer than usual but soon I was walking toward the lobby with my zippered file folder tucked under my arm. The four doctors were nicely dressed in casual wear and sitting on two couches that faced each other with a coffee table in between. Jim popped up to his feet as soon as he saw me coming from the bank of elevators. The other three joined him as he introduced me to his three friends.

I sat in a straight back chair at one end of the coffee table and said, “Gentlemen, first of all, I want to clarify that this sort of thing is highly unusual for my wife and me. Holly is a housewife and mother, she is not an entertainer but when Jim made this proposal to us and we considered the possibilities we have agreed to meet with you this evening.” They all assured me that they understood and appreciated our willingness to make this radical exception to our lives.

Next I gave each of them a copy of the ground rules that Jim and I had agreed to. I asked that they read them carefully and then wanted each of them to sign my copy which they did. I gave them the copy of Holly’s medical clean bill of health and they handed theirs to me. I looked them over and without asking their permission, I simply slipped them into my file folder. (I wanted their names and addresses which were on the certificates.)

Jim then handed me an envelope with the certified cashier’s check for ten thousand dollars. I glanced at it to make sure it was correct and then reminded them that they would be with Holly until 11:00pm and then they were expected to leave quietly. I went on to explain that for the rest of the weekend, if they happened to see us at the resort or lake they were to go out of their way to leave us alone. I also reminded them that this is a one-time activity and never again will they, either corporately or individually, have access to my wife. Again, they agreed.

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