A Free Slate – Session 15 – Meeting with jim

She was quiet for a while and then said, “No, I’ve been reading and did you know that the most common fantasy for men is to watch or even participate as their wives have sex with someone else?”

I tried my best to look shocked and simply said; “Well what do you know, maybe I’m normal after all.” Holly gave me a loving punch in the ribs and we made passionate love again that night falling asleep wrapped in one another’s arms.

Thursday seemed to drag along at the station as I was anticipating my meeting with Jim at 3:00pm. All morning and early afternoon I wondered if I would get a call from Holly asking me to call the whole thing off. Then at 2:00 the call came from her. This is it, I thought, but she wasn’t calling to call the whole thing off, she just wanted me to know that she loved me and that she would be thinking about me as I met with Jim.

I told her that I had arranged to take the rest of the afternoon off so I would be coming home right after meeting with Jim and would let her know how it went. She said she couldn’t wait to hear all about it. We ended the call with our typical “I love you”. I wrapped up my work day and by 2:45 I was headed to The Java Hut.

Again, just like the previous week, Jim was already there and this time he had my Americano waiting for me at the table. He stood to greet me and I could tell he wasn’t expecting me to be bringing him any good news about his proposal. You can imagine his shock when I jumped right in and told him; “We accept your proposal but we do so on condition that certain ground rules be put into place.”

He responded with a big grin on his face and said; “By all means, we will abide by your ground rules, in fact, we will be willing to do almost anything to let this take place. What do you have in mind?”

I started to lay out our conditions. “Before I get into the ground rules there are some preliminaries that we should iron out.”

“Fire away” he said as he sipped on his coffee.

So, I responded: “We don’t want this to take place anywhere near our hometown so we need you to rent a room at The Lakeside Resort for us to have free use of for two nights. We will be with you four guys the first night and then the second day and night we want to be able to use the spa and eat in the restaurants charging everything to the room with you picking up the full cost.” This little detail is something I just thought up this morning at my desk so it would be a surprise to Holly.

Jim responded; “Absolutely! Feel free to charge anything you want or need to the room and we will pick up the tab.”

Then I began going through the ground rules that Holly and I had discussed earlier in the week. “Ground rule one: Nothing can be done to Holly that will in any way bring her physical harm. We’re not into the whole BSDM thing. Nor can any of you do or say anything that would humiliate her or our marriage or me as her husband. Is that clearly understood?”

Jim responded in the affirmative.

“OK, ground rule two: I will be present for the entire session. I will not be bound in any way and will be free to put a halt to the session at any time if I believe that things are going sideways. Is that clear?”

This time Jim had a clarification, “When you say you can halt it if it starts going sideways, what do you mean by sideways?”

“That’s a fair question. By sideways I mean that if I feel you are doing anything to violate ground rule #1. I don’t want Holly physically injured or made to do something that is humiliating such as things involving pissing or scat or any of that sort of thing.”

Jim responded, “OK, I understand and certainly I agree that you have a perfect right to stop any such offensive behavior but normal sex using any position or oral sex acceptable is that correct?”

I replied, “Yes, both vaginal and oral sex is acceptable but anal sex is also off limits. Is that clearly understood?”

Jim simply said; “Agreed”.

“Ground rule three: Each guy must use protection in the form of a condom with any vaginal penetration.”

Jim protested a little and said; “But Jim, you know that none of us used a condom at Lou’s Tavern.” I told him that our concern wasn’t pregnancy but since we don’t know these other men we are wanting protection from any sexually transmitted disease.

Jim responded: “What if we each give you a medical release from a doctor certifying that we are clean of any STD’s?”

I made a quick decision and responded that would be acceptable but I needed the certification before the start of any activity and if Holly did contract any STD after this encounter the price would double from all four guys. Just for clarification I said that we would expect $5,000 from each man for a total of $20,000 and I wanted Jim to sign a binder that if any of them didn’t pay up, he would personally be responsible for any unpaid amount. He agreed and I told him I would write up a binder for him to sign and that needed to be done at least ten days before the event.

“Ground rule four: There needs to be a time limit. Holly and I were thinking that you would have full access to her for a total of two hours.”

Again, Jim filed a diplomatic protest, “Rob, two hours with four guys amounts to only a half hour per guy, don’t you think that for $2,500 we should each get at least an hour?” I responded, “Well, first of all, it’s not like you are going to be taking turns for the entire time, we both know that there will be some group activity going on but we don’t want to be unreasonable so let’s meet half way. We will agree to a time limit of three hours. You will arrive at 8:00pm on Friday evening and you will be dressed and out the door no later than 11:00pm.”

Jim smiled and simply said, “Agreed.” I went on.

“Ground rule number five; The $10,000 needs to be in the form of a certified cashier’s check and must be given to me in the hotel lobby prior to going up to the room.” I went on to explain, “I know you said cash but really Jim, I don’t think that either one of us want to be hauling around a briefcase full of cash.”

Jim said, “That sounds reasonable and we can get it done.”

“Good”, I said, “just two more things; first, you all need to realize that this is a one-time deal. None of you will ever again have access to my wife is that understood?”

“Absolutely clear and I fully understand.”

“OK, Jim this is the final point and this is one that Holly doesn’t know about; I’m really uncomfortable that you have this power over my wife with these three hypnotic commands. I want you to teach me how to use these three commands so that if in the future, she ever gets accidentally into a hypnotic state, I will be able to bring her out of it.”

Jim smiled and said, that one will be pretty easily met. While she is in the ‘RELAX’ mode of her hypnotic state I will simply implant the idea in her head that she should respond to either my voice or your voice. You will use the same physical signs pinching her ear or ear lobes or squeezing her right pinky finger and she will respond to the same three commands of; ‘COMMENCE’, ‘RELAX’ or ‘AWAKE’ whether it is my voice or yours. We can implant that idea in her mind the night we meet at The Lakeside Resort.”

I had one other clarification I needed to know; “So, let me get this straight, not only will I be able to get her out of a hypnotic state but if I pinch her ear as if I’m pressing her imaginary button and say the command “COMMENCE”, I will be able to put her into a hypnotic state and she will immediately start acting like a sex crazed woman?” The very thought of that put all kinds of kinky ideas into my head but at that point Jim explained something to me:

“Rob, I know it’s a little confusing but you need to keep in mind that each person responds differently under hypnosis. I will put the thought into her mind that she is to respond to your voice equally the same as she responds to mine but we can’t be certain she will be completely open to that. For sure, when she is already in a hypnotic state, she will respond to your voice for the ‘RELAX’ command and the ‘AWAKE’ command but I can’t tell you with certainty that from a completely conscious state she will enter into a hypnotic state at your command. It just all depends on her mind set. Some people are that responsive but others are not.”

I said, “OK, Jim, I understand and I guess we pretty much covered everything. I need to tell you that we’re not overly excited about this whole adventure but I guess we’re up for it. The only thing that swayed us was the potential of earning the $10,000.”

Jim stood and shook my hand saying, “That’s the reason we offered so much, we knew that anything less wouldn’t be a temptation for either of you. Could you do me a favor and write up the six ground rules so each of us can sign them in the lobby of the hotel prior to going up to your room. That way everything will be in writing, including the penalty if any STD’s show up afterward.”

“Very good, will do, and just to keep it all fair, we will also provide you with a doctor’s certification of a clean bill of health for Holly at the same time we receive yours.”

“Sounds good,” Jim replied as he let go from shaking my hand and said, “So we will see you at the resort. A room will be reserved in your name and everything will be billed to me.” Jim headed to the cashier and I headed home to Holly to let her know that everything was set.

Holly was anxious to know how the meeting went so I reviewed everything point by point. I thought she might be a little upset when I told her that they would have her for three hours instead of two but her comment was; “What does it matter, I won’t know anything anyway.”

I also told her that she would need to get a doctor’s certificate that she was free of any STD’s. That made her more nervous than the time issue since she had never asked her doctor about any such thing. I suggested she simply go to an urgent care facility and have them do the testing that way it would be less personal since she wouldn’t need to talk with our family doctor about why she might even need such testing. She agreed that was a good approach so she took care of it the next day since she was going to be running errands anyway.

Then the icing on the cake was when I told her that we would be with the guys on Friday night from 8:00 – 11:00 but we also would have the room booked for a second night so that she and I could enjoy everything the resort had to offer all day Saturday and most of Sunday with Jim picking up the entire bill. She threw her arms around me and said, “I was hoping you and I would have some romantic time alone that same weekend. Just the thought of that will make everything so much easier for both of us knowing that we will have a couple of days and nights to sort through everything.”

There were two weeks until the conference and even though I’m sure it never left either of our minds, we simply didn’t talk about it. I prepared the binder for Jim to sign and got it to his office. He signed and returned it to me by personal currier the next day. Then on Thursday night before our big weekend, after Jenny was in bed, I poured each of us a glass of wine and we went out to sit on the deck in the moonlight since it was such a pleasant night. As I handed a glass to my beautiful wife I said, “You know Honey, it’s still not too late to back out, I can call Jim and let him know it’s off if you want me to.”

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