A Free Slate – Session 13 – Can We Repeat

Not only was our sex life dramatically improved, but the six-thousand dollars truly did get us out of a small financial bind. I hadn’t realized just how tight the ol’ budget was until we had that extra cash to do whatever we wanted with. Now we were able to breathe more freely and even after our Disneyland weekend we were able to put seven hundred bucks into savings.

Now we’re even starting to think about that pool we had always dreamed about putting in. Holly had an uncle who was a very high end landscape contractor. At one time, he said he could get us into a pool at his cost which would be somewhere between nine to ten thousand bucks. I can’t say life was getting back to normal because it appears that our sex life has been permanently altered for the good. But I can definitely say that we were happy and excited about our future as a couple and as a family.

I was at my office one afternoon when one of the station secretaries buzzed me to say that a Dr. Matthews was holding for me on line one. The name didn’t ring a bell so I wondered if he was one of our emergency care providers. When I picked it up I used my normal tag line; “Hello, this is Rob Walters, how can I help you?”

From the other end of the line I heard, “Hi Rob, this is James Matthews.” I paused, still not recognizing the voice and then he said, “You know, Jim, Chuck’s psychiatrist friend.”

Instantly I stiffened, (my backbone, not my penis) and I replied, “Oh Jim, yes, I guess I never heard your last name before. I didn’t think I would ever be hearing from you again.” (of course, I felt like saying I was hoping I would never hear from him again.)

Jim asked, “How’s Holly? I’ve been wondering how she is handling this whole traumatic experience and knew you wouldn’t appreciate me calling her to ask so I thought I should call you instead.”

I responded somewhat coldly, “I appreciate that Jim, and you’re correct, I would have been pretty upset if I heard that you had called her direct without my permission. Quite honestly, I’m still pretty pissed at you for what you guys did to my wife.”

“I completely understand and you certainly are under no obligation to even speak with me but I was wondering if you could break away for coffee this afternoon?” He went on to say, “I’m in your part of town and was hoping we could meet.”

It was pretty slow at the station, all my projects were up to date and I was kind of looking for things to keep me busy so without giving it much thought I simply said, “Sure, let’s meet at The Java Hut on Fairfax in 20 minutes. Do you know where it is?”

Jim assured me he knew where it was and agreed to meet with me at three. He said; “I have something I want to discuss with you.”

What in the world would the psychiatrist have to discuss with me. We had already spent their ‘atonement money’. I thought this whole ordeal was behind us. At any rate, I finished up some stuff I was working on and told the station secretary that I would be out for about an hour meeting with one of our medical providers.

When I arrived at The Java Hut, Jim was already there sitting at a small bistro table for two with a hot cup of coffee in front of him. He stood to shake my hand when he spotted me coming in the door and for some crazy reason I was thinking, this is certainly a different way to greet me from the last time he saw me walking through a door. Last time, he was naked and standing next to my wife while she was bouncing up and down on Lou’s cock while in a hypnotic state. There it was, one of those graphic images popping into my head again.

I ordered a simple cup of Americano with cream and joined Jim at the table. Jim got right to the point in almost a clinical way. He really was concerned whether Holly was emotionally doing OK. He said he knew because of our history we would not want to meet with him for counseling but if we needed it, he knew three or four very reputable counselors he could recommend and he would be glad to pick up the fee for as long as it was needed until we both felt that counseling was no longer necessary.

I was having a hard time reading this guy. I still didn’t like him but his offer was generous and he didn’t need to make it. I thanked him for the offer buttold him that we were both adjusting well despite what had happened. At that point, Jim asked; “Has she had flashbacks or memories of what took place while she was in the hypnotic state?”

I told him that she did have some vague memories yet no specifics. I told him that over the past three weeks I had pretty much told her everything that happened that night. I explained that I felt it was better for her to know everything rather than have thoughts or memories come to her over the next few years and then feel guilty all over again. This way the air was clear and she knew without a doubt that I still loved her unconditionally and that I held none of what happened against her.

Then I added; “On the other hand Jim, I do hold you responsible for what happened and I’m still incredibly angry with you and I hardly think the thousand bucks you chipped in absolves you of your guilt.”

“I can understand that and I do accept responsibility. I’m sorry Rob and I want you to let Holly know that I’m sorry for taking advantage of her while she was under hypnosis.”

“Thank you for manning up and accepting responsibility. I appreciate that more than you can know. But we’re doing fine and to be honest with you, our love life has never been better. I’m not just being macho when I say we don’t need any counseling but thanks again for the offer.”

At that point, Jim changed the subject somewhat and asked; “So Rob, you mentioned that in your fantasy play together you sometimes imagined Holly being with another man. Do you still do that?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer but since he seemed to be pretty straight up about it all I decided to tell him the truth; “Yes. We do still use that fantasy during our intimate roll playing times and what we do now is simply bring up something that happened in Lou’s office that night. It gets Holly excited and I can picture the things in my own mind as real as if they were happening all over again. I even imagine that I am watching her do the things that Chuck told me about but I hadn’t actually witnessed with my own eyes. Tell me Jim, from a professional point of view, am I some kind of pervert for getting turned on by thoughts like this?”

He was quick to respond by saying, “I don’t know if you realize this or not Rob, but the number one fantasy married men have is to see their wife making love or at least having sex with another man.”

I looked at him somewhat dumbfounded and said; “You’re not kidding me just to make me feel better, are you?”

“No Rob, that’s a fact and the percentage of men that have such a fantasy is quite large.”

“Whoa, that’s interesting. I was thinking there was something wrong with me. At first, even Holly thought I was crazy for thinking such things. Now that it’s happened, we both use it to fuel the fires of our sex life.”

Then Jim dropped the bombshell on me. “Rob,” he said “I have something to ask you that I want you to think about and please keep in mind that we are in a very public place so I don’t want you flying out of your chair and smashing me in the mouth or something. Can I ask my question in relative safety?”

I actually chuckled and said; “Jim, if I was going to smash your mouth or beat you to a pulp, I would have done it at Lou’s Tavern. Go ahead, ask your question and even if I’m upset I still won’t do anything stupid but just know you’re picking up the tab for these coffee’s.”

“Fair enough”, Jim laughed and then went on with his question. “Rob, I have three other colleagues who were in my class in medical school who now live and have their practices in other states. I told them what I had done with a married woman while she was under hypnosis and they were fascinated. They were also quite skeptical of the things I told them. Now please know that I didn’t use anyone’s name or any other identifiers with these colleagues of mine. They have no idea who I was telling them about or even what town all this happened in.”

“Here’s the deal. All three of them and myself included are going to be at a conference at the very posh Lakeside Resort a little over a hundred miles from here. The conference takes place the middle of next month and they would really like to see me demonstrate what could be done under hypnosis.”

“Now here’s the part where you need to control your emotions. Rob: We are willing to pay $2,500 each if you and Holly will agree to meet with the four of us for a repeat of what happened at Lou’s Tavern. Just for clarification, that would be ten thousand dollars’ cash. What do you think?”

I was stupefied and immediately said; “Jim, you have a lot of nerve to ask me something like that! You know that my wife is not a whore that can be bought and we’re just now getting over what happened last time. The answer is NO!”

Jim took a long sip of coffee and waited for me to calm down before speaking again and then said; “Rob, I knew the chances were slim that either of you would agree to this proposal but the guys wanted me to ask so I did. Would you agree to just at least talk it over with Holly and then get back to me next week? We can meet right here at The Java Hut, same time, next Thursday. What do you say?”

“Fair enough, I’ll talk to Holly about it but don’t count on her giving any kind of positive response to your request.”

“That’s all I can ask Rob, and thanks for not taking my head off.” I stood up, shook his hand and walked out as he headed to the cashier to pay the tab.

That night, being a school night, we got Jenny in bed by 8:30 and then Holly and I, as is our normal habit, headed to the living room to snuggle and watch some TV. I had the remote in my hand but before I turned the TV on I said; “I had an interesting meeting with someone this afternoon.” I knew she would be curious and as expected, she took the bait.

“Who was that?” She asked.

“I got a call from Jim Matthews, our psychiatrist friend and he wanted to meet for coffee so I met with him.”

“Oh Really?” She said with raised eyebrows, “And just what did the ‘good’ doctor want to talk about?” She had a cynical tone in her voice when she called him the ‘good’ doctor. So, I told her about the meeting and how, first of all, he wanted to say he was sorry to both of us for taking advantage of you while you were under hypnosis.

I also told her that Jim offered to pay for counseling for as long as needed to help us get through the trauma of what had happened at Lou’s Tavern last month. She was impressed with his offer knowing that the bill could run into the thousands of dollars if we dragged the counseling out for a year or more. She even jokingly asked if we should take him up on his offer just to make him pay a huge bill. We both laughed and agreed that we didn’t want or need any kind of counseling.

We both knew deep down that the whole experience had actually improved our love life, and our commitment to one another is now stronger than ever. She said; “Well, I guess that was nice of Jim to even check in on us but I’m still pretty upset with him for what he did. He could have ruined our marriage!”

“Yeah, I essentially told him the very same thing. Holly, he did have one other thing he wanted us to talk over and I’m supposed to meet with him next week to give him our answer. He even made me promise not to beat the shit out of him for asking.”

To that Holly raised her eyebrows in that cute way she sometimes does and asked; “What in the world did he want; a repeat performance or something?” I was shocked at how close she was to putting her finger on his very request.

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