A Free Slate – Session 12 – Forgiveness for Her

Holly looked over at me and asked, “What are we going to do with it?”

I responded; “Well, first of all, that $500 should be yours to use however you want. And here’s what I was thinking we could do with the remaining $5,500: First; we still owe $2,700 on your mini-van so let’s pay that off.

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Then we can take $1,300 to pay off the past due balance on our Visa Card. That would leave us with $1,500 for us to take a weekend trip to Disneyland with Jenny. What do you think of that?”

Holly just looked at me with a blank expression on her face that over time turned into just the slightest of grins. “Do you mean you can somehow forgive me for what happened last night, we can pay off our debts and still have enough for a special trip for Jenny and the both of us?”

“That’s exactly what I mean honey, I love you and no matter what happened last night. Nothing has changed the love I have for you. It was hard for me to watch, also, to hear Chuck explain what had happened before I arrived and while I was knocked out. But now I have one other confession that I need to make to you.”

Now it was Holly who had a look of wonder at what I had done as opposed to what she had done. “Why do you have something to confess? What did you do?”

I then told her how when the young guys were fucking her brains out, I had a hard on that was bigger and harder than I had ever had in my life and before they were finished, I had dumped a whole load of sperm and cock juice in my pants without even touching it since my hands were still tied at the time.”

I know she didn’t mean to but she got a huge smile on her face and even giggled a little bit before she said; “I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t mean to laugh but the picture of you sitting in a chair tied hand and foot and cumming all over yourself is just too funny. Looks like I’m the one who had all the sex but my clothes are nice and neat but yours all need to be washed.”

We both laughed out loud and I realized that somehow by the grace of God we had been able to get past the worst of the conversation that needed to take place. I also knew that over the coming weeks and months I would need to share more specific things that had happened last night, including why she pictured Victor when she thought about her raw throat. But those discussions, if I handled them correctly might end up being fodder to fuel our own passions rather than being the downers that I had anticipated.

I knew that I needed to be gentle with Holly’s emotions and sensitive to her feelings as we pealed back the onion of last night’s entrance into the world of hypnosis. Jim’s comments that a person can’t be forced to do anything they didn’t really want to do came immediately to mind. I realized that at some point we would need to bring that up in our more intimate times of discussion. I had no idea how she was going to handle that particular conversation but hopefully, we could put that off for a few days or even weeks.

Holly did have a few general questions about what happened that we covered at random times throughout the rest of that day. Specifically, for instance, she wanted to know exactly who the six men were that had taken advantage of her. She wondered out loud how we were ever going to face any of those guys again. Specifically, did I think that I could still remain friends with Chuck and would we ever go back to Lou’s Tavern.

After some discussion, we decided that we needed to continue living our lives as if nothing had happened. We both instinctively knew that they felt just as bad as we did about what happened, well, probably not quite as bad, but they certainly were going to be just as uncomfortable as we would be the first time we saw any of them again. Yes, we would go to Lou’s Tavern again but not right away and yes, I would still play golf with Chuck and eventually we would even get together with he and Liz for dinner or an evening out together.

We had to keep our heads up high so all of us would realize that what happened was an anomaly brought on by a hypnotic state. We had to show them that Holly is her good old conservative self that she always was before. Otherwise any one of the six might only think of her as being a slut which she isn’t in any way shape or form. But, if we intentionally stayed away from them, that would be their last recollection of her and we just couldn’t have that.

Holly also had some questions about the timing of everything; when I was called away, when I returned and what time we finally came home. We talked until nearly 2:00pm and then at the same time we both realized that we hadn’t eaten anything since dinner the previous night. Together we fixed some nice sandwiches with potato salad and chips then sat out on our patio for some lunch. There was even some laughter which was refreshing.

As we were carrying our dishes back to the kitchen and Holly bent over loading the dishwasher I just had to comment on how hot she was. “Babe, you are the most attractive woman I have ever known and it’s certainly not any wonder that all those guys wanted to see you naked last night.” She stood up and locked eyes with me and then asked; “I’m not questioning if other guys might want to see me naked, that’s been happening since I was a teenager, my question is whether you will ever want to see me naked again after what happened last night.”

My heart melted. My poor, poor, wife. She still has doubts about my love for her and I knew I needed to demonstrate my unconditional love right at this very minute. I walked to where she was standing by the dishwasher and gently picked her up in my arms and carried her like a baby into our bedroom. As we were going she was giggling while I told her how much I couldn’t wait to see her naked body. Then I began to tell her all the nasty things I wanted to do to her and how I would be her best lover of all time with absolutely no exceptions.

I gently let her fall out of my arms onto the bed and then very quickly started removing her clothes which was pretty easy since she still just had her summer robe on with panties underneath. With no further words needed we made what to this day I think was the most passionate and intense love making that we have ever had. It was loving and tender immediately followed with animal passion and lust. Everything just melded into one amazing fuck.

Later that evening Holly asked how long the two younger guys had spent fucking her. I was thinking of the best way to tell her what I had seen and decided to give her an honest answer but in a roundabout way. First I told her that Chuck had only lasted about three thrusts, and the whole deed was done in less than two minutes from start to finish and that Jim also was finished within two or three minutes. That somehow made her feel better even though I next had to tell her that the younger guys had done her for nearly forty-five minutes.

I told her that she was so hot looking that us older guys didn’t have a chance to make it last. She smiled in spite of herself at that comment. As we went to bed that night we once again fell into love and lust for one another. I still hadn’t told her what she did to Vic but knew that would have to be talked about at some point. The exciting thing for me was to realize that we were going to get past this. I had no doubts about that!

Over the next few weeks one thing made itself perfectly clear; our personal love life was out of this world!

For instance, before that fateful night at Lou’s Tavern, Holly would rarely give me a blow job. She just didn’t like doing it and for sure she most certainly would never dream of swallowing. But now she gives them to me all the time and she can’t seem to get enough of having my cock down her throat.

And speaking of throat, she can deep throat me with ease and loves doing it! She of course knew it had to do with something that had taken place during her hypnosis. That being the case, I cautiously told her about Vic and how she made it a point of personal pride to be able to swallow his monster cock all the way to his pubes. I told her that he had made love to literally hundreds of women in his lifetime and none of them had ever come even close to doing what she was able to do.

I told her about she and Vic while we were lying in bed after a particularly hot love making session that included lots of oral sex on both of our parts. When I told her how big Vic’s cock was her eyes opened wide and she made me repeat it three times because she just couldn’t believe it. I reminded her that her throat had been sore and raw the morning after and I could see her mind putting two and two together as she figured out that I was telling her the absolute truth.

Each night I would tell her something new about that night at Lou’s Tavern as we were lying in bed. Each new thing I told her got her juices flowing resulting in some really hot sex for both of us. I thought I was going to have some definite trouble making love to Holly without these graphic images popping into my head while we were doing it. I knew without a doubt that up until that night I had been her only lover but now in one short evening there were six others. Some of them, I could put to shame with my love making skills, but those two younger guys along with Vic’s monster cock had me concerned that my wife might now be hooked on having someone bigger and or better than me.

I think Holly knew that I might struggle with those very issues so she was careful over the days and weeks that followed to assure me that I was the only man for her and whatever happened at the Tavern wasn’t what she wanted as a steady diet. I was her man and she was my woman. In addition to her being hyper sensitive to my feelings, she was carrying a lot of guilt for her actions; even if she was under hypnosis at the time.

Because of her guilt, she was extra sensuous towards me and she was often the aggressor just to make sure I knew that I was the one she wanted more than any other. The troubling thing for me was that images did often pop into my head, and instead of being angry or jealous, I got turned on, each and every time. I’m not sure if Holly knew what was going on in my head, but if she did, she kept it to herself.

If you recall, before that eventful night we had included the idea of other men fucking Holly as part of our fantasy roll playing and foreplay. I had always been serious about wanting to see her with another guy but up until this very day she assumed that I was just playing mind games and didn’t really want it to happen. Now that it did happen, I realized just how ultra-sexy my beautiful wife is. And even though it didn’t happen anywhere close to the ways we had imagined in our roll playing, I was still turned on by the idea of watching and thinking of her with other guys.

It’s just that if and when anything like that ever happens again, I want it to be on my terms. My terms don’t include me being tied up and forced to watch, I want to be an active and willing participant. She is my wife and I want to be able to protect her in case some guy starts acting like a jerk. I will never be the sissy cuckold and I do not ever want her going off on a date without me. I know that some folks are into that, which is fine for them, but if my wife is with another guy, I want to be there.

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