A Free Slate – Session 11 – Master of Manipulation

“No honey, it’s not a prank, it really did happen, but it wasn’t all your fault. You were manipulated by a master of manipulation. I’m afraid the doctor got the better of you. In fact, he got the best of you and so did the other five guys who were in the tavern last night.”

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A Free Slate – Session 12 – Forgiveness for Her

Again, Holly buried her face in her outstretched arms on the table and cried; “Oh no. Oh no. What have I done?” After what seemed like about ten minutes of her sobbing and repeating those same words: ‘Oh no’; ‘Oh no’; she finally looked up at me and with a terrified expression on her face asked; “Where did all of this happen? Was I just fucking guys out in the open in the middle of Lou’s Tavern?”

“No honey, at least they had the decency of moving the action into Lou’s office where you were able to use a proper bed for the show that you put on.” As soon as I said it I realized that I had used the wrong words by framing it into the context of her putting on a show.

She immediately started weeping again and saying; “Oh Rob, you must think I’m a horrible slut!”

“No Holly, I know you are a loving, tender, even somewhat conservative wife who loves her husband. It wasn’t really you who did those things in Lou’s office, it was a person who was under hypnosis. That’s why you can’t remember what happened. Jim didn’t really let you wake up and come to your senses until you had satisfied all six guys and in doing so you paid off your debt.”

“Rob, Rob, Rob, how could I have allowed something so dirty to happen? I’m so sorry! Can you ever forgive me?” Then she got a flash of remembrance spread across her face; “Wait a minute. Wait a minute! When I woke up, you were standing right in front of me. How long had you been there? Hopefully you didn’t see me do any of those disgusting things! Please tell me you didn’t!”

What could I say? I had to tell her the truth lest her memory might return and she find out that I was holding back. I told her how I had walked into the empty tavern and heard noises coming from the back room. I told the story of when I walked into the room she was sitting on Lou’s cock and then everything went blank because someone had knocked me out with a blow to the back of my head.

I let her know that when I woke up I was gagged and tied in a chair with no way to stop what was happening. I went on to explain that by the time I woke up Jim was doing her doggy style and Chuck was kneeling at my side.

“Oh sweetie” she cried. “I’m so ashamed that you had to see such horrible things!” This time she is the one who grabbed my hands across the table and we wept together for several minutes. When I was finally able to speak again I went on to explain how Chuck filled me in on the whole thing while the rest of the guys went into the bar for a drink.

I also let her know how peaceful and relaxed she looked lying on the bed after hearing the “RELAX” command. “Honestly Holly, it wasn’t the real you. It was as if you were a robot following commands. But at the same time, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you truly were enjoying the sex. Your body was responding to all the stimulus from each of the guys.

I told her that the rest of the guys were in the bar having a drink while Chuck was kneeling at the side of my chair explaining the whole thing to me. And how the worst part was that there were two younger guys who were in the bar that none of us knew who hadn’t had their turn with her yet. I told her that Chuck in compassion removed the gag from around my head and how I tried to speak to her but since she was still under hypnosis she couldn’t really hear me.

I also explained that when the guys came back into the room, Jim tried to explain a few things to me. “I hated him Holly! If I hadn’t been tied up I would have beaten the shit out of him right then and there. As it was, I had to watch those two younger guys fuck you, but worst of all, I had to watch as you were enjoying every minute of it.”

“Oh Rob, you know that the only man I have ever wanted to make love to is you! I’m so very sorry that you had to see me act the part of a whore and a slut but please, please, PLEASE! Please know that you’re the one I love. I don’t know who that woman was you had to watch but it wasn’t really me! She sobbed again and I realized that I had gone over the top and shouldn’t have put it the way I did. I needed to calm down myself and get some control back before going on, but I didn’t know what to say or how to proceed.

Fortunately, Holly provided the way out of my dilemma when she asked: “But I still don’t understand where all this money came from.” That was the way to continue so I shared with her how Jim had put her into the RELAX mode and then taken all the guys, including Chuck into the bar for some sort of discussion. They came back in and Jim explained that they had all decided how rotten the whole situation was and how it had gotten way out of hand.

I told her how the flirting that had gone on while I was still in the tavern before the emergency call and the flirting that continued after I left had given Chuck and Jim the idea that we were perhaps into some kinky lifestyle that allowed for sharing and extra marital affairs.

Holly looked especially saddened and said: “Oh Rob, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think I was flirting that much but I guess perhaps I was a bit drunk.”

“Well, that’s why they didn’t think it was such a travesty to make the bet about you being a sex crazed woman. But then when I told Chuck and he told Jim that up until last night, I had been the only man who you had ever been with they all felt very remorseful and ashamed of themselves. Together they all decided that they were guilty and needed to pay something in the way of atonement.”

Holly’s eyes lit with fire and she asked; “Do you mean to tell me that I was paid for sex? What do they think I am, some kind of prostitute!?” I assured her that her response was the same as mine last night when they put the money in front of me. In fact, I had spit out nearly the same venomous words she did. But they explained that it wasn’t intended to be pay for services rendered but it was the only way they could think of to let us know that this was going to cost them something near and dear to their heart.

Essentially, they were putting their money where their mouth was and they were pleading their case by telling me how hard it was going to be for months to come trying to explain to their wives why they had each spent $1,000 at Lou’s Tavern. Chuck in fact knew that Liz was going to give him hell for a long time over this unexpected expense since they couldn’t in any way shape or form afford it. “So, my dear, it’s not just $500, but in front of you is a pile of money that adds up to $6,000!”

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