A Free Slate – Session 10 – Flashes of Yesterday Day

“No, No, No! I wish that were all but I’m afraid it is much more serious than that, I think I may have had sex with someone and I don’t even know who. Maybe it was Lou, maybe it was Chuck or maybe even that psychiatrist friend of Chuck named Jim. I don’t know who or what or when but I know something dreadful happened and now I’m afraid of losing you and screwing up our wonderful family.”

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“There, there”, I comforted her. “Just know that I love you dearly and nothing is going to change that. Please just tell me what’s bothering you.” With that, I again reached across the table and this time took both her hands in mine. I could tell she needed a moment to get her thoughts together so I said; “Let me go refresh our cups of coffee and I’ll be right back.”

I spent more time than necessary fiddling around while getting the coffee and wiping the kitchen counter. I was away from her for no more than two or three minutes but it gave her a chance to dry her tears and catch her breath. As I came back to the table, I put our cups down and sat once again across from her grabbing both of her hands in mine I asked. “What is it honey? Tell me what’s gotten you so bothered. You said yourself that you can’t remember having sex with anyone, why are you so sure you did?”

With that, she began to tell her tale of woe: “This morning as I was lying in bed trying to figure out what happened last night I was still bothered by the vague recollection of kissing Chuck but couldn’t actually see myself doing it, or even wanting to for that matter. Then about fifteen minutes after waking up I realized that I had horrible morning breath. My mouth felt like I had been licking ashes out of an ash tray or had eaten rotten onions or something like that. Then when I swallowed; you know how you sometimes swallow your own spit? Well when I swallowed my throat was very raw and sore, but not sore like when you have a cold, it was more like rough and raw feeling. As I was wondering why I felt like that I suddenly got a picture of Victor in my mind. You remember Victor, the bouncer at Lou’s tavern?”

“Yes, I remember Victor, I think everyone around the tavern simply calls him Vic.”

“Yes, that’s the guy, but I don’t know why I was even thinking of him in conjunction with my sore throat. Well anyway I decided to get up and brush my teeth which I did and as is so often the case the running water in the sink made me feel like I had to pee. So, I sat on the toilet to pee but instead of coming out in a steady stream as it normally does, it just sort of gushed out splattering everywhere in the toilet bowl. I thought that was strange but that wasn’t all; there was a burning sensation as I peed as if my vagina was rough and raw. But the worst thing was after I finished peeing I still had stuff dripping out of my vagina. It felt sort of like it feels when I’m having my period but I knew this wasn’t even close to that time of the month.”

She tearfully went on, “It seemed like I had to sit there four or five minutes while stuff just drained out. When I got up I looked in the bowl and honey, I don’t know any other way to tell you this, but it was men’s sperm that had drained out of me! That’s why I was desperately hoping that you and I made love last night before we went to sleep but since you say we didn’t, that sperm must have come from someone else. Oh honey, I’ve ruined our faithful marriage! I’ve transgressed our marriage vows! I’ve had sex with another man and now I’m afraid that I’ve broken up our wonderful family!”

She had the look of terror in her eyes as if she was about to be attacked by a rabid dog. “Rob, I don’t know how you could ever forgive me and for sure I don’t know how I am ever going to be able to forgive myself. Since going to the bathroom I’ve spent the last half hour in bed wondering how in the world I am ever going to tell this horrible news to you and how I will ever be able to live with what I’ve done. All I could do was picture my dad giving you my purity ring at our wedding ceremony as a pledge that I saved myself for you and only you. Now I’ve ruined everything!!”

OK, she knows that someone fucked her last night. Now how am I going to proceed from here? How am I going to break the news to her? Should I just tell her about one of the guys who screwed her and leave it at that? I knew that she was starting to have at least some vague memories like Jim had told me some people do when they come out of hypnosis. If I choose to tell her about one of the guys, what would happen later if she started being suspicious that it was really one of the other ones? It was a quick decision but I decided that I needed to tell her the whole truth of what happened the night before. But where do I start? How do I go about it? How can I let her know that I still love her? Then I got what I later discovered turned out to be a very good idea.

I picked up the zippered bank bag of cash that Lou had set in my lap last night. “Honey, you’ve seen the $500 here on the table but you need to know something about your bet. What exactly did you wager?”

Holly looked at me and said, “Well I was kind of drunk but as I recall the psychiatrist and I were having a bit of a dispute about hypnosis. He said he used it regularly in his practice and I told him that I didn’t believe in it. So, he bet that he could put me under hypnosis and cause me to act like a sex crazed woman and if he couldn’t, he would give me $500. That’s why he gave this money to you to pass on to me. He lost the bet so he owed me the $500.”

As she said this she was fingering the five bills on the table, then she went on. “I was completely confident he couldn’t successfully hypnotize me so I asked him what he would win if he was successful. He said if he won then he and all the guys in the bar would get to play with a sex crazed woman. Rob, I knew I was a bit tipsy but I also was confident that it was a safe bet because there is just no way that I would ever act like a slut, so I just said; ‘You’re on’. Now I clearly see the $500 here on the table so I know that I must have won the bet!”

Now was my time to start the story of what happened last night at Lou’s Tavern: I picked up the pouch of money and emptied its contents on the table. Holly’s eyes were big as saucers and she said; “My gawd Rob, where did you get all that money?”

That was the opening I was hoping for so I said; “Honey, you didn’t win the bet, I’m afraid you lost.” She was stunned by my comment and briefly I could see her mind racing over just what the ramifications of losing would be.

“But if I lost, I don’t understand why you have all this money.”

“Let me explain what happened”. Then I told her everything from the time I left for the fire emergency and on to the time that Jim was explaining the three different commands she would receive and how she was to respond. She remembered the whole conversation that had taken place while they were sitting on the bar stools before the actual hypnosis took place.

“But sweetie, I remember him telling me how I would respond to some simple commands accompanied by some strange touching like squeezing my ear or pinching my earlobes or grabbing my finger but they all seemed so bazar. I just thought this guy has some strange fetish for women’s ears and this was his excuse to touch me there.”

I continued, “Do you remember him trying to hypnotize you?”

“Yes, I remember him taking a little pen light from his blazer pocket and shining it in my eyes. It all seemed so silly, so I just went along with it, all the time thinking that this is the easiest $500 shopping spree I have ever earned.”

“Well, do you remember what happened after he used the flashlight?”

Holly looked into my eyes and simply said; “No. That’s when everything becomes a blur. I really can’t remember anything else except like I said, I think I might have kissed Chuck right after that. OH, MY GOD! DON’T TELL ME THAT I ACTUALLY BECAME A SEX CRAZED WOMAN!!”

She was yelling her question at me and I knew I had to keep calm and truthful in my response: “Honey, I wish I could tell you something otherwise but yes, that’s exactly what you became. Not only did you become a sex crazed woman but you had sex with all six guys that were in Lou’s Tavern at the time of your bet.”

Tears of grief formed in her eyes as she said. “OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! Please say this is a big prank and you’re just making this up!”

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