A Free Slate – Session 08 – Vanishing the cunt

You know that none of us are in a position to just hand over a thousand bucks without realizing that our wives would ask a lot of questions and that we would have a hell of a time trying to explain it away. But the more we thought about it, the more we knew that nothing less would suffice.” Jim looked over at Chuck who had finished removing the ropes from my arms and legs as if imploring him to say something.

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So, Chuck chimed in; “Look Rob, we kind of had a sense that you would look at the cash as some sort payment for sex and we really didn’t want you to think of it that way. We just couldn’t think of anything else that would somehow convey that we knew what we did was rotten and that we needed to do something that would cost us. So, this is what we came up with.”

“Nonetheless”, I spit out, “We don’t want your stinkin’ money.” But Chuck replied; “I had an idea you might say that but look Rob, you need to take the cash because we need to pay it.” At that point, Lou reached up on the top of his desk and picked up a zippered bank bag and putting all the money into it and zipping it closed as he laid it in my lap. I put my hand on the bank bag to keep it from falling off my lap and with that gesture I apparently accepted their blood money.

Jim got up off his knees and said; “OK Rob, I’m going to wake Holly up from her hypnotic state but before we do, Lou can you bring a warm damp bar towel in so we can clean her up a little before I bring her back to her senses?” While Lou was out of the room I scratched my itching nose, and rubbed my wrists and ankles where the ropes had bound me to the chair.

Lou was back in less than a minute with a warm towel as well as a dry one. Jim said; “Thanks Lou”, then Jim instructed; “When she comes out of it I don’t think either Lou, Chuck or myself should be visible to her but only you Rob. So, if you two guys will go out and wait for me behind the bar, I will stand behind Holly and wake her up with Rob standing in front of her. Sound good?”

Chuck and Lou got up off the floor where they had been kneeling next to my chair. They didn’t say a word as they left the room but Chuck did put his hand on my shoulder one more time before he left. No matter how much Chuck had disappointed me in not looking out for Holly when I had to leave the bar earlier, I still couldn’t help liking the guy. He was so sincere in his apology for what had happened and I could tell that he was contrite in his heart for letting me down.

Jim instructed me what to do next; “Rob, I want you to stand over here in with your back against Lou’s desk facing the office door. I’m going to have Holly face you with her back to the door. Then, I will bring her out of the hypnotic state and she will be looking directly at you giving me a chance to quietly slip out the door without her being aware that anyone else had been in the room”.

I followed his instructions and then in a normal tone of voice Jim clearly told Holly to stand up facing Lou’s desk. She stood right in front of me but it seemed that her eyes were looking right through me as if I wasn’t even there. What the heck, didn’t she recognize me? Jim noticed the look on my face and told me that while she is in the relaxed state, even though he could instruct her to do certain activities such as stand up or lay down, she really was in a sleep like condition and therefore couldn’t really register in her brain the things she was seeing or feeling. So, in reality, even though she was looking right at me it was as if she were walking in her sleep and she didn’t really know that I was there.

Jim handed me both towels and suggested I use them to clean up my wife as much as possible. She was a mess, with men’s cum everywhere. Not thick mind you but there were splatters of it on her tummy, her legs, her back, her butt, her breasts, as well as her neck and face. I noticed that some of it was even in her hair. What she needed was a bath or shower.

Having cleaned her up as best I could she just stood there as I was wiping the towels over her body. It felt as if I were wiping down a mannequin in a department store. When I was done, I folded the towels and laid them on the floor. Next, Jim walked around behind Holly and told her it was time to get her clothes back on. I watched as Holly methodically got dressed much as she would at the beginning of a normal day.

When she was fully clothed Jim took out his own comb and somewhat combed out her hair so she looked half way decent. When he was finished, he stood behind her again and took both of her earlobes between his fingers. As he lightly pinched her earlobes he said “Holly, we’re finished now.” Then he gave the command; AWAKE!

Instantly and miraculously Holly’s eyes were clear and she saw me standing in front of her. She threw her arms around my neck in a very tight hug and said; “Oh Rob, I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been having some terrible dreams.” While she was saying this, I saw Jim quietly slip out the office door into the bar. Holly quickly looked around the room and asked, “Where are we?”

“We’re in Lou’s office.” Holly raised her lips to mine and gave me a very sensual kiss and I began to think maybe we could get beyond all that had happened tonight.

But right in the middle of the kiss she pulled back with a look of dread on her face and she said; “Oh my goodness Rob, I have a confession to make to you.”

“What is it babe?”

“Rob, you know that I was pretty drunk when you were called away from the bar don’t you?”

“Yah, you most certainly did have more than normal.”

She went on; “Rob, I don’t know how to tell this to you except to be straight out, I think I may have kissed Chuck tonight. I can’t actually remember doing it but just now as I kissed you I had this weird feeling that I had also kissed Chuck. Can you ever forgive me honey? If I did kiss him it wasn’t because I’m in love with him or anything like that and I’m not even absolutely sure I kissed him at all but I don’t want to keep any secrets from you.”

I could tell she was thinking and trying to remember what happened. I simply said; “It’s late babe, let’s just get you home and we can talk about it in the morning.” And with that we started for the door but before we left the room she looked back at the bed and I could tell she was having some sort of flashback when she asked;

“Why is that bed all messed up?”

I lied to her saying; “Well, you were pretty wasted and by the time he was ready to take you home Chuck didn’t think he was in any condition to be driving. Lou told him you could lay down and rest in his office until I could come pick you up and take you home. So, they let you just crash here in Lou’s office until I could arrive.”

She seemed to buy into the story I just told because she said; “That was nice of them, they’re such nice guys and I’m so glad you could come to escort me home”.

I kind of wished she hadn’t used the word ‘escort’ since what she had done here tonight was pretty much what an escort service would provide but I knew she didn’t realize the truth of what she was saying. I put my arm around her waist and was heading her back toward the door but she stopped again looking at the bed. She looked terrified and said; “Oh my god Rob, that’s Lou’s bed!”

I replied simply, “Yes, I know. Sometimes he sleeps here when he’s had a particularly long day and doesn’t feel up to driving home”.

While still looking at the bed she said, “Honey, I may have cheated on you with Lou!” She looked deep into my eyes and hers were full of dread and terror.

I tried to comfort her; “Look babe, you’re still a little bit drunk and for sure you’re tired. Let’s just get home and we can talk about it tomorrow”.

“No!” She nearly shouted. “Didn’t you hear what I just said? I can’t remember anything specific but I might have been laying on that bed with Lou! Oh, my god! I can’t believe I’m even saying stuff like this! Maybe it was a bad dream I had while I was dozing off but even if it’s just a dream I shouldn’t be having dreams like that. I’m scared honey! I don’t want to be a cheating wife! You know I’ve never cheated on you and haven’t even had a wild thought about doing so, but something happened here tonight! I can’t seem to remember anything but I just know something happened, but I’m not sure what!”

Holly was weeping openly now. I again just said, “There, there now babe. Like I said you are still a bit drunk and you’re having some very bad thoughts. Let’s get home, I’ll draw you a nice warm bath and then we can get some much-needed sleep. We can talk about all this stuff in the morning.”

That seemed to calm her down, so we walked out of the office and out of the tavern. She never noticed Lou, Chuck, Jim and Vic standing behind the darkened bar but I could see them silently watching our every step as we left. I don’t think Holly had any idea of the time. Out in the parking lot I recognized Chuck’s SUV from seeing it at the golf club. I could see Lou and Vic’s rigs were out back. Since the two younger guys had left already that meant that the red Ferrari in the parking lot must have belonged to Jim.

As I walked Holly past the Ferrari she heard me say, “Bastard, a thousand bucks probably means nothing to him”. I had said it under my breath and didn’t even realize I was saying it out loud.

She asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing babe, I was just thinking about something that happened earlier, let’s go home.”

I opened the door for Holly to get in and closed it for her while walking around to the driver’s side. As soon as I started the engine Holly spoke up; “Wait a minute, I need to go back in there.”

“What for babe?”

“I think that psychiatrist might still be in there and he owes me $500! We made a bet and I won! He owes me five hundred bucks!”

“Yes, I know all about the bet babe and he already gave me the money.”

“But that was my $500 and I was hoping to go shopping with it!”

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