A Free Slate – Session 07 – A Small Payoff

Jim went on trying to defend himself a bit. “Now you need to understand something Rob; admittedly we’ve been taking advantage of your wife sexually but she’s the one who made this bet and we gave her every opportunity to get out of it with no questions asked.”

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He wasn’t using an argumentative tone of voice, he was just stating the facts so what could I do but respond, “Yeah I know, Chuck did a good job of filling me in on all the details.”

Jim looked at Chuck, “Did you tell him everything?” Chuck just nodded in the affirmative as Jim turned back to me and said, “Rob, you know that especially in a tavern, a bet is a bet and it needs to be paid. So, I’m afraid you need to remain tied up just a little bit longer because these two young real estate agents have been patiently waiting their turn with Holly”. 

There must have been the look of horror in my eyes but Jim said; “Holly bet me $500 that I couldn’t hypnotize her into becoming a sex crazed woman willing to service every guy in the bar. Well, these two guys were in the bar at the time. In fact, they were shooting pool when you got that emergency call, remember”?

“Yeah, I remember. But she was drunk when she made that bet!” I was pleading for her.

“Well she didn’t seem drunk at the time and now she needs to finish her obligation.” With that he nodded to the two young guys and they started to strip their clothes off. Then Jim approached the bed and spoke to my beautiful bride: “Holly, it’s time to sit up.”

Right away she sat up with a smile on her face and looked up into Jim’s eyes and casually said, “Hello.” If it weren’t for the fact that my wife was sitting naked in front of a room full of men, it might have been almost comical.

Jim said, “We have two more men who are ready to have sex with you and then we will be finished.”

Just then Lou piped up saying, “Wait a minute. Vic never really had a turn, she just sucked him off”! It was bad enough that I was going to have to watch these two young bucks taking my wife but I cringed at the thought of Vic’s monster cock stretching her pussy out of shape.

Fortunately, Vic spoke up saying; “I’m good. After what she did for me I don’t want anything else to happen with me. I just want to savor the memory of her taking me all the way down her throat and I don’t want anything else to cloud that memory.”

With that Jim placed his thumb into Holly’s left ear and with his index finger he pressed her imaginary button and said “COMMENCE”. I was fascinated because even though Chuck had described it to me, this is the first time I witnessed her turning into an instant slut. She immediately got up on her hands and knees cross wise to the bed and said, “Come on boys, I want one in my mouth and one in my pussy!” There, I heard her say ‘pussy’ with my own ears. Surely this was the hypnosis talking because this just wasn’t the wife I know.

The guys didn’t argue as they took up their positions. Oh, to be young again! They must have screwed her for ten minutes bringing her to one orgasm after another before they decided to change places. Now Holly was sucking the cock that had just been in her pussy. Another first for her! She would never dream of sucking my cock after it had been in her. Heck, she had only sucked my cock a hand full of times anyway. I had asked her to give me head after I had fucked her once and she was so put off, that was enough to never ask her again.

Then I noticed the guy in back starting to spread her butt cheeks apart as he moved his cock toward her little ass hole. I shouted at the top of my lungs, “Don’t mess with her ass”! Jim jumped up and told the guy to leave that alone, it was off limits.

Sheepishly the young guy said, “Sorry man, I just started to get carried away.” And with that he slid his cock into her well lubricated pussy. They still went another ten minutes before they both started grunting at the same time as their volcano’s started erupting. But instead of staying inside, they pulled out and started shooting all over her body. That was yet another first for either of us! I’ve got to admit that it was sexy as hell watching all the fucking action and that’s when I noticed that not only did I have a hard on but without anybody touching me I had dumped a whole load of sperm in my pants.

As soon as the guys were finished Jim stepped up to the bed and taking Holly’s pinkie finger into his hand and squeezing it he said; “RELAX”, and she fell to the bed in nearly a fetal position looking just as relaxed and restful as I have ever seen her. Jim then told all the guys to get dressed and come into the bar because he had something he needed to talk with them about.

I just stared at my resting wife wishing I could relax right now but I didn’t know if I would ever be able to relax again. My thoughts and my life just seemed to be turned completely upside-down. My arms and legs were getting stiff and my nose, of all things, was itching like crazy. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see the guys getting dressed and one by one moving to the door behind me as they headed into the bar.

Chuck, now fully clothed again knelt at my side but within a moment I heard the door open again and Jim’s voice said, “Chuck, I need you to be part of this conversation too.” And with that he stood back up and lightly put his hand on my shoulder and quietly said, “I’ll be right back”.

So, there we were, just Holly and I in the back office of Lou’s Tavern. She naked and peaceful as can be and me with a sticky load of cum in my pants tied to a chair. What in the world are we going to do now? If she doesn’t remember anything about tonight, should I tell her what happened? Am I ever going to be able to get these images out of my mind? Do I want to? And what about my own hard on? What was that all about? Did I get some sort of kinky pleasure out of what happened here tonight? Would I ever want something like this to happen again?

I was mulling these things over in my mind and even thought that the whole scene really was pretty sexy and my wife really did look hot as she was servicing these guys but NO! I can’t possibly be thinking these kinds of thoughts. That’s my wife!!
 The one thing I did know for certain was that nothing like this could ever happen without me being present and if it ever did happen again there is no way I was going to be tied up.

As her protector, if we ever did anything like this, I needed to be available to step in and put a stop to things if I didn’t like the way they were going. Then I thought about Chuck. Was I angry with him for fucking my wife? I couldn’t decide; but I knew if I had been in his shoes, I don’t think I could have resisted either. One thing I did know however was that I was angry as hell at the psychiatrist and held him responsible. If I could only figure out a way to hurt him without going to jail I would certainly do it.

After a short five minutes Jim, Chuck and Lou walked back into the office. Jim and Chuck both knelt on their knees at either side of me while Lou went over to his desk. I saw that he had a little stack of checks in his hand. He opened the center drawer and placed the checks inside. Next, he pulled out the smaller drawer on the right side of his desk and reached deep into the innards of the massive walnut desk.

There must have been a hidden switch because just as he was straightening up the bookshelf behind his desk began to slide sideways by itself until a five-foot-tall cast iron safe was fully exposed. It was like something from out of the movies. As he started moving toward the safe, Jim began talking to me while Chuck began untying the ropes from my arms and legs. I couldn’t wait to scratch my nose.

“Now Rob, I know that you must be very angry at us and at me in particular. That’s understandable and in fact I would be really concerned about your marriage if you weren’t angry. Hypnosis is a strange thing but you need to know that nobody can force anyone to do something against their will using hypnosis. I can help people stop smoking because they really do want to stop smoking. Same thing with gambling or over eating. Hypnosis simply releases a person’s mind to allow their body to do what had previously seemed impossible to them.

The reason I’m telling you this is because your wife must have already had a secret desire to be able to do the things she did here tonight.” At that point, I wanted to slug the good doctor in the face. But he went on, “Oh perhaps she never desired for things to go to the extent that they progressed to this evening but at the very least she must have had a proclivity to want to experience sex with someone other than yourself. I need to ask you; have the two of you ever indulged in pillow talk about her having sex with other men as part of your role playing”?

It was as if a flash bulb went off in my head! “Yes, we have. It started with me asking if she had ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with another guy since I knew that I had been her only experience. At first she was really mad that I would even ask her such a thing but over the course of a year or so we started playing little word games with me pretending to be other guys while we were having sex.”

“I thought so,” Jim replied. “That’s why she was open to hypnotic suggestion and I want you to know that in my professional opinion, I’m fairly certain that she has never cheated on you. Tonight, was a complete anomaly for her.”

I simply responded; “That’s a bit of a relief but it still doesn’t make me feel good about tonight!”

Jim went on, “I realize that Rob, in fact we all realize that; and there is nothing we can do to make what happened tonight go away. We didn’t realize that Holly had never been with another man and quite frankly the way she responded to sexual suggestion, we were all fairly sure you and she were into some alternative lifestyle that permitted extra-marital relations. Now that we know this was something that had never taken place prior to tonight we all feel just rotten about what we did.

That’s why just now, in the other room, we came up with an idea to prove to you in some small way just how badly we feel. Now don’t get angry with what we came up with but we each agreed to kick in $1,000 to help atone for our guilt. Don’t take this the wrong way; we’re not trying to pay you and Holly for the sex, we are trying to make this cost us something significant in our own lives.

Each of us are married and each of us are going to have hell to pay trying to explain to our wives why we wrote a check to Lou’s Tavern for $1,000. And even though Lou will be able to deposit our five grand, he is still going to have to explain to his wife why his till is short by one thousand dollars. It’s the only thing we could think of to make tonight literally cost us something even though it cost you and Holly so much more.”

Just then Lou came over to us and knelt on one knee as he laid out four five hundred dollar bills. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a five-hundred- dollar bill! Then he started counting out 40 one hundred dollar bills. “Jeez Lou, why do you have such a huge amount cash on site?”

He simply said, “Not to worry Rob, it’s all clean honest money. It’s just that I’ve never much trusted or cared for banks so I keep my savings right here where I can look at it anytime I want to.”

Even though I was shocked by seeing all that cash I soon got control of my thoughts and said; “My wife is not a whore that you think your stinking money can buy sex from her! I don’t care how much money you shove at me, you could never make me feel OK with what you bastards have done to my Holly”!

“Now listen Rob”, Jim went on speaking, “We never intended for this to be payment for services rendered. We were just out there in the bar trying to think of some way that this whole thing would cost us something and that’s when Lou came up with the idea that maybe we should put our money where our mouth is. One of the younger guys said maybe we should each throw $100 in the pot and give it to you but we quickly realized that $600 dollars would be an insult to both you and Holly. That’s when we came up with the idea of $1,000 each.

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