A Free Slate – Session 06 – Beautiful Cock Buried in Cunt

“Yeah, I know, I don’t think I could resist if the shoes were reversed and I had your wife Liz lips wrapped around my cock either. I just wonder when she ever learned how to deep throat because it sure as hell wasn’t with me!”

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I could tell Chuck was taken aback a bit by my comment about the shoes being on the other foot. He was thinking for the first time how he might be feeling if some other guy was with his wife. It was pretty obvious he didn’t like the idea of that happening one little bit.

Then Chuck shot back, “Hey man, don’t’ even let your mind go there about her learning this from some other guy! I’m sure it was just the hypnosis. I don’t have any doubts that this was all new to her too!

Well anyway, I was about to lose it when she grabbed tight around the base of my cock and said, “Not yet big boy”. Then she stood and again wrapped her arms around my neck pressing her nipples into my chest hair and giving me another passionate kiss. As we were kissing I saw Jim come along side us and began to lower the zipper on the side of her skirt. It pooled to the floor and she kicked off her shoes while stepping out of the skirt. Now she was on her tip toes with her arms still around my neck standing in nothing but the sexiest red thong that I have ever seen! I’ve tried to get my wife Liz to wear something like that but she always says she can’t get comfortable with the thin strip of material buried in her ass. But gawd did Holly look like a Playmate of the Year!

As we were kissing I noticed Jim methodically picking up our clothes and neatly folding them over there on Lou’s desk as you can plainly see.” I glanced over at the desk noticing two neatly stacked piles of clothing, his and hers side by side. I was in shock! Stunned is a word that comes to mind describing how I felt. Holly and I have always had a healthy sex life but what Chuck was describing is so way out of character for my little ‘Miss Purity Pledge’ girl, I was having a hard time processing it in my mind.

In the background, I could still hear laughter and talking coming from the bar as Chuck finished his account of how this whole thing got started earlier this evening. “Well, I suppose you need to know that Holly pulled me to the bed and said; “OK mister, now I’m ready for you to return the favor, get your tongue over here and get busy with this pussy”. As she said this as she scooted back on the bed and spread her legs.”

I couldn’t help it as another groan escaped my lips. Just the thought of another man seeing my wife naked was killing me much less the idea that he was going to actually taste her as well!

Chuck said; “I know this is hard Rob, but you said you wanted to know.” Little did Chuck know that it’s like getting kicked in the guts but in a weird sort of way, I did appreciate the way he was telling me in a no holds barred sort of way.

“Please go on.”

“Rob, I know you’re a friend of mine and I really don’t mean to make you angrier than you already are but I gotta tell you that I have never tasted a pussy as sweet as Holly’s. I won’t go into all the details but four times she orgasmed to the oral sex I gave her and then as she came down from her forth cum she said; “I’m ready to have that beautiful cock of yours buried in my cunt now!””

“Wait a minute”, I nearly shouted as I jerked my head toward Chuck. “Did she really say that? Are those the actual words she used?”

I could see Chuck ponder for a moment wondering if perhaps he had already said too much and finally just said, “Yes, that’s exactly what she said. Why do you ask?”

“Because in all the years I’ve known her, she has never said the word cock or cunt! That’s just not part of her vocabulary. Only once while we were watching a movie that had a racy scene in it did she say the word ‘pussy’, and that was when she made a comment something like “I’ll bet that girl’s pussy is really sore.” Even then, she was totally embarrassed that she had used the word ‘pussy’ out loud. Whenever she wants to refer to my organ she always uses the word penis and if she is ever referring to herself, it is always her vagina. So, in some ways your telling me that she used words like cock and cunt is kind of comforting because it lets me know that she really isn’t acting like herself and the hypnosis is controlling her words and actions.”

“Look”, Chuck said, “Again you’ve got to understand that this hypnosis stuff makes people do strange things. If it’s any consolation to you, I was so jacked up that I came within three thrusts into her. It probably didn’t even take one full minute and I was finished. It’s not like I fucked her for hours.

But as soon as I pulled out I saw that both Lou and Vic were standing on either side of the bed and had already taken their clothes off. Right away Lou took my place and immediately started thrusting into her. She was going crazy with him when she reached out to grab Vic’s huge penis. Lou is about the same size as me but that cock of Vic’s is easily two or three inches longer and twice as thick!

Lou told her that he wanted her to ride him to completion so he crawled onto the bed and laid down on his back, but she said; “Before I climb on you, I just have to see if I can swallow this big cock.”

With that she grabbed Vic’s hunk of meat and bit by bit took him into her mouth. Vic’s eyes were getting bigger and bigger as he said, ‘Hot damn, I’ve been with over a hundred women and none of them have even come close to doing what this little filly is doing!”

Then she began bobbing her head up and down his shaft until her nose was pressed against his groin and his cock was obviously buried deep into the recesses of her throat. We could even see her neck bulge as she swallowed that monster! Then she just held him there for the longest time while struggling to breathe through her nose. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Vic shouted, “She’s massaging my cock with her throat!” And with that he shot what seemed like a gallon of jizz straight into her stomach.

As Vic was staggering back he literally had to sit in that chair over there he was so weak from it all. Honestly Rob, if you weren’t in this rotten position you find yourself in tonight I think you would have really been proud of her. We could all see that she was pretty proud of herself for such a small girl to be able to totally wipe out that giant of a bouncer!”

I didn’t know if I should smile or not, but in some perverted sort of way I was proud of her for being able to take on a guy the size of Vic and clean his clock. Then I caught myself for even thinking such a thing and Chuck continued his story.

“As soon as she was finished with Vic she climbed on Lou and began riding his cock and it wasn’t long before he said, “Oh shit!” Then we could see he was looking at the video monitor mounted up near the ceiling in that corner over there.”

I turned my head and noticed two monitors, one displayed the entry door of the tavern and another that showed the bar itself aimed at the cash register. Chuck went on, “That’s when he saw you walking into the bar and told Vic to get behind the door and take care of you before you could cause problems. But he did tell Vic not to hurt you, but to just to keep you from hurting us.

Vic asked if he should keep you from coming into the office and Lou told him ‘no’. He explained that it would be harder on you not knowing what was going on than it would be for you to see it for yourself. Remember Rob, at this point based on the flirting before the hypnosis began and based also on some of the things she had said, we all assumed you two were into this kind of lifestyle.

Anyway, that’s pretty much when you walked in and you know the rest.”

“Not quite,” I replied, “Remember I got knocked out after seeing Holly on top of Lou and when I woke up Jim was doing her doggy style. What about the two younger guys? Did they have her too?”

“Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot you were out of it but the answer is no. You were only unconscious for five minutes or so. Lou finished shortly after Vic tied you up and then Jim got her on her hands and knees. And by the way buddy, I hate to be telling you this but Holly was having a hell of a good time even though none of us could last more than a couple of minutes with her hot little body. She wasn’t fighting the sex at all and in fact she seemed to be loving every minute of it. But remember, it wasn’t really her, it was the hypnosis!

Anyway; in spite of the fact that Jim got this whole thing rolling, he didn’t prove to be much of a lover. He had just started when you woke up from your little nap and he was done within two or three minutes of entering her.

As Chuck was finishing his story we could hear footsteps coming down the hall and the door opened. Jim walked over to me as the rest of the guys came in and I could tell he was pleasantly surprised to see that the gag had been removed from my mouth. He knelt in front of me and asked if I was alright. With anger in my eyes I spit out; “What kind of dumb ass question is that? I thought psychiatrists were supposed to be able to come up with smart questions and yet you have the stupidity of asking me if I’m alright while watching my wife get raped!”

Chuck piped up and turning to Jim he said, “Look Jim, we’ve been talking while you guys were in the bar and come to find out Rob and Holly are not into some kinky lifestyle after all. In fact, until tonight, Rob is the only guy Holly has ever had sex with!”

“The ONLY ONE! Oh, my god Rob, is that true”? Jim asked.

“That’s right bozo. Thanks for fucking the shit out of my innocent wife”!

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