A Free Slate – Session 05 – Rodded by lots

At that point, Jim asked her to repeat it in her own words which she did. Then he wrapped it up by saying that she needed to be aware that each person is unique in their experience with hypnosis. Some people have absolutely no idea of anything that happened while they

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A Free Slate – Session 06 – Beautiful Cock Buried in Cunt

were in a hypnotic state while others do have a vague recollection of some of the things that took place. But even if she did recall bits and pieces, the memories will be fuzzy at best and will almost seem as if they had happened to someone else. Then he asked if she had any other questions.

Holly did have a question for Jim. She said she was a bit worried about one thing. She went on to ask what if some complete stranger squeezed her ear and by chance utters the word ‘commence’. She was curious what was going to happen to her if that occurred. Jim assured her that she had asked an excellent question and went on to explain that his was the only voice she would respond to while under hypnosis.

He went on to promise that he will never put her under hypnosis without her full consent nor without her full knowledge. He assured her that all of us in the room were witness to this promise and he asked us if we would be willing to hold him accountable. At that point, Jim looked around the room and wouldn’t continue until all five of us gave our verbal confirmation. He then looked at Holly and asked her if that helped to calm her doubts.

She responded by saying: “Yes, and thank you. I believe you.”

Chuck looked me in the eye and said; “Now Rob I don’t pretend to understand how this hypnosis thing works so I’m not sure how much she was in control of her own emotions but I want you to know that she was really concerned about you and how all of this would be affecting your marriage.

Yet at the same time, since she was already under hypnosis, it seemed like she was predisposed to believe anything that Jim was telling her. After all, he was a doctor and she of course had worked in the medical field so she was inclined to respect his training even if she didn’t believe in hypnosis up to this point in her life. If he said that six guys fucking her brains out wasn’t going to hurt you or your marriage, she believed him. Obviously without the alcohol and the hypnosis you and I both know that she would never in a million years have gone along with any of this.

Jim then looked again at your wife and said; “Alright Holly, I guess the time has come to find out if you win the $500 or if all six of us get to enjoy your sexual pleasures. Are you ready to do this or would you rather call the whole thing off with no strings attached?”

Then your wife resolutely responded by saying no way did she want to call if off. She said she was just looking forward to feeling that $500 in her hot little hand! She said this with a big smile on her face. Rob, I’m convinced that she was totally confident that she wasn’t under any kind of hypnosis. But as it turned out, little did she know! She then looked directly into Jim’s eyes and said; “Go for it!”

With that said, Jim reached out and put his thumb onto Holly’s left ear lobe and gently pressed his index finger against an imaginary button while all eyes were on a confident looking Holly and he said:”



It was awkward and obviously uncomfortable for Chuck to kneel there next to me while my arms and legs were still tied to the chair but he somehow felt he owed me at least this much courtesy as my long time golfing buddy. He spoke up; “So Rob, you pretty much know what happened next, do you really have to hear all the gory details?”

I looked over at my wife lying peacefully on the bed and said, “I need to know Chuck. I’ve got to sort this out in my head. I have to decide if our marriage is over as I kick my cheating wife to the curb or whether she is simply a drunk girl who innocently entered into a foolish bet with a master manipulator. If that’s the case, I need to scoop her up in my arms and lovingly begin the process of healing our wounds.

I need to know what happened or else I know I’ll go insane with nagging questions. It sounds like she is not going to be in any position to give me the details I need.”

Chuck immediately protested. “No way Rob, don’t let this put an end to your marriage! You and Holly are perfect for each other and you make the best couple I’ve ever met. Yes, she made a foolish bet but I know and you do as well that none of the rest of this stuff that’s happened has taken place with any understanding on her part. This Holly that you saw here tonight isn’t the Holly that either you or I know!”

With that Chuck readjusted his position by putting a bar towel on the floor under his knees. Meanwhile we could still hear laughter and the sounds of drink glasses and beer bottles in the other room. But all that noise was blocked from my mind as I concentrated on the relaxed inhale and exhale coming from my wife. Wistfully I asked Chuck; “Is there any way you can let me touch her? I just want to lay my hand on her shoulder so she knows I’m here.”

Chuck answered; “I don’t think that’s a good idea since neither you nor I understand this hypnosis thing. We could inadvertently mess something up in her mind. No, I think we just have to let this thing play out.” Then he went on; “Shall we just watch and wait or do you still need to know what happened when the doc pinched her ear and spoke the command?”

It was pretty obvious to me that Chuck would rather not have to explain all the details but nonetheless I said; “No Chuck, I need to know the details, especially since Holly will apparently have little or no recall of what happened here. One of us needs to know.”

So, Chuck began to tell the whole sordid story of how Holly responded to ‘the command’ when Jim gave it to her: “I’ve never experienced anything like it in my entire life. Holly was still sitting on her bar stool turned around with her back to the bar, Lou was behind the bar hanging on to every word that was being spoken while Jim and I were standing on the floor in front of her.

We weren’t standing super close to
her in an intimidating way, just standing a couple feet away watching. Jim was on my right when he pinched Holly’s ear and clearly said, “Holly, COMMENCE”. I kid you not Rob, as soon as he said that word, Holly shot up off the bar stool and threw her arms around my neck pressing her lips to mine. Then within seconds she was unbuttoning my shirt and shoving it off my shoulders. Next, she started to grab at my pants when Jim spoke up saying that we all needed to move to a more private location.

The doc didn’t know that Lou had such a great set up in his office but we all moved down the hall way into this room. As soon as we were next to the bed Holly again grabbed the front of my pants and began backing up until she could sit down on the bed all the while pulling me toward her. Then with incredible speed she unbuckled my belt, unfastened my Levi’s and lowered my zipper.

Honestly Rob, it happened so fast I barely knew what she was doing before my pants were at my knees as she looked up into my eyes and said, “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since Rob introduced you to me at the golf club two years ago.” Rob, I know that Holly doesn’t usually act like this but what could I do? I was turned on!”

At that comment, I couldn’t help but let out a huge sigh and I felt Chuck put his hand on my shoulder saying, “I promise you buddy, it was a shock to me too. I had no idea she had ever entertained thoughts like that. Neither of us ever said or did anything I can think of to even hint at such a thing. Maybe it wasn’t really her talking but just acting out the sex crazed woman theme that Jim had placed in her head.”

Chuck went on, “Well, I was standing in my boxers with my pants now at my ankles. Then I was able to kick off my loafers and step out of my pants just as Holly stuck her thumbs into the elastic of my boxers and slowly lowered them over my now rock hard cock. When she did that, she just said; “Very nice” as she pushed my boxers to the floor and wrapped her left hand around the base of my cock.

Look Rob, I want you to know that Liz and I are happily married and neither of us have ever cheated on one another at least as far as I know but geez, I’m only a human! How could I resist your gorgeous wife with her hand on my privates? I was totally mesmerized as she stuck out her tongue and began licking and toying with me. Then with her right hand she began unbuttoning her own blouse somehow shrugging it off her shoulders her blouse hit the floor. After that, without a pause she wrapped her lips around my cock while using both hands she reached behind her back to unfasten her bra.”

I was shocked as I sat there tied up listening to what seemed like an unbelievable story about my wife. I couldn’t believe my ears, yet, I had seen enough of the action to realize that he must be telling me the truth.

He went on with his account of the evenings events; “God Rob, Holly’s tits are perfect! I mean, I knew that she was in great shape but I’ve never in my life seen a more perfect rack! What size are they by the way?”

I numbly answered his inquiry by simply saying “36C”.

Chuck just let out a moan and continued; “Well, all I can say is if a sculptor ever wanted to make a statue of the world’s most perfect body he should use Holly for his model!”

I suppose I should have appreciated his compliment about my wife but somehow this didn’t seem to be the time or place to appreciate comments like that. I looked again at my beautiful wife lying peacefully on the bed with her perfectly formed back and bottom fully in view.

By this time, Chuck was really into his story and it’s almost like he forgot that the guy he was telling it to was actually her husband. “By now,” he said, “She was refocusing her attention on my cock and again. I’m not trying to make you mad but you gotta know that never in my life have I had a blow job like she gave me tonight! You can clearly see that I’m no giant in the men’s department, just about average in length and thickness but my wife Liz has never taken it all the way in. Liz always complains that it makes her gag. But Holly took it until her lips were buried in my pubes! That was a first for me!

In my entire life, I’ve never been deep throated before!”

My immediate response to his excitement was, “Neither have I.”

Chuck looked up at me and asked, “Do you mean to tell me that she’s never deep throated you before?”

What could I say except, “That’s right, it looks like you got her virgin throat.” As tears again began to form in the corner of my eyes I was determined not to let Chuck or the other guys see me cry.

“Hey, I’m sorry man, but how could I resist?”

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