A Free Slate – Session 04 – Holy Shit

Then Chuck looked me in the eye and asked; “She has done this kind of gang bang before, hasn’t she?”

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Dumbfounded, I just shook my head no and replied; “Up until tonight, I am the only guy who has ever even seen her naked body other than our 63-year-old family doctor. And I can positively assure you that up until a couple of hours ago I was the only guy she has ever had sex with.”

Chuck almost gasped “Oh shit man, that sucks! That totally sucks! We had no idea since she seemed so casual about it all. Now I feel really rotten.”

“You feel rotten!” I exclaimed. “How do you think I’m feeling right about now?” Chuck could see the anger in my eyes as I stared at him with cold hatred. I went on to say, “Right now you better be glad that my arms and hands are tied to this chair because if I was free, I would shove my fist into your face while trying to push your nose into the back of your skull! I’m more than disappointed in you Chuck, I’m angry as hell! You were supposed to be her protector when I left four hours ago but not only did you fail to protect her from these sleezeballs but you fucked her yourself! A few hours ago, you were my friend but right now I have nothing but anger and hatred toward you!”

Chuck stood up, wrapped a towel around his waist and sat in Lou’s desk chair with his head in his hands saying, “Oh God, Oh God, what have I done?” Then he began to sob like a kid whose pet dog just got run over. After a few minutes, he came back to my side, got down on his knees once again and through tear filled eyes he said, “Look, Rob, you have every right to be pissed off at me and if you did take a swipe at me I know I deserve it and I want you to know I wouldn’t fight back. I feel like shit!”

With my first hint of a grin I looked at him and said, “Well, you look like shit too and you don’t smell much better either! I don’t know if I will ever be able to forgive you but we’ve been friends too long for me to punch your lights out but tell me, how in heaven’s name was he able to hypnotize her?”

Chuck started to explain the process that Jim had used on Holly by saying, “Of course I don’t understand how it all works but Jim got out a little pen light from his pocket and began talking to her in a low monotone yet comforting voice. As he talked he was slowly moving the pen light back and forth with the light shining in her eyes. It didn’t seem like a normal light because it wasn’t very bright. Sort of a cool gentle, almost green light if you know what I mean.

The light certainly wasn’t bothering her eyes at all but I could tell she was consciously trying to resist whatever he was telling her. But I kid you not buddy, within about three minutes her head dropped straight down and she looked like she was asleep while sitting there on the bar stool.

I was even afraid that she might fall off the stool so I reached out to grab her but Jim waved me off saying she was OK. It was the darndest thing I had ever seen. He asked her to look up at him and then asked her if she knew what is happening to her. She looked up right at him with her eyes wide open and responded that she had been hypnotized and that he was about to see if he could make her act like a sexually crazed woman.

Jim responded by telling her that she was correct and then asked her what she was going to do as the payoff for her bet. She responded as coherently as can be saying that if she lost, which she wasn’t planning to do, but if she did lose she would have passionate sex with everyone who was currently in the bar. Then she told Jim that either way she would come out a winner and the whole thing sounded like fun to her.

Jim went on to let her know that she had answered correctly and that if the hypnosis was to work there were a few simple commands that she needed to know about. Then he asked her if it was OK with her, he would like to go over those commands. Holly responded by saying she didn’t see any problem with that and to fire away. I tell you Rob, her voice sounded completely normal. She was her typically bubbly self and was even joking around with Jim as she was talking with him. She didn’t sound monotone, or bland, or anything like that.”

Obviously, I was still hanging on every word Chuck was saying so he kept right on. “Jim started going over her instructions and the first thing he did was to reach out and put the thumb of his right hand into her left ear and with his index finger on the back of her ear he gently squeezed telling her that when she felt him squeeze her ear like this it would be as if he was pressing an imaginary button on the back of her ear.

Then he did it and asked if she could feel what he was talking about. She said that she could feel it just fine. He went on by telling her that when she felt him press the imaginary button he would give her the command to commence. He told her that when she heard his voice saying “COMMENCE” while squeezing the imaginary ear button she was to immediately start acting like a sex crazed woman who craves sex with anyone who is available in the room.

He asked her again if she understood and again she simply responded with a yes, so he asked her to explain in her own words what she just agreed to. Holly virtually repeated everything he had told her and added that when she felt the imaginary button pressed and heard him say “COMMENCE” that she would immediately start acting like a total slut. Rob, you need to know that she is the one that added the slut part, Jim never used that word with her.

Jim told her that she did a good job and then continued by telling her the second command. He said if she felt him wrap his hand around the pinky finger of her right hand and said the word “RELAX” while squeezing her pinky finger, immediately every muscle in her body will be in a total state of relaxation. It would be to the point that she would immediately drop to the bed, or in a chair or even to the floor in a blissful state of relaxation. Then he asked her to confirm that she understood what he was saying? She affirmed that not only did she understand but that the state of total relaxation sounded heavenly. Jim then went on to say that she was absolutely right. He told her that he knew she was really going to enjoy the amazing feeling of complete relaxation and rest that comes with it.

The next thing he explained to her also explains why she didn’t respond to you when you tried to talk with her just a few minutes ago. Jim told her that the unusual part about being in this state of relaxation was that his was the only voice she will be able to hear. At that point, he asked if she fully understood. Again, she responded with a simple yes but then asked if it would be OK for her to fall asleep while she was in this state of relaxation?

Jim laughed out loud telling her of course she can fall asleep if she wanted to. But she needed to know that there are three things that could interrupt her time of relaxation. The first was that she might feel him squeeze the imaginary button on her left ear and hear him say the word “COMMENCE”. He asked her what she would do if that happens. Holly quickly responded that she would immediately start acting like a sex crazed woman again.

Jim congratulated her on her correct answer to which she looked very proud of herself. He proceeded by telling her that the second thing that might happen during her state of relaxation is that he might ask you to perform some task or activity. He went on to remind her that she didn’t need to respond to any voice other than his own and that he wanted her to know he would not ask her to do anything that will physically hurt her nor would he ask her to do anything that is demeaning to either she or her husband.”

At this point, Chuck looked me in the eye and said, “I kid you not Rob, when Jim said the word ‘husband’ Holly visibly jumped! Even under hypnosis I think this is the first time she thought about you and what you might think of all this flirting and betting that was going on between her and Jim. Up until then, I think the alcohol had sort of numbed her senses and even her understanding of right and wrong. But when he said the word ‘husband’ it’s obvious that all her thoughts went directly to you.”

I don’t know if I was reassured by what Chuck was telling me or not but he went on to explain that Jim also picked up on her startled look and said, “Holly, all of us in this room know that you dearly love your husband and none of us are going to try to steal you away from him. Nor are we going to do anything that would cause him to want to leave you. Do you believe that?”

“She still looked concerned but she seemed to calm down again. Then she looked at him and said something to the effect that she had heard all this stuff he had been saying to her but that she still didn’t believe that he had successfully hypnotized her. She told him that she was still planning to enjoy her $500 shopping spree the next day.”

Chuck went on with his narrative, “At that point Jim just smiled and went on asking Holly to please continue to humor him by hearing about the third and final thing that might happen at any point while she was under hypnosis. She told him to go ahead and fire away with his little speech. So, Jim explained, if you feel me lightly pinching both of your ear lobes at the same time and say the word, “AWAKE.” Immediately you will be fully awake and completely aware of your surroundings. In fact, you will return to the identical frame of mind you were in before the session began.

He went on to let her know that most often she will know that he was about to give her the “AWAKE” command because it will generally be proceeded by him saying that they were finished. Then once again he asked if she understood. She replied in the affirmative saying she fully understood.

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